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Really, it's kind of hard to believe that LGB is anywhere near as obnoxious here as on Reddit. Maybe I'm hanging with different LGB people than you are? The DropTheT people seem reasonable. I don't agree with everything there (or anywhere) but my experience is that it is a rational place. I don't think anyone there would say that gay men are really women, unless you mean "gay men" who were born female.

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Really, it's kind of hard to believe that LGB is anywhere near as obnoxious here as on Reddit.

Here's what happened:

  1. They get censored off of Reddit.

  2. They are outraged at being censored.

  3. They start a new group on Sadit, a free speech website where there is no censorship.

  4. Saidit users notice the group and post opinions that disagree with them.

  5. They are outraged to find people disagree with them.

  6. They begin censorship, the same thing that they were outraged at when it was done to them.

Seriously, go look at /s/lgbdropthet. It says right there in the sidebar that they practice censorship. On a free speech website. They got dropped from /all for it.

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Man, you're really holding a grudge about not being able to astroturf our sub. It's adorable how you prescribe emotions and hysterics to us when you're the one who rages and lies about us to anyone who will listen though. Must feel bad.

We removed ourselves from s/all since our inception, as the moderator guidelines M7 set out state we should. We've never had any beef from M7, or D3 when he was running things in M7s absence, or M7 again since his return.

You can disagree with the premise of LGBDropTheT all you want, but we're not giving you or anyone else a platform to do it in our sub. That's always been in our rules, even when we were on Preddit, and SaidIt mod guidelines allow us that also. We have a purpose, and you can deal with it or GTFO - we're not looking for acceptance from haters or shills, and we won't shed any tears when the door closes behind you.

We were driven off of Preddit because we refuse to bend the knee to the Traniban. You're a fool if you think we're going to begin humoring their or anyone else's delusions here.

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Man, you're really holding a grudge about not being able to astroturf our sub.

Did you just invent something that never existed? Yeah, that's par for the course, isn't it? This is a textbook strawman argument. Why don't you comply with Saidit's Pyramid of Debate and steelman the opponent's point instead?

Look at the feminist who completely misses the point about feminists being pro-censorship, then getting censored. Then getting super-angry about being censored, even though they approve of censorship. Then fleeing to a free speech site to avoid censorship - and once there, immediately setting up the exact same censorship regime again.

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Over the past 10-15 years, LGB turned into LGBTQQIP2SAA+. Clearly, discussion and debate has worked out well.

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You just had crap arguments. Why else use censorship, other than your positions are so weak, they would collapse if subjected to scrutiny?

And it's hilarious that the exact same censorship that you were 100% for when you were doing it, got used against you. Then suddenly censorship was unjust and you needed free speech.

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I don't know what you're on about, you're making a lot of assumptions and claims and not backing any of them up.

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Assumptions and claims? OK.

Claim: LGBdroptheT was pro-censorship.

Claim: LGBdroptheT then got censored.

Claim: LGBdroptheT then came to Saidit. A free speech site.

Claim: LGBdroptheT then did not like free speech. They could hear dissenting opinions!

Claim: LGBdroptheT then implemented censorship, the exact same censorship that got them banned from Reddit!

Assumption: LGBdroptheT learned absolutely nothing from the experience. They remain pro-censorship today. I mean, anti-censorship. I mean...uh, which one? In favor of censorship or against censorship? I'm not quite sure!

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Sounds like you have a problem with LGB dropping the T.

If your concern is actually about censorship, then you should take it up with M7 and SaidIt as a whole. This site allows everything you're upset about.

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The best part is where you people learned absolutely nothing from the experience. Something like this is supposed to force you to grow. But no, you're still the same as before - inventing positions people don't hold so you can criticize them for the position you made up. Strawmanning. You didn't actually address any of the claims or assumptions.

Censorship makes you weak. You have no idea what the counter-arguments are, so you do things like invent a flawed argument deliberately so you can think that you won.

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Oh, please. Subs are allowed to set their own standards, it has been that way since forever. Thinking that you're being censored when you get banned for posting anti-gay shit in a pro-gay sub is like thinking you're being censored because you walked into a church and tried passing out copies of The God Delusion and they kicked you out for it.

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This thread died over a week ago.

You don't see the irony of being censored, complaining about it, fleeing to a free speech site where they don't censor - and setting up your own censorship? You really can't see that?

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No, you are conflating two different domains. The analogy for a sub is not the public square, it's a church, club, etc. You aren't being censored because you went into a sub and started posting stuff that doesn't follow their rules and then got thrown out for it. It isn't your right to go into a pro-gay sub and start posting anti-gay shit anymore than it's an atheist's right to walk into a church and start passing out atheist literature.

Re-read that last sentence a few times until you clearly understand what it means, because it seems like you didn't get it from the first time you read it.

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Complaining about being censored and then setting up your own censorship regime.

Re-read that last sentence a few times until you clearly understand what it means, because it seems like you didn't get it from the first time you read it.

