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While interesting, and she is obviously practiced, I think this video shows that increased complexity does not equate to increased expression.

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I agree. Too much complexity (as she defined it) ended up being more of a demonstration, than actually being listenable and interesting. Or perhaps it's just because she crammed too much complexity in to such a short piece, and if that level of complexity was spread out over a 3 minute piece, it'd be better?

I think in the end, each type of complexity is just another tool that can be used. And just like carpentry, you don't have to use every single tool every single time you build something.

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Just learned how to play Prelude In C Sharp Minor, the only heavy metal classical pianio music piece.

Playing an instument is something everyone should learn.

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Or learn to play a bunch! They're fun. I'm learning the banjo recently, it's awesome. Such an easy instrument to just pick up and play, it's already tuned for a G major chord right out of the box, that's the default tuning. Unlike a Ukelele which has a C6 chord tuning, and a guitar which is tuned to something that isn't even a chord!

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Yeah, I've learned classical guitar somewhat. I can play various songs but piano is my go too. Guitar is a lot harder than piano and I just like how much more notes you can play on the pianio.

You can tune a guitar in G major 7 or what not though. Lots of blues songs are in those keys.

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True you can re-tune a guitar, but it's annoying and you have to re-learn every single fingering. What I really like about guitar is that it's talked about in the language of chords, rather than in the language of a bar-and-staff with individual notes like on a piano. I find the more abstract chord notation with guitars to be much easier to work with