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Why do you choose 14yrs old?

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Another pedophile outing himself unintentionally.

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just for the sake of having a good debate, i want to mention that sex robots will bring up new issues that were not an issue in the past..

especially considering that there was someone posting children's porn here over the previous 24 hours, this sex robot issue will open new doors that were never open before..

'for example, what will happen when someone that is an adult and also has a taste for an intimate relationship with a pre-puberty person orders and buys an eight year old appearing sex robot(either male of female), what will the effect of this be?

to take things to the far end of the spectrum, would it be considered a pedo crime for someone that is ninety years old to purchase a ten year old sex bot?

your move.

video: sex with robots, a talk

just fyi, if i could afford one of these sex bots... and assuming that there are no legal logiistics issues... i would definitely order maybe a fourteen year old australian girl.


i mean seriously, can you imagine spending a half million or a million dollars for a sixty year old sex bot?

that is likely to happen.

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Is this a cult it looks a whole lot like a cult