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Hey I'm doing ok, just dealing with some bad shit here in Texas. Lost power for 3 days, dealing with freezing temps indoors, and no water for several days, my water main burst, still don't have water, no repair guys available for weeks, no water available at stores because everyone is having the same problem, it's not good. I'll be fine though, but I've been extremely busy dealing with this disaster.

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A texan. You know when they get snow an apocalypse occurs. Water main bursting is bad. Hope you get everything sorted out.

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I've been in Texas for 14 years now. I've seen snow 3 times in those 14 years. All other times, it melted within an hour or two. This snow stayed for 4 days. That just doesn't happen in south-east Texas.

Literally 100k+ peoples houses water mains burst in houston. They're all built with basically exposed pvc pipe going in to the house for the mains, because it literally never gets this cold for this long, so they all burst the same way. No plumbers for weeks probably. At least there is bottled water available now though, there wasn't even that a couple days ago, and grocery stores were closing at 3pm because they sold everything they had... it was pretty wild for a bit there

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It was a very curious bunch of snow storms, I'll say that. Why are the mains above ground? I thought it was more common for them to be under ground below the front line. I mean I know Texas is hot but they do have a few ski mountains the farther west you go.

Glad you're okay.The homeless population probably had a rough time too.

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I thought it was more common for them to be under ground below the front line.

They are, but then there's a short bit exposed before it goes in to the side of the house at 4'

Yeah it was a very tough situation and despite the hardships I know a lot of people had a worse time of it.

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    Thanks. I'm doing okay now, it looks like the temps have warmed back up, and there's finally bottled water to buy on the shelves for the first time in days. The main thing now is my house doesn't have water, and it will be probably a week until I can get a plumber to come out because everyone else also needs a plumber for the same reason.

    Just be patient, I'll be back. Don't make any big changes to the site please, status quo is best. I appreciate your hard work, because I do know exactly how hard it is. Thank you.

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    Best wishes.

    (Perhaps when services are restored, I'd be really interested in hearing your thoughts on the political situation in Texas, particularly with regard to preparations for natural disasters, concerns about Federal regulations, politicians, &c.)

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    Thanks. Yeah that's something I've been thinking about, I'll do a little write-up when I return

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      Thank you. The coal and nuclear plants also froze up! That's the craziest part. We lost 30GW of power production at the worst of the freeze and only 8GW of that lost was wind. The rest was coal and nuclear, who had water cooling lines that froze up because they weren't insulated or heated

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          You should never ban anyone.. you should, however:

          require that all new users are automatically placed into quarantine status.

          while a user is quarantined, he is restricted to posting in /s/general only, but he can read any sub. and then likewise any sub could un-invite a user.

          dont we allow subs to be setup as "restricted access"?

          take all current posting users and add them as an allowed user and then flag all subs as restricted.


          maybe as a new user you would need to pm a sub's moderator to ask to be given permission to post.

          not that difficult, is it?

          and then the mod could review your posts in the /s/general and either allow you in or not.

          when somebody start fucking up, just put them back on quarantine status.

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          Maybe a user wants to participate in non-English subs, so /s/general is not a cure-all.

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          cooldown/quarantine is a great idea.

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          M7 has been killed by a group of chinese faggots.

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          i found out what is up with m7.. well, this isnt easy to tell.. he has turned homo on us.. he is transitioning.. he apparently bought that "ace hardware vagina kit do it yourself" thing that uses the flesh from a squid and an octopuss?

          well, apparently the octopus was not tied down properly, and it kinda shot up his ass and is up somewhere swimming in m7's intestines..

          it doesnt look good, we may need to go ahead and make the funeral arrangements.

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          If he's in Texas might be just his power is out or unreliable so he can't maintain contact.

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          Yeah, that's probably it then.

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          It's only been 2 days, I'm sure he's fine and will get back to you.

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          Yeah, just the whole situation down there gets me anxious.

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          He's pretty handy, I think he could survive a lot. Maybe he's tied up with work. Anyway, if shit ever hits the fan here, you can reach out to me on reddit, same username. I have full tech access still.

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          Great, thank you! Maybe he is busy at work.

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          Maybe he's just tied up.

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          I'm a bit worried, since he seems pretty stressed out, and he lives in Texas, and the whole situation down there makes me worry more.

          If he lives in Texas, he certainly is "stressed", but that's probably not the root cause. These power outages aren't just local, they're region-wide. That means his cell tower doesn't have power, his ISP doesn't have power, etc.

          And the situation hasn't gotten better since it started around 1AM Monday, it's getting worse. Temps are still below freezing, and more plants are shutting down, and more people have lost power as a result.

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          fuck, man

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          It's been like Lord Of The Flies in here the past week. Though it is easier to put on an act when you hide behind the anonymity of the internet.

