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I have no idea where these "people" are. When I travel, all I find are moronic scum. All over America and all over the world. I have no faith in humanity.

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If everyone you meet is an asshole it might be you.

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Actually not everyone is an asshole. Traditional Anabaptists and conservative Muslims are okay. It is just all members of modern culture who are assholes.

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lol have you checked under your shoe?

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It seems the lockdowns crowd wants your experience to be a thing of the past.

Shit in Australia they tell the people not to have conversations during their one hour allowed outside if you have compromised yourself with the clot shot.

“Socially distanced” society must rely on the screens to interpret reality and that is how the Reset crowd wants it. Constant hysteria, oppression and fear of not only the other but the very air and nature itself. Funny how reality reasserts itself when you ignore the screens and act like someone who has not had the concept of freedom gaslighted out of you.

Divide and conquer is a method as old as time.

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I’ve noticed when I’ve been out traveling, knowing there’s a portion of the population who thinks they’re still in solitary confinement, I feel obligated to have extra fun for them. Like somehow, they’ll have second-hand fun when I talk about my experience, and they’ll crave freedom. Plus being incredibly kind helps people not fuck with me about mask shit.

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Being kind irl is my default because life is much better that way. Empathy is taking a beating out there and it is too important to civilized society.

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Yes, same. You’re absolutely right, empathy is on life support right now. We all know the system is designed to demoralize everyone so why participate in fueling that?

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Very nice story, mr zapped

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Thank you.