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What if I can't afford 500 dollars for a set of capacitors from China?

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you have the choice to not buy supercapacitors.

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I'm asking you why its a good idea. Do they last longer? Why should I buy this over a normal battery? Also, how does 2.7 volts power cars components that require 12 volts?

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supercaps are quoted as having a life expectancy of ten to twenty years or more. One of the really nice features of using supercaps as a car battery is that they can quickly output a burst of dc that a standard car battery can not, at least this is what i have read...

six of the 2.7 large supercaps connected in series, daisy chaining them positive to negative and positive to negative, until they are all strung together in a train and then at one end you have the positive terminal and at the other end you have the negative terminal.

6x2.7=16.2 volts maximum capacity, which is higher than a typical car alternator might put out which is approx 14.5 volts maximum..

these supercaps will charge much faster by raising the voltage of the charging device..

these supercapacitors are available in different sizes.. another common size is similar to the size of a D-CELL flashlight battery, as is shown in the following video:

note that supercapacitors do lose voltage over time, fairly quickly, but i think that this problem can be solved by having a small solar panel that can serve as a "trickle charger".

ie, dont use the above supercap car battery and leave your car parked idle for a couple of weeks, because your battery will be dead... i say solve this problem with a small solar panel to keep it charged up.

btw, the above video shows a large supercap batteries made from six of the large caps..