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There used to be options. Good entertainment. Edgy, funny, powerful, truth...
Truthiness in the case of Colbert. WTF happened to that guy?
I can't even stand to look at him anymore.
That dude became a real life parody of the parody he used to be!
It's actually really damn funny, just not the way that he thinks it is. He became the joke.
JRE too, dude straight up sold out, turned his studio into a nightmare, became a rich know-it-all alcoholic type.... geez joe

Anyway, I just wanted to vent about that. Media sucks these days.
I mostly just listen to audiobooks or read.
I've been enjoying Philip K. Dick books, that dude wrote some fun and weird shit.

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Time for people to rise up and create, support and share in the creation of a new media. Media that makes the old paradigm obsolete.

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It's harder than it sounds when alternatives to their media are attacked from multiple angles, and with practiced precision and expertise. Every twitter alternative like gab and parler get shut down for "violence" while twitter get to stay up despite having far more violent content. It is trivial for these big corporations to have teams of people who will post content that is then used as justification to shut down their competition.

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What happened was we all found out that they are all in a pedo cannibal cult and went into damage control mode.

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The sad part is, even if that's not 100% true, it's so far from 0% true that even the normies are stopping and asking, "So wait, are they or are they not doing satanic rituals?"


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One only has to look as far as wikileaks emails from heads of state discussing sacrifices to Moloch.

I mean... Come on.

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I... don't know what to say to that. Bravo

I know if I show my moderate friends, they'll hesitantly dismiss it as a very tasteless, oddly self-aware joke. But I know too much to do that.

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Everyone brings up ancient deities specific to child sacrifice when joking :)

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To not be edgy I'd guess they sold out and/or were threatened. I wonder if it was always in the ruling class' plans because...

NO ONE gets on MSM without being controllable, EVER.

While I can't even look back on old content I used to like or love without now seeing all the authoritarianism in it (sooooo many shows about cops, justice, etc, from serious to clowns, but never questioning the system), but at least they were well made. I wonder if Hollywood is spread to thin trying to control their stupid narrative, paying for glossy production and special effects instead of good scripts. The good indie content creators come up with much better material but can't compete with the factory artifice of monopoly production studios, nor should they.

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True facts. No one gets to have so much influence without a little word on what can and can not be said.

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Anyone who does speak up will be stomped on (ie. Star Wars' Gina) and/or suffer (((their))) "dynamic silence".

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I also agree, though - NO ONE on Saidit will agree with me - Colbert and some of the subs at Reddit are still informative. 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' is very good. The 'Daily Show with Trevor Noah' and 'Full Frontal with Samantha Bee' are pretty good. In the UK, 'Have I Got News for You' and 'Mock the Week' are reasonable edutainment.

On Sunday morning, I recommend: This Week With George Stephanopoulos; Face the Nation; Meet the Press; and State of the Union

(Other countries: )

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You realize you just rattled off a list of hard left and globalist propaganda outlets? This is the upper class media talking down to us, without letting us get a word in edgewise.

Why are you on their side? They're certainly not on yours.

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I can't believe it, but I'm 100% in support of Chipit's statement here. (Usually when he makes sense he ruins it all with a following paragraph that negates it all.)

Billionaires pay millionaires to tell the middle class that the poor are the problem.

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I know some on Saidit might think this, but it's just not true.

If you refer to edutainment, John Oliver is the best of that lot (even if not that funny). He's not talking down to "us". Yes, his approaches are somewhat left of center.

If you refer to Sunday morning debates, right-wing people are included in those discussions. Stephanopoulos is somewhat centrist.

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I know some on Saidit might think this, but it's just not true.

Do you have any objective reasoning for this, or are you just going to demand that it's true because you say so?

Have any of them ever talked about the insane amount of dead people associated with Hillary Clinton? Have any of them ever talked about the left wing bias of the mews media without claiming that there is an equal bias to the right from other sources? Have any of them talked about the overwhelming control of media by jewish people? Did any of them ever expose lies the media were pushing about Trump? like the claim that he was putting kids in cages? Have any of them ever talked about the incredibly disproportionate and unjustifiable aid we send to Israel and the dual Israeli American citizen status of sitting congressmen? Do any of them question the trans propaganda? Do any of them question global warming propaganda? Do any of them talk about the tyranny that is forced vaccination? Do any of them talk about how the Covid numbers are manipulated and untrustworthy?

What exactly do they do that ISN'T leftist bullshit?

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^ ^ ^

Not just leftist bullshit. Both sides are bullshit, same team - for the ruling class.

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Part of the problem is the lack of corroborated evidence for most of the items you mention. They cannot discuss unfounded rumours, lies and disinformation. Fox does this, and refers to it as 'opinion' because they have no evidence to support their claims.

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That just isn't true. There is plenty of evidence that people who hillary had beef with are now dead. There is plenty of evidence that most of the FBI agents who had access to Weiner's laptop are dead. There is plenty of evidence that it was Obama who opened the "kids in cages" detention center. You are talking out of your ass.

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You're not even looking at or recognizing the evidence.

You're a coincidence theorist among tens or hundreds of thousands of posts with evidence that the entire system is rigged. Come always skeptical of power to be liberated or remain retarded sheeple always under their power.

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Sheeple believe in disinformation and misinformation.

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That's what MSM is! : disinformation and misinformation.

Wake up to the real power structure of full spectrum dominance with the monopoly on violence. Govern = control, ment = mind + they're in league with the media and banks and military and and and = corporatocracy.

If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you're mis-informed.” ~ Mark Twain

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They most certainly are, every single one of them, upper class media and they do NOT allow us scum sucking commoners to speak back to them.

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You should learn from socks' example. Just as he cannot see the propaganda aimed at him, so too, the MSM media that aligns with and speaks to you is still propaganda. They play both sides to divide and conquer.

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It is true. That glossy "reasonable" propaganda is aimed directly in your face for just your type. That's why you're so blind to it. If it didn't speak to you then it wouldn't work on you.

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John Oliver lost me in 2016 when he did a rubbish hatchet piece on Jill Stein - 100% bunk. The others have "Drift"ed with Maddow into the realms of the far insane SJW Left - away from the old-Left progressives. NONE ARE GOOD now. Same shit in the UK. ALL corporate media is 100% trash now. They used to be only part-time trash. Sunday morning pundits are the worst. I'd rather go to church and hear fairy tales that make more sense than their sanitized authoritarianism excuses. No wonder your head is so full of absurdities.

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Ease up on the leftism, eh? It'll be good for ya. Try some meditation

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I appreciate the responses, Jason, though as you know, I am not assessing an alternate universe, and I also disagree with much of the corporate TV media. I obviously think that we have the ability to understand what's worthwhile in corporate TV media, and what's trash. It's not all trash. One could also argue that Saidit is a place where one can sort out the informative content and the trash content.

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How much power does SaidIt have over you? Little to none.

How much power does the corporatocracy hole over you? Banks, media, government, justice, health, food, etc... Full spectrum dominance. They have think tanks, NGOs, TRILLION$ to spend maintaining their dominance by any and all means necessary - including their mafia monopoly on violence.

If it was simple the sheeple would wake up from their alternate universe too - yet some of my neighbours are simple and knew before I even started talking to them about it.

Sure there's crap on SaidIt, but you don't need to mine hard to find the gold here.

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I think we're both angry with the 1%, but have different approaches to them.

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You sure push "their" talking points a lot for being angry with them.

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No, I don't.

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Compelling retort. You're a faith based covid cultist that worships the great lab coat in the sky.

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Media start off good and the minute it starts actually informing people it has to be flipped . The last thing any government wants is an informed population, for the simple reason the informed population would never vote these sociopaths in. The problem is with the people who controls the media and we all know who they are.

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Haven't read it, but the Electric Dreams episode based on The Hanging Man seemed very relevant to the political climate circa 2017-2020.

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Yeah, Joe Rogan's new studio is engineered to be off putting. It looks cramped as fuck, the colors are painful to look at. The flag is gone, the shit he had on the table is gone. I'm pretty sure his guests don't feel comfortable. They did an amazing job destroying his podcast.

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At the time you made this post, Talentless Nana and Moriarty the Patriot were airing. I loved Talentless Nana until the final few episodes and I've heard many good things about Moriarty The Patriot, with it being called Death Note's spiritual sequel. Take the weeb pill!

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As they grow, they have to appeal to people with IQs between 80 and 100. This makes people above 100 IQ bored and they leave.

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between 80 and 120, making intelligent people bored

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Pretty much this. I remember when The Onion used to be funny, then they rolled out a comedy central television show and it was the most over the top low brow humor possible.

The Colbert Report was another prime example. He was hilarious, funnier than Jon Stewart, discussing politics, but with how quick he blew up, the show became this dumbed down crap for normies after only a few years, and quickly Stewart was the more interesting show again.

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The marketing departments in most media aim for the mean IQ or slightly below. It’s easier to write for the bulk. Writing for people two standard deviations or more above the mean IQ is a very tiny market.

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Agreed. Half of everyone is stupider than average, and most of the rest are really close to average too.

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I think Rogan felt he was going too far into politics and pulled back. He's a bright guy, but his show never seemed like it meant to be some deep analysis on politics or what's going on in society, that seemed more like something he got briefly into before realizing he's going to get himself canceled and labeled as right wing if he keeps it up.

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Rogan's not right wing, he's reasonable. That was the real threat - he talked to right wingers and they sounded reasonable. His interview with Milo was great. When these people are allowed to speak for themselves instead of being demonized, people can be persuaded.

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I'm not a huge Rogan fan but I listen casually sometimes. He's always come across as pretty genuine to me. If you can read between the lines you probably have a good idea of his beliefs, but it's not like he invites people on the show to just argue with them.

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You put my feelings into words. Life itself is boring these days.

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The weenies have taken over the internet.

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Not to be a super-based edgelord, but I can't be the only one to have always thought they were spewing too much leftist propaganda to not slide downhill?

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I don't understand your premise.

A lefty can remain Left and not slide. The problem is the SJW left has taken Left to all new realms of absurdity, and if these Left media figures are influenced or go with that then they slide into absurdity, inevitably taking some of their Left audience and leaving some clear-thinkers behind.

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Okay that's fair. But I have a question, do you think this 'new realm of absurdity' is the first time this has happened to the left?

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Excellent question. I don't have a clean and simple answer for you.

What qualifies as "absurd" and how is it quantified? What defines the left, in what regions of the world, and in what time frame? The left in the 1920s was very different than in 2020s. The left of China was far worse than in America - so far.

Further, the left and right are both wings of the War-Hawk Business Party. Puppets all.

In recent memory I'd say the Right of the 1980's was just as crazy, but in different ways on different matters.

We need minarchism and balance more than tribes, but TPTB don't want it.

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Thank you for your opinion, although I don't know what TPTB. There's some obvious truth in that but there's also much in there I disagree with, but I'll stop bothering you.

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TPTB = The Powers That Be

I'm not bothered. Feel free to disagree or ask why I believe these few little simplistic paragraphs. Nothing is simple, even most simple things - and accurate answers.

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I miss AOL's Dragon's Gate. It's the nature of the net, things change or die. On the bright side, this spurs new development. If the old things were always best there'd be no need for new things.

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in still remember with fondness, as well as and

mass appeal means mediocrity

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Colbert even said something the other day about looking at an earlier production (Strangers with Candy) and reacting with "did I really write that??"... These days I think Seth Meyers may be holding up best. I guess everyone gets old, but there doesn't seem to be a new generation of the young edgy crowd.

I think everything has become offensive. People are accused all the time of crossing lines so comedians have to be careful, and while now and then some banter will play out well, too much of monologues and bits are just politically correct commentary and fart jokes.

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It's still a big internet, and you can still find stuff worth reading/watching. I'm not going to list my favorites here, for fear that they may become popular and attract the attention of the cancel culture, or the trolls, or the deep state, or the religious fundamentalists, or the clowns,..... (Okay, I will mention Saturday Night Live, it probably won't last anyway)

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At least we still have Real Time with Bill Maher and 4chan.

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Wrong. Bill Maher has Trump derangement syndrome like everyone else on the left. And 4chan is controlled by JDIF. They have had a massive propaganda campaign focusing on 4 chan for the last 10 years at least. Everyone went to 8chan, that is why it was shut down. Every time a 4chan alternative comes up it is nuked.

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And you have Maher derangement syndrome like everyone else on the right. Trump is a moron and unfit to govern. Bill Maher is good because he’s a true independent which is a rarity these days. He generally supports left wing positions but isn’t afraid to call the left out on their shit. And I don’t know what kind of crack you’re on but 4chan hates Jews and is one of the last places on the Internet where you can freely name (((the problem))).

8chan is good too but dead

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Bill Maher is good because he’s a true independent

Nonsense. He's still very much part of the system that makes people believe that voting is even effective. Bill Mayer is a mockingbird limited hangout at best.

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I reccomend getting rid of English. It's a language containing a lot of isolationist cliches.