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Badge of honor brother.

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Congrats! And welcome.

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Welcome to the refuge. It's quieter and better for your mental health here.

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    mods are salivating at banning us too

    Yup...or a standard 3 day mystery suspension.

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    Im ip range banned. Its been that way since like 2017. Every time I register a new account, they permanently ban it. Ive even made them with a vpn but if I am on wifi or even my cellular data at home they must be able to see that and I am banned within days. All because I found a certain moderators instagram by searching their display name in their profile instead of their /u/ and messaged them a screenshot of themselves and called them a fat fuck LOL. Honestly if reddit hadnt killed off all of my favorite hobby forums I would never even go there. But what am I supposed to do.. if you want community interaction for your niche interests youre forced to use reddit or facebook, and I dont do social media. I miss the old days of internet, before everything was algorithm'd, sterilized, and curated. Saidit is nice but I dont want a reddit clone. Aggregators are shit. Give us forums again!

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    I must be doing something right, I use my account till it get's banned and I have about 30 accounts on standby. I log into a differant one to build up the vote shit and nothing else. I do know when using a vpn things do work so good so I think they have a ban on VPN services.

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    new accounts using VPNs that go against establishment narratives (e.g. anti-pedo, pro-China, pro-Russia) tend to get banned ASAP

    Old accounts get a little more leeway, but if you repeat the above narratives, you pretty much get shadowbanned, banned from posting links and/or banned from numerous subreddits.

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    I get full banned about once a month and banned from many subs. All part of the game, I have about 30 accounts on standby and as yet not had any issues other than the age BS.