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Frankly I've never in my life had a hero or admired a celebrity so I've never followed any old man in politics or voted for a personality.

I always vote tactically to benefit my own interests or create the society I want to live in. Of course politicans lie so you might not get the policies you were promised but that is why I always investigate the actual individuals I'm voting for as well as the party so I know if the people at the top screw up I still have someone half sensible I helped get onto a position to buffer that.

Last general election we had a Labour candidate who was a woke yes-woman paracuted in from the nearest urban sprawl or a tory Nigerian dad who's ideal way to run the country was as a strict religions Nigerian household. So of course I voted for the latter. Then he's ended up in the business department of government and has been pushing for small businesses to get grants and cheep loans then pushing for lockdown to be lifted. The government was a shit show but he was a good choice.

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Thanks for the comment!

So do you want the country to be run like a strict religious Nigerian household? Or is it just that he was the lesser of two evils for you?

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    You'll get more points of view here than on reddit, guaranteed. It might not meet your preference but it is still way better than reddit, but of course we don't have the volume here to provide a lot of discussion on more niche areas.

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    Me too. Spread the word if you want it to grow.

    Part of the difficulty with reddit alternatives is you often just get the opinions that are banned on reddit, so it become its own echo-chamber of sorts that is just an inverse of the reddit echo-chamber. I agree having more types of thinking is good, and thankfully saidit is far from a hivemind as others have pointed out. As the breadth of things reddit bans increases, saidit's userbase will grow.

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    Hopefully content on other, non-political subjects will grow as well.

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    Freedom of speech, thought and expression is a fundamental basic of a truly progressive civilization. The jewish supremacists cannot permit such a standard for reasons we are not permitted to openly discuss. I really don't know what comes of this but there is a subtle undercurrent of awareness of this issue and it's growing.

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      Isn't that a pretty typical saidit comment? Weird that you'd be banned for that

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      I think he means he was banned from reddit for saying that

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      they banned you for saying 'stupid cunt'. What do they do when you say 'nigger'?

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      aaarrgh 4 insightful - 2 fun - 4 hours ago they banned you for saying 'stupid cunt'. What do they do when you say 'nigger'?

      Concentration Camp

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      Yeah, the niche subs could be more active. Give it time,the blue haired half faggots over there will burn the place down in time and being banned is a badge of honor [14 yr high karma refugee reporting in].

      And yes, anyone of any stripe that does not see that we are getting played is a fool.

      Something else always comes along and I like it here.

      If you really need to sneak back into eddit, Opera has a built in vpn....I'm just saying

      pre-coffee ramble/off. Peace

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      /s/ButtHurt/ is there for you.

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      This is kind of how reddit was back in the 2000s. I was mostly the Comp Sci, Engineering, and various tech nerds, libertarians, dope smokers, and atheists. It was a place for people to get away from the usual nuts infesting the internet on the AOL forums, and the various other places the unwashed masses were piling up on the internet. Say your Myspace, Facebook, whatever. The interface was left to be pretty basic, not as bad as things like the default Pine, Pico, vi editors of old school Unix, BSD, early days Gnu powerered forums you would telnet to, but about as basic as it got for web forums.

      Simple Machines Forum software being a good example. Like here.

      But without all the vulnerabilities where the script kiddies could inject things into the datastream and hijack your session.

      And such was ultimately the road to hell if you look at the modern incarnation of the software. lol!

      Anyway, the kind of conversations on reddit back then which were routine would get your pretty much permabanned there today. So its nothing like it was. Nor could it stay that way and keep making money.

      When it DID get more diverse, and when they tamped down the more radical and obnoxious groups, fat people hate, jailbait, people actively advocating for one low level degree of domestic terrorism or other, or some kind of "crimethink" which turned into no BS IRL criminal activity. When they started getting rid of those guys, a lot of the libertarian, anarchists, punks, free thinkers went with em.

