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She used fake pictures. Nobody is going to willingly throw money at that fat hag.

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there are many sex addicts that are addicted to paying for online sex.

let me ask you this... would you call your mother a fat hag? would you call your mother a fat whore? would you call your mother a cocksucking cunt?

i wouldnt either.

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If my mother was a fat hag or a fat whore or a cocksucking cunt I would have loved to have called her out but she wasn't. This girl is obviously fat and somewhat unatractive but she makes money. Good for her but don't white wash her body. It is what it is.

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i have to admit that is a fairly balanced response. All love and kindness to your wonderful mother. Mothers deserve respect, if for nothing else but for the fact that they gave birth to us and wiped our dirty diapers out..

much respect to your kind mother.


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The entitlement is strong with this one.