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I'd guess because of that magical bit inside of each of our brains, that lights up when people pay extra attention to you and what you want, probably not much more.

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Attention and power. Being transgender is all about attention (and fetish) anyway, so everything they do is to manipulate others. They remind me of ancient royalty that demanded certain titles.

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    They do both. Constantly.

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    The two trans people I've actually extensively talked to, don't.

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    I believe you, but all the ones I've ever known, did.

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    They do not want to be reminded of themselves, because they hate themselves.

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    You remind me of a zyxzevn.

    That <genderless jimm-jamm-flim-flam-aroo> was a pretty cool dude.


    Edit: I'm not suggesting you favor non-gender pronouns, or anything else..

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    It's about the mass silencing, and controlled manipulation of the populace into something else, something X.

    Using 3rd person pronouns is what literal psychopaths do to victims; it's a means of dehumanizing.

    Likewise, another aspect that these braindead idiots are pushing in regards to 'cabal' narratives, is 'jazz hands'.....

    Think about that little 'marvel of equality'... It sure as hell isn't to many, so why would it be touted as being so equalizing?

    Not really hard to figure out when you think about it, all the fucking idiots who are pushing it, again are too stupid that they're voluntarily silencing their own voices.

    What's best about it all? It's what the cabal, or whatever in the hell you want to call that group of reprobates that have stolen the world truly want. Psychopaths can now walk freely amongst us all; they no longer have to search for victims, society as a whole is the voluntary self trained victim pool.

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    its more or less them forcing you to partake in their fetishes

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    Not being uncomfortable being called something they don't identify with, of course. Would you like to be referred to by pronouns of the opposite gender?

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    Biology exists.

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    Gender identity also exists. I'm not making any claim about whether it is valid or not, but explaining why transgender people prefer that one uses such pronouns from their own viewpoint, because that is what your post appeared to ask for.

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    What about the non-gender pronouns?

    Should others be forced to learn a spectrum of inorganic, and arbitrary labels?

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    I don't think people should be forced to use certain language; in my opinion this is more of a matter of politeness, and a gender-neutral pronoun is pretty polite in all cases. I've recently read this article by Richard Stallman today, and I have to agree with his point there:

    There are those who claim that we have an obligation to refer to someone using whatever pronouns person might choose. I disagree with that position, on grounds of principle and grounds of practice. I think we should respect other people's gender identification, but which pronouns we use for any particular gender identification is a separate matter — a matter of grammar. We do not owe it to anyone to change our grammar according to per wishes.

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    It's signalling to other gender people that hey I'm in the club too maybe.

    And... Isn't it weird that these pronouns are about how to refer to someone when they're not there... So this is "how to talk about me" now "how to talk to me". Baffling..

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    It's signalling to other gender people that hey I'm in the club too maybe.

    ...or maybe they're not?

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    Yeah hell if I know.

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    The same thing everyone else gains by not being called by the wrong gender. It's really as simple as they're asking. Similarly if a kid was adopted, he might prefer to call his parents "Mom" and "Dad" rather than "Step-Mom" and "Step-Dad". Or if someone legally changed their name, and someone started calling them by their birth name just to tease them, they might get annoyed by it. If there was a big organized effort to call all men "she" or all women "he" then there would be a big fuss over it, so naturally there's a big fuss over it.

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    You've flipped it around 180, its more like I change name to "Daddy" and demanded that everybody addressed me as such.

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    probably gives them a vain sense of control in a world that feels out of control to them

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    It makes people weak to be forced to say things they know are not true. It's very harmful to the psyche.

    And that's it. They're buried deep in the victim-narrative and misery loves company. If they can't be happy then nobody can be. It's like what was said about handicap accessibility: "Unless it is available to everyone then it is available to noone."

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    Sort of. Either because they've been bullied, or because they believe that they will be. Can't sit on me if I'm sitting on you, see?

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    Ostensibly it's anything but a power move, because it's packaged so as to appear to be about fairness and respect and all those other words they trot out to shame us into submission. But that's the real point: Submission to their wills.

    So yes, it's a power move. It's about control and nothing else. As in do what I say OR ELSE. And there are many examples of what happens when a group of individuals get into power and start imposing their will upon you: total subjugation and mass murder.