      The loonies end up being protective camouflage and all that. You have in them a certain amount of buffer for just how radical you can be should the mood suit you. And the perverts similar story. The furries and the zoophiles, you had these guys doing regular IAMAs, and it was reasonably chill.

      Back then, nobody on reddit gave a fuck if you were dating someone 20-30 years older, younger, if you were doing some kind of round robin swinger thing with a mix of guys and girls. Militant gays, feminists, whatever, they had their little soapboxes, and were mostly ignored. Nobody was trying to dictate what a "proper" relationship was in terms of power balance or something stupid on groups outside of their own.

      But, as the general public was getting on reddit more "community standards" started getting to be the same old shit you had on AOL forums, or any of those other mass idiot congregation sites. "Diversity" was the death knell of what reddit was. With the general mass of idiots, you had the mainstream left and right doing their thing, and things inevitably got out of control.

      The left played the victim card for all it was worth, got the conservatives kicked off, then most of the libertarians, anarchists, and lunatic fringe who was not happy with something like half the population being kicked off from ideology. And so was paved the road to hell. The pandemic restrictions kept driving that divide, those who rejected authoritarianism, and the compliant sheep who regurgitated whatever propaganda they were fed.

      So, I dunno what you expect. Best you can hope for is the usual collection of tech nerds, lunatic fringes, political and religious/anti-religious outcasts, and hope like hell it doesn't get so big that you end up with bots doing 80% of the moderation, and outcast tranny hookers living in their parents basements doing the other 20%.

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      THIS! Shutting down jailbait was the beginning of the end.

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      Jailbait was the most popular sub by far. Why do you think there aren't any jailbait subs on any of the alternative platforms?

      Sometimes I wonder if all of these alternatives aren't just containment sites for the free thinkers and jailbait isn't allowed because it would attract the masses and expose them to free thought.

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      Interesting comment.. thanks for that! I remember the earlier days of reddit vaguely but wasn't really a part of it because I was just a kid and not interested at the time.

      The consensus among a lot of replies to this post is basically that with diversity and popularity comes an inevitable shift to heavy moderation and censorship. But is that inevitable, or is it just something that admins have chosen to do on several websites? Is it possible for a website to be popular and for the leadership of that website to refuse to engage in censorship? Idk.

      Either way, I'm learning to appreciate saidit for what it is.

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      Nor could it stay that way and keep making money.

      Reddit does not make money. That is the excuse (((they))) brainwashed you with to hide the fact that they pay a lot of money to have reddit as a propaganda platform. People continue to trust reddit because of that excuse. If they realized it exists to shape their opinions, contain thier criticism, and consume thier free time they would be far more skeptical about the content.

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      Right now there are hundreds of thousands of people, all over the world.

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      beingPoisoned 2 insightful - 0 fun - 3 hours ago Right now there are hundreds of thousands of people, all over the world.

      Jamal Says "Every 60 Seconds In Africa, A Minute Passes".

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      beingPoisoned 1 insightful - 0 fun - 8 hours ago Why you gay?

      Why are YOU Gae?

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      Thanks for your replies. I might have been too quick to assume that this place is a hive mind, it seems like there is a lot of variation in opinion, actually.

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      Yeah, all sorts of deviant ideologies here.

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      All of these other sites, including SAIDIT do not have the volume to get the amazing insights you can find occasionally on reddit. Been using the platform for over a decade, it literally helped me after coming home injured from Baghdad. Now, I hardly recognize it do to the wokeness.
      C'est la vie.

      Things are only going to get worse.

      The U.S. is headed towards a massive meltdown of epic proportions.

      No way can 30 trillion debt be sustained unless we have world monopoly on petro dollars, hydenbyden just blew that up.

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      This doesn't make any sense. We still have the largest army on the planet and a large consumer base as well. If they need more money they'll print what they need..

      No one will unseat it from the outside.

      How it will be undone is for despots to destroy it from within. I'd say this is happening at record pacing since Clinton.

