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You don't even need to struggle with finding a woman to be called an incel anymore. Lol


Woman cheats on husband

Comment - "That woman is a whore" Reply - And you are just an incel"

Incel is used against anyone criticising the female species doing anything unsavoury on the Internet. It's just another word to silence debate, just like racist or bigot.

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just fyi, i have spent a few hours lurking in a lesbians sub and it has come to my attention that there are a few lesbians that are not very fond of men at all.

in fact, lesbians that are dedicated lesbians, ones that have NEVER had sexual activities with any male often refer to themselves as "gold star lesbians".. and i dont think that i am pushing this too far to say that they just quite simply hate men in general.

so, here is my question... how many of these "dudes" in these "incel" subs are really lesbians that are pretending to be dudes, just so they can brainwash us into not fucking the ladies any more.

to pop a man's balloon of confidence is a gold star lesbian's wet dream.

on the flip side, i think that we all know that there are men that troll the rape crisis groups and actually get lucky with the ladies... but oh my god, what a low down approach that is.

anyways , put on your lesbian radar when reading the incel bullshit.

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It's true in most cases of "movements" and "agendas", people who fake a racist or homophobic attack to further discredit or sabotage a rival movement or group etc. It's war of information now. There is an actual agenda against the heterosexual male, mostly aimed at the White heterosexual male through music, adverts, and films, not just r/ subs on reddit.

Your theory is most likely aiming true and it wouldn't surprise me.

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Incels are based and high iq

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MGTOW are higher iq.

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I don’t get it. Man women are great. Their fucking nice to me.

I don’t understand how even ugly short guys are not finding something.