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          It might just be power issues, which I don't know how long will last

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          Yeah, maybe that's it.

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          I'm also in Texas. We've been fucked by this polar vortex. I have power now but still no running water. Mags might not be that lucky.

          Now I gotta go check if this message shows up. Don't know I'm going to survive your ban wave.

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          You're surrounded by snow you don't need running water.

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          how do you know that magnora7 is actually alive? just a hint, sir, we are at war now.. our whitehouse has a fence with razorwire installed around it. we havent seen trump on video since he walked out of the whitehouse. pelosi has been removed from power. do you really have any idea who ameliamay is?

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          You think a polar vortex can kill a Texan?

          I know Amelia.

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          A polar vortex does nothing but make the Texan chilled to the bone, like a nice glass of chilled whiskey. It may be tough, but Texans will come out of this with a good grip on what winter can be like. It is hellish sometimes. I remember as a child the snow literally stopping us from leaving the house. We had to climb out of a window just to shovel the front porch!

          Stay sage, me guy.

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          This is about as unprofessional as it can get. I hope /u/magnora7 is well, but this public crap, well, Its typical of you, and i expect no better.

          You create your own drama, and you feed it, so I personally don't give a fuck how tired you are of it. Maybe stop being a attention seeking faggot?

          I mean, really. The post pretends to be 'caring' about magnora, but in reality it is all about TheAmeliaMay

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          Sycophant much?

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          Really unfair.

          Saidit is - at its best - a community (and at its worst has comments like yours).

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          Are you a stalker?

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          Amelia is the only admin rn at she can't get ahold of the site owner, Magnora7.

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          Yeah, he ain't replied to my messages in a couple days.

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          He hasn't posted much recently, and ain't been replying to my personal messages. We used to have long conversations. I'm a bit worried, since he seems pretty stressed out, and he lives in Texas, and the whole situation down there makes me worry more.

          I've done all the administration for days, and it's honestly taken it out of me — and I'm sure I fucked up somewhere. I kind of miss when I only dealt with spam. This whole lxxxviii nonsense caused so'm, I don't know what, maybe he's really upset about it. u/JasonCarswell said M7 has "typical" melt-downs; I didn't know that.

          I sent him a message just asking how he's doing a couple days ago, and didn't get a response. I was worried then, and I'm still worried now. It's pro'ly no'n, but I get paranoid. I hope he's okay.

          Who cares. he'll be back, he is probably taking a break, has family obligations, etc. No need to fuss about it.

          maybe he's really upset about it. u/JasonCarswell said M7 has "typical" melt-downs; I didn't know that.

          Nah, magnora doesn't have typical metldowns and you probabyl should stop acting like a teenage girl. Anyway, you do good admin work.

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          Feel free to consult D3 and Tom about what might constitute a typical M7 meltdown. Maybe "meltdown" is not the best term but certainly "angry over-reaction flip-out losing rationality" is. I've seen it happen maybe a half dozen times with the same kind of noise coming from someone who should know better, which is why it's memorable, though certainly not common. Like all of us, he's only human.

          I like the "teenage girl" openness, caring, and compassion and have zero problems with it, from what limited stuff I've seen - though in that job not volunteered for as admin, I'd dial back the "humanity" by half.

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          Who cares.

          Me, apparently.

          he is probably taking a break, has family obligations, etc. No need to fuss about it.

          Yeah, that's true.

          Nah, magnora doesn't have typical metldowns

          Oh, okay then.

          you probabyl should stop acting like a teenage girl.

          Hah, you're right.

          Anyway, you do good admin work.

          Thanks, man.

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          He Is an alcoholic and he fell off the wagon. He traded our personal data for a handful of magic beans.

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          Probably, you know like getting things done and such things like that.

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          No shit, sherlock.

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          I wouldn't worry. His power is probably out.

          I would not say he has meltdowns. He has gotten frustrated. I think anyone would in his position of doing this site and constantly getting flack from both users and bad actors.

          He's not making any money and he has put a lot of time and effort in maintaining this community.

          Glad to see you're helping him (and us) out AmeilaMay :)

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          Yeah, that's pro'ly it. I hope he's okay.

          Yeah, perhaps frustration is the better word to use.

          Thanks, I'm trying, but I ain't doing the best job as what practically surmounts to Regent.

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          He might live in Texas.

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          He does.

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          The board has been shit for a long time now, it has nothing to do with Texas snow at this point. If there aren't more mods made then it will continue. This is the problem when everyone solely relies on Magnora. I'll wish him well

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          So are we organizing a rescue mission or what?

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          He's fine, just busy trying to sort everything out.

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          Did you get proof of life or just a recording of him saying "I AM FINE, DO NOT INVESTIGATE FURTHER" ? 😁

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          He made a comment.