      I'm particular, Obama, Trump and Biden have been particularly aggressive about destroying the country. And yes, Trump was bad, that he recognized and called out secret courts claiming he'd release info that they gather Ed even on himself so we could see what they collect and never did it, or allow mailbox voting was country crushing. Let alone vax mandates etc. Trump groomed the country for Biden. Bidden is the phallus without batteries the masterminds have waited for long time.

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      I was banned here for months.

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      I don't think OP was talking about the lumpenproletariat

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      I was complaining about the other bans.

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      Why? Everything you need is here. There’s community, we all know each other. There’s feedback. Is it tens of comments to thousands? No, but you’ll get fresh comments on your perspective or article you post. And there’s the same all ass hats as Reddit.

      It’s just a smaller community, and as soon as they start to get big, they will start mass banning people like Reddit.

      Let it stay small.

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      wish in one hand and take a crap in the other hand and see if you can trade either for a cup of lemonade.

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      I keep getting bullied on saidit for my high iq takes by jealous brainlets

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      Last time I pointed saidit to someone on reddit, some asswipe here had a top link with "nigger" in the title. So yeah. It's not going to get popular when assholes here can't just use their words properly.

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      sounds like an entrance exam. if you can't just ignore it, you probably have issues

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      sproketboy 2 insightful - 1 fun - 3 hours ago Last time I pointed saidit to someone on reddit, some asswipe here had a top link with "nigger" in the title. So yeah. It's not going to get popular when assholes here can't just use their words properly.

      My Pronouns tho

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      This nigger sensibility that Americans suffer from is really over the top. There are other places in the world where the word has a different meaning because "pocs" were the aggressors.

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      Yeah, it would be nice. But then again, it would start attracting the same problems that made reddit unbearable.

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      CarlDung 2 insightful - 1 fun - 12 hours ago Yeah, it would be nice. But then again, it would start attracting the same problems that made reddit unbearable.

      Id just keep calling those who cause the problems niggerfaggots until they cry and run back to their hugboxes.

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      they had a mad tranny admin here that drove off half the traffic

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      I've just been banned for pretty much the same thing. I knew I was going to be banned but had reached the point of fuck it, and thought I would at least enjoy the brief pleasure of telling a few of them the were cunts before being fired off. Banned for harrassment for calling them scratched-record cunts. Fuck, that's just friendly banter for me.

      That was my third account. Each time I go back because there are things that you can't find elsewhere but as hard as I try to stick with non-political subs the shit pops up every fucking time. This time it was a science sub of all places. Saying that the Russian public backing Putin were just like MAGA, that it was a mental disease. These troons are fucked in the head. The only people with an obsession with Trump is them. We've all moved on and there they are, lying in bed every night jerking themselves into a stupor about Trump.

      Reddit is full of hateful, deviant, brain-damaged paedo window-lickers and needs to be nuked to oblivion several times over then the site sprayed with industrial disinfectant to get rid of the remaining AIDs.

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      hello. glad to have one more on board.

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      saidit is exactly how reddit was when I moved there from Digg about ~13 years go. /r/conspiracy was the main news channel on reddit for some perspective.

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      Feel free to contribute and make the place more of what you wish it were, ya stupid cunt.

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      I don't worship Trump. I worship my ethnicity and its history

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      That's a strange idol...

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      it's been normal for thousands of years. Long before certain beliefs were invented

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      A lot of things have been normal for thousands of years... no matter how long a certain belief or practice has been around, it's just a blip on the radar of our eternal existence. Our higher selves don't care about physical traits such as race. See you on the other side :-)

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      you are literally an ape. There is no higher self. Christianity is a blip on the radar of even HUMAN history

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      Christianity as a religion, sure. But the existence of the Christ, the light, is eternal. Our bodies are a temporary part of our eternal existence. You'll find out eventually.

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      trigger word for some of you I know

      I sense incoming libtard trying to "turn the tables" on conservatives by throwing back thier insults even if it doesn't quite make sense.

