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Wtf don't you know women can see this? You're going to blow our cover! Post something about football or anime, then sneak the patriarchy stuff in at the bottom after they stop reading.

Also, I'm sick of Gary bringing napkins or ice or whatever while the rest of us toil away to ask our wives to make the quadruple bacon fast food lasagna.

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Nah we're okay. Women don't get banned from Reddit, so they have no reason to ever come here. We all know that Saidit is strictly a mens club of Trump supporters.

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is jorge still bringing the o'douls? can't afford another dwi, even though all the cops are retiring its probably better not to chance it. it was really embarrasing having my photo on that billboard after you guys put makeup on me after i passed out. cop totally thought i was a passable cd and asked to peg me. i told her that was inappropriate and she told me to "spread 'em"

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Nah hes on stripper duty this time. We got Steve to bring them. We've also arranged some beer and poker for those who want to stay afterwards. Dont worry, there will be plenty of room for you to sleep it off this time. Sorry about that hotel fuckup last time!

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Okay. I'll bring a drum of lube for the orgy.

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    Dude, how many times do we have to remind you? The Secret Patriarchy transcends the space-time continuum. It is compatible with every timezone.

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    Are self identifying men welcome?

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      Only if you have a ching chong ding dong.