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Their unlimited wealth comes from their ability to print currency. The West produces very little of value in comparison to what it consumes. So Western power comes from having dominant currencies. When these currencies fail, the West will become something like the old Soviet Union was. And as I said, the elite are only "international" within the West.

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    They can now, but when the currency becomes worthless, they will be forced to issue a new currency backed by something, and then they won't be able to print currency.

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      Thanks, I appreciate that. But I think there is plenty that could be done in this non-ideal world. If you ever want to talk over ideas, you could join my Old Testament reading where there are several of us working on different things that could help.

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      their power comes from barrel of a gun

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      That is going away too given that their goons are coming to consist of fat sheboons and trannies.

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      metaphorically speaking, besides guns there are other weapons, such as bioweapons.