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This has been a malicious prosecution since day 1. The left is making their bid for the ring of power, believing that their control of the education and "news" systems will give them the edge in this propaganda war. The side who wins the propaganda war will then be able to take and hold physical control as well. Because we all spend too much time on these screens and too little dealing with each other face-to-face, the controllers of these technologies have a big advantage. Resistance is building, however. While the outcome of their bid is not yet assured, the fact that the left feels so comfortable using even "official" pawns to engage in kinetic guerrilla tactics in this situation tells you they are confident of their eventual success. They can't even imagine at this point ever being called to account for the ever-growing tyranny they are engaged in.

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It's not a new strategy - to build up a movement to have it intentionally defeated in time, but so much of the Insane Left (not the normal unrepresented majority old-Left) is so crazy that it can't last and may eventually, perhaps in few years, perhaps in a decade, or more, be overtaken by the extreme right who will benefit from all the commie shit and stack their own NeoCon tyranny on top, and all over the world.

The soon to be old-Right needs to prepare and cooperate and learn from the old-Left.

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