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RIP. Tell your wife I love her.

Now that you mention it, those symptoms sound exactly like the cold I get every couple of years for the last 30 years.

Oh shit. Have I been getting Covid all these decades? Am I patient zero?!

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lol. The difference is when I stand up, I feel like I'm going to pass out, especially if I try to do anything physical. Past colds didn't do that. The contrast between how I feel when sitting and when standing is pretty intense, and it's a feeling I've ever only had with covid.

But it is super weird how they basically stopped counting the flu, and are saying flu cases are like 0.001% the number of normal yearly cases... they're clearly counting flu as covid. But I also think omicron is real and spreading fast.

But who knows for sure, it's hard to read between the lines when there's so much misinfo flying around, our news media is ridiculous tbh

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But it is super weird how they basically stopped counting the flu, and are saying flu cases are like 0.001% the number of normal yearly cases... they're clearly counting flu as covid.

Like you, I do believe there are two separate viruses active - too many practitioners (even the critics) have noticed new symptoms never before associated with influenza - but the panic over the new frankenvirus leads doctors to assume the new virus if there is any question. Given the overlap in symptoms, there is always a question, so doctors are covering their ass and calling everything covid.

Whatever you have (which isn't entirely clear based on the symptoms you mention, which are present in multiple conditions), I wish you a speedy recovery.

The fact that omicron is lower morbidity/mortality than the prior rounds of covid really is a huge piece of good news, given that it fits perfectly with what would be predicted by centuries of knowledge with respiratory illnesses. If the medical community had reacted - as they did in prior pandemics - with understanding of the inevitable endemic endpoint to this virus, the world would look very different today. They just can't let go of that control freak impulse, however, "We have to STOP it!!!" Human ignorance is the one bottomless resource in the universe.

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Yes, SYNDEMIC. It's half a syndemic:

...half a real infection. Only around 15% of Americans have had covid-19.

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Though I'm past one hundred thousand miles
I'm feeling very still
And I think my spaceship knows which way to go
Tell your wife I love her very much
She knows

This is Ground Control to Major Tom, what the fuck did you say about my wife?

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Feel better man. It sounds like you are on a good treatment path. I was doing unrelated research on blood clotting and came across the supplements serrapeptase and nattokinase. they are supposed to help clear clots. maybe worth looking into.

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Thanks man, I appreciate it. I'm feeling pretty good for being ill tbh, if this is the worst of it then I should be over it by Christmas. I just worry about the long-covid stuff, I had diminishing long-covid symptoms on and off every other week for like 6 months in 2021 and finally got over it the first time I tried ivermectin. Then I was 100% good for about a month and now I have covid again. At least now I know I can treat the long covid with ivermectin successfully, it seems. I'll check out serrapeptase and nattokinase, thank you. I've heard things about NAC being good for clots as well, but I don't know anything at all about it. The flushing naicin is also supposed to be good for clearing stuff out after infection. I wonder if there is anything that breaks down the spike proteins directly, that'd be useful to have as well.

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Just keep it up with the Ivermectin. The Zelenko protocol has it being used fairly regularly, not a one and done. You're probably aware but it's worth saying just in case.

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The Zelenko protocol has it being used fairly regularly, not a one and done.

Thanks for the tip, I've been reading things like that as well. This implies it works via a mechanism other than parasites (where you take it once every 6 months or once a year). Also when I cured my long-covid with it, I took like 1/10th the recommended dose for my weight and it solved all the covid problems. A week later I took a full dose and it didn't change anything. It also made my mind feel extremely clear, and made me less groggy on waking up, which were interesting benefits I didn't expect.

I took like 1/2 a dose for my weight just a couple days ago when I started feeling ill. I'm thinking maybe regular small doses are the way to go regarding covid. I'll read about the Zelenko protocol, thanks.

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This implies it works via a mechanism other than parasites (where you take it once every 6 months or once a year)

Yes. I'm pretty ignorant about science, but doctors say Ivermectin has 3 methods of action/helping, whereas Remdesivir that you get in the hospital has only 1- antiviral.

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Interesting. I deeply distrust Remdesivir. The Remdesivir + ventilator combo that was widely used early on unnecessarily killed a lot of people, imo.

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Yes. Watch Dr. Peter McCullough on Joe Rogan. I got most of this shit from him. He seems trustworthy and it was an epic interview. I don't know how to link to $potify though.

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There's been a lot of buzz about it, I'll have to check it out.

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tl;dr: It seems a lot like the flu in intensity, but the non-flu symptoms are exactly like when I had covid in Dec 2019, but way less severe. Hopefully since it spreads easier and is less severe in symptoms, this will create natural herd immunity and we can be done with covid for real since it's posing less and less of a threat.

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Drink some Kvass, bread drink of strength, rest thy weary self and soul from all the madness of today's world, for it is we that shall move forwards above all pain.

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Thank you.

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Ron Paul on the other side with "Is The Omicron Explosion A Pandemic...Or A 'Test-demic'?":

It could just be an over-testing thing. But I think omicron is real and spreading very rapidly based on what I'm seeing IRL. Although it is possible the testing is over-exaggerating this spread, I wouldn't be surprised to see that sort of thing happening either. All I know is that I'm sick and the symptoms match the covid I had before, but just less in intensity. But it's also possible lots of people have it and the testing is over-exaggerating the amount of people who have it, which is probably the most likely scenario.

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Weird that Israel was the first to know.

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Hope you get well soon. I've been taking D3 + K2 supplements hoping to fortify my immune system a bit. I got a couple jabs back in May but I'm not quite sold on the booster yet. As you said this may be a blessing in disguise if the symptoms are mild and we end up with broad natural immunity.

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Thanks. Oh yeah D3 is important, I'm taking that too every day. They've found vitamin D levels inversely correlate with covid severity quite stongly. So people should definitely be taking high-dose vitamin D3. Thanks for mentioning that important part I forgot.

I'm hoping we have broad natural immunity, it'd be so nice to be done with all this covid stuff for real. If it becomes so weak that it kills no one, then the case for fearmongering about it becomes very weak as well.

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Always take D3 with k2 w/ the k4's and k6's in the K2.

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Had you been taking anything before this? ie. Vitamin D?

Many folks around Windsor here have had a flu lately, and it's about a week. Not sure why I've been lucky on this front.

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You might consider taking probiotics, which have demonstrated some effectiveness in treating respiratory infections, and of boosting the production of antibodies and immune cells. I take them along with D3, K and quercetin for immunity. The niacin's ability to break up blood clots sounds interesting, and good to know about ethylene oxide; I'll read up on both.

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Thanks for the info. Interesting idea about the probiotics, I have some so I'll take some just in case it helps.

I did learn to not overdo it with the probiotics though. My sister recently took them daily for years and developed an infection of one of the bacteria in her stomach and had to go on anti-biotics to fight it, and it made her pretty ill for a long time before they figured out what it was. So I try not to take probiotics more than once a week at most, after seeing what happened with her.

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Did you get the experimental jab?
There is the idea that it may cause more severe outcomes with this new infection.

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I'm waiting to see the long-term results of the mRNA shots before I take one myself. So maybe in 5-10 years I'll consider it.

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It is 55 years now for pfizer... ;-)

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Didn't they up it to 75? lol the whole thing is a farce. They discontinued their long-term study after 6 months and gave everyone the shots. Probably to cover up what a failure it was. Didn't even pfizer's own data say it's killed 1,300 people or so? Not to mention both the European and US VAERS data show 20k deaths each, which is itself only approx 10% of total occurrences according to VAERS own statements. It's one of those things where the cure might be worse than the disease... Especially when the companies aren't liable and are rushing to make tens of billions of dollars

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Someone leaked the results that were going to take 55 years!

You may also like to see. "Here’s Why mRNA COVID Vaccines Might Be Messing With Our Innate Immunity A pre-print study provides evidence to support what many prominent immunologists and vaccinologists have been saying for a long time — mRNA COVID vaccines are causing immune system dysregulation."

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High dose vitamin d 5000IU's Zinc, and like some strong Chinese Herbs.

You probably don't have it though, lots of people have the flu and other viral infections right now. Only around 16% of peopel ACTUALLY have had covid in the US if we go by the real numbers and not the syndemic.

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If you're supplementing vitamin D 30k IU is optimal.

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    Lol I'd rather have the covid, thanks

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    not funny, lame

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    I think I have it too. My throat started feeling sore a few days ago and I had some intense ringing in my ears. Doesn't feel like the regular flu as my symptoms would be much worse. It's a viral infection though as my cold sores can attest. I only get them when I get sick. My throat still feels scratchy but I'm already feeling better. Taking vitamin D and zinc supplements seems to have helped although it's just circumstancial evidence.

    I had a really bad flu two and a half years ago unlike anything I ever had before. No sneezing, no runny nose but my lungs felt like they were on fire and coughing almost made me pass out. They seemed like coof symptoms although my illness predated the outbreak by a few months. I haven't been sick until now. My symptoms are quite mild so maybe I already have some sort of immunity. Who knows? Get better soon!

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    I had some intense ringing in my ears

    I was having this too! I couldn't sleep last night because of it almost. And I don't really have tinnitus or anything, but I seem real extra-sensitive to my senses in a way that makes me annoyed. I had to turn on a fan for white noise, which is something I normally dislike.

    And now I've had a headache for 3 hours. I never have headaches, maybe 2 a year, and they last for 15 minutes and are always mild. Oof, going to take some ibuprofen or something.

    I've heard to make sure to take some Quercetin or Hydroxychloroquine with the zinc or else it's not nearly as effective against covid. Quercetin is a cheap and common supplement you can get on amazon. I'm no doctor, but I keep reading about this, how the zinc needs an ionophore to transport it in to the cells so it can properly fight covid. Check out how many scientific papers there are about this combination:

    Sounds like you have it, given that the timing and symptoms line up. I hope you get better soon! Just be patient and get lots of food and water and rest. I had it twice and both times the biggest problem was feeling better and then doing a bunch of stuff and then having a relapse and feeling terrible. So I'm just not going to do anything even remotely strenuous at all until I'm back to nearly 100%, that's going to be my strategy for the next few weeks.

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    Thanks for the info. I'll heed that advice if the symptoms get worse but for now, I think I'm heading for full recovery with barely any symptoms left.

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    Nice. I'm cautiously optimistic as well, feeling not too bad all things considered

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    You might consider a home health test, just to confirm your suspicion and it doesn't get counted in the positive category case count unless you report it.

    Other than that, thoughts and prayers that you get feeling better. Sounds like you got it figured out though.

    Hopefully you're feeling better for Christmas and New Year!!

    Merry Christmas

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    Thanks, Merry Christmas to you too!

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    The fact it spreads so easily and the symptoms are so weak is actually a very hopeful thing

    Been saying the same thing myself, that this is actually great news. Omicron is now the dominant strain in the US, and while deaths do lag behind infections obviously, only one person has died from that variant here (supposedly) so far.

    In the end, it looks like the best course of action would have been to do nothing except treat the individual with existing meds.

    Get well soon.

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    Thanks, I'm feeling a bit better today than I did yesterday. I think we're on our way to actual herd immunity with omicron

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    Take it easy and get well soon. Omicron(or Xi) may be one of the better strains to get based on the ratios. It's spreading like wildfire. People gotta realize it'll be endemic.

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    Omicron = Moronic

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    Delta Omicron = Media Control

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    Same 💩, Different Shovel

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    Wait how many times have you caught covid now?

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    I believe this to be the 3rd time. I think I had it once in late Dec 2019, then again about 8 months ago, then again just now.

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    The joe rogan doctor said you can only get covid once?.... looks like he is full of crap too

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    You can get man flu infinite times though.

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    Get better man! We need you!

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    Thanks, already feeling a little better... cautiously optimistic

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    The criminals (aka the government) are sitting on Pfizer orals that stop Omicron.

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    Thanks man. Safe recovery and happy holidays.

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    it's too hard to get ivermectin now

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    Nah, amazon ships it, it's cheap

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    that's fake ivermectin

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    THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS! I've had all the symptoms you do and was suspicious it was omicron. Thank you for sharing X)

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    You're welcome, I'm glad it maybe is helpful to others. Hope you feel better! I am feeling slightly better today, so I think my treatment methods are working

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    the power of suggestion. i would speak to how impressive it is, but the reality of the matter is that human beings are stupid fucks

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    'Omicron' = Moronic

    'Delta Omicron' = Media Control

    Which 'level' are you truly playing upon..?

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    Eat real food, if you need vitamins, then you already lost. Guess it makes sense to birth 50 million more people bc your free right? Does a free man make so many kids they can't take care of? Hence, exactly why people aren't free. You don't have the ability to even do shit with the lowest specifications of life to even be able to operate.