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It was another false flag event by the Democrats and their Jewish overlords. The doors at the Capitol weigh 1,000 lbs and are electronically locked from the inside. Who knew the code and used it to unlock the doors?

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Edit - answered here

Yeah the democrats wanted the electoral vote to not be counted and pence to reject the states, because the democrats wanted trump...wait what

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No, they wanted chaos and to blame it on their opponent...which is exactly what happened and what they did.

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Sure and if Mike pence had gone along with the democrat plot then we'd have had trump for four more ...wait this still doesn't make sense

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What? The election was already over. How can you not see that it was a false flag? The Capitol police opened the gates and LET the people go to the doors. Then someone opened the doors from inside and once again LET the people in.

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How can you not see that it was a false flag?

He is a spook propagandist. Don't take what he says seriously.

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Well that's untrue, you'd think any single paid maga lawyer might have said "ladies and gentlemen of the jury, here's the video of my client being allowed in", yet they all seem to be pleading guilty instead. Because they know they did it.

How can you not see that it was a false flag

I saw tactical ranks of proud boy and oath keepers try to stop the count, and I saw the many guilty pleas. I don't know what planet you live on

The election was already over

Huh so why did so many moron republican congresspeople try and invalidate their state's count then, on Jan 6th. Why was trump putting such pressure on pence to follow the moron congressmen. Why did he keep going on about the big lie of fraud.

It's because the election was not over to trump, or his co conspirators

Edit: PROOF that Donald J Trump was part of the democrats' plot to reject the outcome of the vote, and install Trump for four more years of chaos and discrediting America, just like the democrats planned. This goes all the way to the top!

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They were told to plead guilty to get lesser sentence. I bet you believe the holohoax happened because some of them pleaded guilty (after they were tortured of course). Have you noticed the two main guys who were trying to get the people to go to the Capitol and then in haven't been arrested? Because they were in on it.

As for the shit about Trump: because the election was rigged. How does Joe Biden get more votes in history yet nobody shows up to hear him speak and nobody watches when he speaks on tv?

Do you also believe the official 9/11 narrative? What about the Coronavirus narrative?

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100% this. The people who didn't take plea deals are rotting in prison. When the powerful are using you for propaganda it may just be better for you not to fight it.

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    Not true. If they were let in, which they were, then they didn't break any laws.

    They are literally political prisoners.

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    two main guys who were tryin

    You're forgetting your tired talking points. Ray epps or whatever his name is just used his words. Which is protected by the constitution

    holohoax 9/11 Corona

    Yawn you're just another boring conspiracy theorist who's full of shit and can't prove anything. Try and change the topic some more, boring baby. Because you have no evidence Jan 6th was a plot by anyone other than the trump camp.

    yet nobody shows up to hear him speak

    Boring talking point. There was a pandemic, that only the left beleived was real remember?

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    Lol I've asked you several times now who unlocked the doors to Capitol and why hasn't that person been arrested yet? You also believe the entire security force for the Capitol in Washington D.C. (which is Democrat territory) was Republican. You remember them waving in the protesters, right? My goodness, you must be one of the few people who still watch CNN these days.

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    Not just the guards moving barricades out of the way and ushering them in, but also the undercover FBI agent literally telling people they have to go inside. That's called entrapment.

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    Wow this bullshit about the doors must be totally unknown information to all the defendants who plead guilty. Bet they wished they knew this bullshit about the doors before they plead guilty.

    who unlocked the doors to Capitol

    I watched scores of people climb in through multiple windows.

    Let's see - if the capital police who you have claimed are all democrats let the protestors in. Then they must have wanted the electoral count disrupted (unless only part of the building was a false flag? And the bits of the building near the house of reps was not a false flag?)

    The democrats wanted the count disrupted so we'd have four more years of trump?

    The democrats were MAKING trump pressure pence into rejecting the electoral count? The Dems were MAKING Rs claim their state's count was invalid?

    It doesn't make sense, all of America knows trump had a plan to stay in power and all of America watched them pasty old maga fucks break into the building, beating a cop to death with a fire extinguisher.

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    Simple question: Were the people who gave the rioters personalized tours through the capitol in the previous days Republican or Democrat? Were the uniformed people who let them in Republican or Democrat? When you get done turning yourself inside out to convolute these answers, you will have the answer to your puzzle. Republican Proud-Boy sympathizers (cops) let them in, in full view of the cameras. Occam's Razor. They were not hidden double-agent Democrats.

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    Ok that must be why Nancy Pelosi is blocking the release of the all the security footage inside the Capitol.

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    Nice strawman. Can't argue with his points so you have to shift the goalposts. Why don't you acknowledge that it could not have been a democratic plot for republicans to escort rioters, then maybe we can talk about pelosi

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    Do you think only Republicans give tours of the Capitol? I'll ask you since the other dumbass won't answer. Who punched in the electronic code to open the doors and why hasn't that person been identified or arrested yet?

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    only Republicans give tours

    Of rioters, yea.

    Who punched in the electronic code

    Is that what breaking multiple windows and climbing through is called in your universe?

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    Except that's not happening. Footage of the midnight "tour" of the Capitol complex on the night before Jan. 6 was released. GOP rep. