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So I have to George Floyd myself?

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nah, just turn off the tv and it goes away, mostly

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I don't even watch television, very rarely if ever.

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then ignore, give no energy to, anything that represents the idea that it is possible

replacing it is often better, replace those thoughts with God.

i like this and since elite losers see fit to corrupt and change and promote multiple false copies all over the internet.. it must be important.. so I post it for you here the golden key by emmit fox

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I don't believe in god nor anything supernatural. I am more of an atheist and if anything a pagan, as I like to call myself, even though I don't believe in gods, I like the idea of nature being the center of all life and alike ideas.

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you are probably an atheist because religions make no sense.

i would agree with you.

God is not 'up there' but is all around us, it is us, it is everything, it is the energy, it is non-judgemental.. consequences come as natural reactions.. we can learn to not violate the laws... the things Jesus taught are around those natural laws, so I respect Jesus very much, but he was a man.. he often said what I do you can do..

anyway, I went from religion -> atheist -> spiritualist .. but in that transition from atheist I was testing my ideas against the world .. i watch myself change my mind (based upon spiritual reasoning) and saw the world around me change.. how people interacted with me changed.

people are reacting if they haven't spent time working on being aware, most people are just npcs .. sadly . they 'just run program'

meditation, watch thoughts go by, don't add anything to them.. the mind goes silent.. some how this space.. it grows.. this awareness..

and accidents become less and less

anyway, I am just babbling, wanting to share my love of the world..

we are limitless in potential.. I use God to change my mind about things, that is one of the few reasons to give God a try.

did you bother to read this? it is only a page, but whatever man, if you think you life is working great..


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I don’t know if I can talk about this here even without getting banned. But have you guys heard of Brett Weinstein? He talks about a good way to avoid becoming infected. Check out the recent joe rogan podcast with him

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Why would you get banned? Yes, I've heard of him and his brother, and even watched part of a argument they had. Anyone who watched that will not have a favorable impression.

As for the flu, take care of yourself so you have a good immune system, and if you want to make extra sure, take small doses of ivermectin prophylactically.

There's a post floating around somewhere that details all the studies of its effects, and even one small dose once per month almost completely prevented infection in the study participants. Results from studies around the world with various doses and frequencies were all overwhelmingly positive.

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      Well done.

      Peak 2021 right there

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      Don't watch the news.

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      Only 1 hour of CNN can't be that bad.

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      Never, right now they are going down hill

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      Then ABC news

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      I mean, I guess that I appreciate the amount of the content you bring to saidit...

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