      Are there people on this site that aren't orgasming to pictures of Trump?


      If you think Trump is a diety for the other side you need to get off of social media and get some fresh air. You are not living in reality.

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      I definitely don't qualify as a "liberal." And Trump kind of is a deity to conservatives if we're talking about your every day US conservative. There are exceptions of course but that's the reality for a lot of people. I don't need social media in order to reach that conclusion, lol.

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      That is where your perception of conservatives comes from. I guarantee you don't hang out with any IRL. You are simply too simple to realize that everything you think you know about them actually comes from social media or other leftists in your life.

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      The amount of assumptions you're making about me is just odd. I'm not a "leftist" or a liberal. I have several conservative friends and family members. And I do understand that not every single conservative person worships Trump. It's an exaggeration, but it is a real thing that is happening within the country. Ultimately both "sides" are not all the same, there's a lot of variation within them just as much as there is between them, but both sides think they know all there is to know about the other. It's all stereotypes. So I get why you're frustrated about what I'm saying, and maybe I shouldn't have generalized as much as I did. It's just hard to find people that aren't playing team sports with politics these days.

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      I'm not a "leftist" or a liberal.

      The propaganda which comes out of you says otherwise. You may not consider yourself that while still being that. Just because you are not as radical left as the people who surround you does not mean your politics are not on the left. And you clearly have a radical understanding of conservatives.

      With that said, I don't know what you politics are outside of the leftist stuff you said here. But if you don't think what you have said here is leftist then I don't expect the rest to be any better.

      The vast majority of Trump supporters are really just individualists and anti authoritarians. Trump is the only politician with any chance of gaining office who is not part of the corrupt system. They defend him from slander and for that they are called cultists.

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      I'm asking because I genuinely want an answer, I'm not trying to be hostile: Is it "leftist" to dislike Trump? I don't know what else I said in my post that could give that impression. There are people from many parts of the political spectrum that don't like him- namely FOR corruption and authoritarianism. From my perspective, people who support him deny that he's ever done anything wrong and refuse to even look into any claims because it's automatically considered fake news. Whereas if they catch a whiff of corruption from any other politician, they assume it's true. That just doesn't make sense to me. And it's that sort of thing that feels culty within his fanbase.

      I don't know what you'd consider me politically, I don't agree with most liberal or conservative takes. I guess libertarian would be the closest thing to describe me. I'm not a fan of any current politicians. All I see is hypocrisy and lies on both sides.

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      From my perspective, people who support him deny that he's ever done anything wrong and refuse to even look into any claims because it's automatically considered fake news

      Fair enough, but you did not get that perspective from conversations IRL correct?

      On line there is a LOT of propaganda and everyone is exhausted from the unending torrent of lies and spin coming from trolls who don't care if you prove them wrong because there are no consequences or memory of thier lies. And even if Trump is a ruthless buisnesman who fucked people over it may not be relevant to the topic but is still used as an ad hominem.

      Not saying this makes your criticism invalid, but a little context is in order.

      Taking "they blew off my criticism" and turning it into "hur der trumpets" is the leftist mentality I am seeing.

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      I got that perspective from my experience online and offline, but I also acknowledge that not every Trump voter was like that.

      I guess when I'm thinking of the term leftist, I'm thinking of political beliefs, not conversational habits. There's ignorant people who spout fallacies on both sides. In fact both sides mirror each other so much it's maddening. I'm in a purple state so I've met people from a variety of political affiliations and it seems like most people who are passionate about one side or the other are the same in many ways.

      I appreciate the conversation, by the way. I might have started off on the wrong foot and come off as overly hostile.

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      I agree with the horseshoe theory, but I don't think we have extremists on this site.

      We might have more in common than it seems. Personally I like arguing with leftists, at least intelligent ones. So if you know any, send them my way.

      Perhaps you can invite people on other sites, or people you know IRL, to saidit for a conversation.