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I was going to post this in question form, but your way is funnier. Has anyone seen ANY covid coverage since this thing began? I haven't heard a peep.

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Just that the CDC said Americans don't have to wear masks. So much convienient timing here. This stops questions about the pandemic response, saves Trudeau's ass, puts questions about Biden & family on the backburner, saved flailing CNN by giving them their bread and butter, war. A lot of people benefit here.

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It's funny, the press was planning on making global warming the next big distraction; maybe that got pushed back?

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there's literally a war going on. why would we focus on covid when most people are vaccinated? where's the scandal?

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Now do 2021...

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Joe Rogan should thank him for saving his career also.

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He actually survived the attempted cancelling without this, he was too popular to shut down.

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We'd have had to hear about the drama for months though, which would have been to much.

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I dunno, I don't think any of that was swaying his fans. He has a vastly larger audience than CNN, they could kick Rogan off Spotify and he'd just take his fans with him and still be bigger.

The cancel crowd only wins when they don't face a unified opposition, as they so often don't. They couldn't cancel JK Rowling either, and she gained exposure to a whole new audience.

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Look... squirrel ! ! !

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Nobel prize of medicine.

Note: My unwanted Covid19 news is now also showing stuff about Ukraine.

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You're a faggot.

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You are a nigger

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Saidit, I introduce you to the voat stage of Saidit's evolution!

The way voat started and the path it took and the parallels to saidit's journey to date are seriously uncanny. Why even try to have serious conversation on this site anymore? Why put energy into a thoughtful response or sharing information when this has become the norm on SaidIt?

I joined this website maybe 6 months to a year after it first started, and even then, it was a great community that had fun but was also respectful and exchanged ideas. It's sad how far we've strayed. And I did try to help, and offered it.

/s/WhiteOwlSocialClub offers a small glimpse into how SaidIt & its users used to be.

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Last time Magnora showed up he banned u/Antarchomachus, one of the best new users we've had in a while. Magnora is a liability to this site and tagging him is unwise.

Welcome back after two weeks Enza. Airbus saying fucked up things is pretty Saidit Traditional. So is that emoji reply to it.

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I know, right? Just imagine the trillions of people who won't have to die now from the Kung Flu!

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not funny or true

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Putin wagged the dog for everyone, whether he meant to or not.

You have to admit Socks, if you had been right about the pandemic, it wouldn't be a sudden "Oh, you don't need to wear masks or do anything anymore and let's forget the whole thing." That's what people do when they're wrong and they don't want the attention on them being wrong.

Hilarious seeing people trying to still Covid virtue signal on social media only to be mocked.

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Two unrelated issues, Mittens. If you support what Putin's doing - or even assume that COVID is somehow related to his actions - I'll question your sanity (and you're perhaps the sanest person on Saidit).

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I believe the intent of this post is that the fear mongering over the coof has magically stopped due to a foreign war, despite the coof situation not having changed. All you do is argue in bad faith though so I'm sure you understood that already

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This makes no sense ("fear mongering over the coof has magically stopped" And it's really juvenile and obviously lacking in confidence to refer to someone you disagree with as arguing in bad faith.

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You didn't notice nobody gives a shit about covid anymore?

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You know that whatever the news media considers newsworthy is not always reflective of the concerns of many people.

Because people have increasing immunity and are less affected by weaker strains like omicron, there isn't as much popular interest in this 2-year old story. It's not really 'news'.

But: people DO give a shit about COVID. Masks are still requested in many places; parents are encouraged to vaccinate their kids, and there are sill thousands of new cases and deaths. To see the updates go to:

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Not that I support Putin (he, too, is an alumni of the WEF), I just want to point out the question you raise:

First you said that whatever is on the news is not always reflective of many people's concern.

Then you said the reason why something is not on the news precisely is because not many people are concerned about it.

Pray, tell, why does anything appear on the news? Are they the fourth estate or just propagandists/advertisers?

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The short explanation is:

1) COVID is still a concern.

2) If it's not in the news lately that's because it's a 2 year old continuing pandemic that's no longer considered as newsworthy as Ukraine attrocities

3) One can read about the people directly affected by COVID on a daily basis by reading the stats at

4) Re: news - there are numerous resources available for us to assess, including videos from Ukraine, the EU Parliament &c...

Hope this explains my point

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Masks are still requested in many places

Where America leads the world follows. Covid is over. D3 called it. You have spent 2 years arguing for something that was totally pointless.

Ah, whatever, I don't need to see you eat humble pie.

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And consider that immunity developed with the help of billions of vaccine doses.

mic drop

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Uh huh, except we didn't manage to distribute the vaccine worldwide, and it didn't end up making a difference. People in high population densities were more affected regardless of vaccination status.

As I said, I don't need to see you eat a big ole slice of humble pie, but you should. Bunch of people you thought were crazed idiots ended up being right.

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What's it like to live a life devoid of humour?

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Putin let everyone get sick. Then everyone got better. The way nature intended

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Putin and Russia have been on the good side of history since 1990. While USA & Allies have made every effort to still destroy them Economically, bar them from profiting in the market with Europe, sanctions & sabotage on every field. Put missiles all around Russia: Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey & Ukraine. Granted most of those states still bear a grudge against the old USSR, but it's still injustice and a stranglehold forcing Russia to take unprecedented measures.

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He saved Ghislaine Maxwell's life.

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Yet, people here still have fear of the Coof and ToxVax rush for de-population.

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wtf? globo-homo meaning globo-nazism is in danger of taking over, its the only guy moving against it. The rest of you are cracking jokes? Nazism turned gay when you started collectivizing over a fake dude.

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He apparently resolved the conflict between Trudeau and the Canadian truckers as well. Haven’t heard a peep about them! I guess they all went home or something.

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A peacemaker as well as a doctor!