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Why break up your marriage just to larp a relationship on the internet?

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You talk to me more than than the wife does and we're -- I hope -- internet friends.

The wife gets always gets priority, she just doesn't want me.

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Seems like you guys need to spend your money on counselling.

Likely she has issues she's not taking to you about rather than not wanting you.

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I'm an alcoholic. That's plenty reason.


It's as effective as any alternative medicine. Save money by rubbing half a potato on the sole of your foot during a full moon and burying it. That works just as well, which is to say not at all.

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Are you an actual alcoholic or an American alcoholic?

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I can kill a handle of vodka (1.75L) in a sitting. Not an active drinker usually but not completely dry.

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that qualifies you as an alcoholic. 1) referring to the bottle as a "handle" and 2) drinking a handle in one sitting.

yup, you is afflicted.

i am a well educated counselor and a very capable sponsor.

when you are ready to change, let me know.

btw, you can ease the discomfort of the cravings and dt's can be eliminated by taking kratom(which is definitely not approved by AA).

also, if you are not aware of naltrexone i would suggest that your educate yourself.. if you take naltrexone, they say that you can drink all night and will experience none of the effects of alcohol, you will be sober as a nun in church even after a long night of drinking.

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i am a well educated counselor and a very capable sponsor

Appreciate it. I've spent years in NA and reddit alcoholic forums. I do pretty well except when I drink, and I quit drinking like that every day. I mean, I had to, my liver was getting fatty.

I have taken kratom for years but recently stopped, my tolerance got super high. No problems quitting that one, which was nice. Nal is likely to fuck with kratom tho, but it's a handy drug. High dose Baclofen (a muscle relaxant) has a lot of promise too, not the easiest thing to get in the US but it can be ordered.

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I've spent years in NA and reddit alcoholic forums

most of what you have done has most likely been an entire waste of your time.

AA has it's own agenda and AA cares more about AA than it cares about you.

most people that try to play the sponsor role dont really know how to act as counselors.

i offered my time to you and i asked you for nothing except to ask if you wanted to change and you responded by telling me about all of your past failures.

a sizeable majority of the crowd in AA are not actually alcoholics, just fyi, but i cant speak about the crowd in NA.

since i have already determined that you are in fact a legitimate alcoholic, my next question to you would be to ask you what is it like for you when you are drinking.

your move.

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I don't mean to offend you, it is a very generous offer. I think we probably understand addiction about the same, and that's not a slight on you. I have spent a considerable amount of time studying the matter.

Imo, NA is a better version than AA cause they do cooler drugs than booze, but also booze. All those 12 step programs have two fatal flaws, it brings addicts together, and those addicts talk about booze & drugs and all the shitty things they've ever done to get high. It's a real fucking downer.

You really just have to want it enough to suffer through the discomfort of wanting a drink, and that feeling gets less shitty over time. Also realizing that no, this time won't be different. There's tricks n shit that help, I find tea very helpful, I think it's because of the theanine. Hobbies. Stay the fuck away from other addicts. .... After you fuck the cute girl in group.