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I'm not Christian, but this is still sound advice. Laws are being put into place to limit access to self reliant, sustainable living, at least in the US. The rhetoric is ratcheting up on control, on the increasing list of "bad actors", and on the supposed need to track, trace and catalog all you do, in the real world and online. And be it through inflation, regulation, war, crazy weather or sabotage the food supply is getting weird at best, scary at worst.

Store food, water, and ways to get more of both. Gardening, a decent water filter, etc. If you buy what you eat and practice proper rotation, it won't go to waste.

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You can buy a case of dinty moore beef stew, $24 for 12 cans on amazon, each can is a 600 calorie meal with meat, potatoes, carrots, and stew. And you can add things to it to change the flavor, or use it as a base for other things (like putting it on rice). It keeps for 4 years. All you have to do is heat it.

Why not just have a couple cases around? Super easy to buy and store. Worst case you throw away $100 of food in 5 years, or donate it to the poor before then. Best case, you have actual food security for a month or two in case of actual food shortages which are looking increasingly likely

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12 cans is 6 days worth when rationed. $100 gets you less than a month. The bare min is 6 months for emergency. Rationally you would want at least 2 years of food to survive an orchestrated famine. So roughly $3k in been stew.

I don't believe in the famine theory, but hyperinflation is here. Buying food in bulk now and waiting for wages to catch up is a good plan. Then buy all the assets you can with whatever cash you have left. Buy all the discount assets people need to sell to afford food.

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This is good advice to prepare. People would do well to also develop their faith, because we cannot plan for every possible threat, so we need God to be our defence.

Jesus promised that you would be given everything you need for body and spirit if you seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness above all else.

[Matthew 6:33]