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Ok, clearly there is some pretty fundamental disagreement about what censorship is.

In the example given, where a church throws you out for passing out atheist literature, why is that censorship?

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You people got censored off of reddit. You then fled to a free speech site where they don't believe in censorship. You then began censorship.

You really aren't seeing it here? Censorship is bad when it's done to us but OK when we do it to others? You really aren't comprehending the tremendous gap between the two? It's literally Orwell's doublethink.

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Sadit, a free speech website where there is no censorship.

Not even m7 would argue that. Just check out the Pyramid of Debate.

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bUt AkChUaLy

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i double dare you to register a fresh account and go into the chat and say anything that disagrees with them.

there is about ten of them that are here for eight to twelve hours per day pushing their lgbtasdfasdf bullshit agenda and if you disagree with them you will get insulted and bullied right out of the room.

they are literally the reddit lgbt mafia.

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Chat is cancer anyway LOL

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i really do appreciate your response, but as usual i would like to throw in my two cents.

it is my opinion that an "improperly designed and/or managed chat" can seem like a cancer.

i have been writing code since 1983. my first computer was an atari 400. my first programming language was Atari Basic.

i fell in love with that machine when i first laid eyes on her when she sitting in two milk crates in a pawn shop in houston texas.

i bought my first C language compiler/IDE in 1991 for $70.00 from egghead software in houston texas on westheimer road.

before i had been writing C code for even two years, i caught an eight month jail sentence for passing a $13k counterfeit cashiers check that i had designed using Corel draw professional and printed using an ordinary HP deskjet printer. My checks were gorgeous.

While i was incarcerated, i had a job writing C programs while i was in jail. I wrote these programs by hand using a pen and paper. The largest program that i wrote while in jail was 43.5 legal pad pages long(double spaced). It was a full featured database manager of a flat file dialing database for an automated telemarketing system that i had designed for a client in houston.

when i would finish writing the software, i would mail the code to my client/friend and he would key it in and compile it and run it according to my instructions.

My code was absolutely flawless.

This database manager allowed him to Create a record, edit a record, save a record, delete a record and search for a record. The origninal database was acquired from the coles company that produces the Coles Criss-Cross Directory. We purchased the datafile from that company.

I am fairly detail oriented when i want to be.

I was able to write that program, entirely from memory, entirely writing the code by hand using a pen and a legal pads. I had no computer. I had no keyboard. I had no mouse. I had a pen and paper. I had not one single chance to test compile the code.

The code was absolutely perfectomundo.

There is very little in this world that i love more than writing C code.

I have experience writing websites, back in the early days of the net, i would write my website code as a CGI using linux and the gcc compiler. My preference is to include ALL of my code into one or perhaps two source files. I like it that way. I have written website code in C language that was as large as perhaps 25,000 lines long.

Kind Regards,


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not reading all that but chat is still cancer

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'Rational' LOL.

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This is a misrepresentation. I never said gay people are women. I am sorry for being mean to you, Edward.

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Pokes someone to kill themselves for hours

-"I'm sorry for being mean"

Have a word with yourself.

Being a bleeding-heart political wet can never make up for being a terrible human being to other people.

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this cunt usehername is the rudest bitch.. she harassed me every time i would blink.

their fucking shit faggot agenda can kiss my ass.

they are here to spread their crap agenda to our children.

how can the same people sit in chat for ten hours per day and push push push an agenda and they dont qualify as paid shills?

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edposting in progress

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You're posting under the wrong sock puppet account.

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  • woman apologizes for being mean
  • man gets pissy anyway
  • man wonders why people make fun of him
  • repeat

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I'm not even a woman, he's just homophobic.

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Okay coomer

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he is

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Cry more.

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when they stated that they think that they(gay males) are really women biologically.

Does that mean they get pregnant?

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xpat 1 insightful - 1 fun - 9 hours ago

when they stated that they think that they(gay males) are really women biologically.

Does that mean they get pregnant?

How is babby formed?

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the world is on the brink of systemic financial collapse and world war and ppl are still worried about some shit that happened on reddit while they were getting psy opped.


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sounds like a great time to exit the world.

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Human relationships are the most important things in most people's lives.

In fact money is just an expression of those relationships.

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Don't worry. There's a 41% chance the problem will solve itself. And in the meantime, that's why God invented the block button.

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I didn't know God did that. Well, we're here to learn, aren't we?

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Fucking degenerates.. Faggots place is Reddit.. Can't believe they are infesting Saidit, we should look for a new home.

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LOL go make your own then

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I already made it :)

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Except gay jewish nazis, obvs.

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this guy is insane, he spams chat and insults people for no reason.

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Nothing wrong with the LGB, but the T are insane and there's really nothing you can do to help an insane person see reality for what it is.. that takes professional help.

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An all powerful god would have the power to set chat titles. Back in the day, he was talking to people through burning bushes. Just saying.

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As long as the troons aren't taking over, it's chill

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why does everybody on this website write like this

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Muh free speech