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dude bans you for anything I won't miss him

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no, d3rr tolerated my bullshit and he generally handled things very diplomatically.

btw, i dont think he is really gone anyways.. he just removed his publicly recognized account... it is better if an admin operates anonymously.

smart move.

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I have thought about that, as well. How impartial can an admin be if they are also on the playing field? But then, why would anyone waste time here refereeing if they can't use the site?

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if the admin posts publicly, then people will read his personal posts and judge the site according to his posts..

an admin can use one account to handle admin issues and use a second account to cruise the site.

so when are we going to implement my idea about allowing an OP to delete offensive posts from his thread and also allow the OP to ban any user from posting in his threads?

this would require someone that is an actual admin(not a moderator, but instead a site admin) that would run a chrome extension that would watch all subs posts and if an op replies to one of my posts(for example) with the words REMOVE or BAN, then the chrome extension would automatically act upon those instructions.

as a veteran programmer i can promise that you would be surprised at how this would work.

sorry, but i am not an experienced chrome extension programmer, or i would have already implemented it..

oh, i think i said that wrong up above... this chrome extension could be ran by any moderator of a sub so that it would use his moderator privileges to auto remove posts(and it would also need to remove those BAN and REMOVE COMMENTS)

this would literally launch saidit.

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Self moderate posts would just become echo chambers for the OP's agenda.

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It would be a troll free environment where the op could begin and moderate a topic conversation..

If you get booted from his thread, you can start a similar thread and you can moderate that thread.

I would have the ability to read and participate in a friendly manner, and I could always start my own thread.

This would be 360 degrees the opposite of reddit and other msm sites.

I might get motivated to whip up my own site.

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Yeah u/d3rr was a whiny bitch. Always talking about some kind of pyramid.

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at the same time?

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hmm thats...impressive

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should let him do anal

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if that is what it takes to get him to come back, so be it.

you gotta do what you gotta do.

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taking one for the team

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i almost feel a bit bad that he quit... he recently made a comment that it had been difficult for him to tolerate my trolling..

my trolling isnt really trolling tho.. i actually do things that sometimes make people laugh, if they werent so stupid, lol, and i actually took the time to put some links up on reddit that brought a shitton of users here... but what thanks do i get? nothing.

d3rr? take a break and then get your dumb ass back in your seat and do your job.. whatever the problem is, it can be resolved.

you are the admin here.

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aren't you both kinda on the trolling side? lol

I personally find you both to be hilarious.

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this is one of my better works... i had been getting many calls about my medicare medical coverage, and as i had been getting tired of getting sometimes twenty calls per day i decided to prank one of the telemarketers and i recorded it.

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He hasn't abandoned us, he's still around, just isn't doing admin stuff anymore and I can hardly blame him.

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i am sure.

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But he might let you lick his balls. IDK

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it is getting steamy in here.