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I feel you. Long time ago I made food for 6 people and the first course was a soup with cauliflower, yellow bell pepper and mascarpone. One now ex friend got the pepper mill out of the kitchen without even tasting the soup and filled up her plate of soup with a lot of pepper, like A LOT of pepper. Everyone was just staring at her peppering for what seemed like a full minute. Apparently she thought my food is always bland. I cooked for her once before. Everyone else at that table commented how good it was and even asked refills. She on the other hand had a long face and mumbled something about it tasting like pepper. Everyone else gave her shit about the pepper.

Never cooked for her again.

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While she was probably just an ass, unspicy food can taste bland if you're used to cooking with hot peppers.

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I like pepper. I she cute? Introduce us.

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the stuffing was nothing like mom made

Every stuffing is different.
But every complaintative shithead is the same.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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No fucking shit right. Someone always has a little lip to lower the vibe, FUCK I am sick of that.

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you should have used milk with the mash

Warm milk specifically, cold milk will "shock" the potatoes. Fucks up the starch or something.

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Just use butter. And lots of it. Butter makes everything better

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Very True

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Or heavy cream, since Thanksgiving is a 'free' day.

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Your flair is awesome btw.

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It's a bit of cultural appropriation, because I was actually Army, on the East German border at the Fulda Gap breakthrough point, running and operating one of those. Fun times, but the bastards had canceled the war on me and sent me to Germany instead.

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Just tell them it's authentic and they just haven't developed the pallet to appreciate it.

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Sounds like you need to choose better friends.

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Well this dude is just a client who gave a sobb story how he's special and wealthy but no one to celebrate the day with and she thought if we invite him he will bring more business her way. By the way everyone who read my post has seen the dude in Braveheart, grayhound, Bad Boys For Life and I forget the other shows he did. Wife works in the movie industry so we see all kinds of people.

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For what it's worth - I would NEVER put milk in mashed potatoes, and as for stuffing, I think there are a number of good, really different recipies. And now at least you know who not to invite to dinner (unless he apologizes profusely, as he's obviously got problems).

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Agreed. For Thanksgiving, it should be heavy cream, or go the extra step to make Crème Fraîche.

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Shove some stuffing and Turkey legs up his ass and then beat him with a dildo.

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I see you've had a holiday dinner with my family before.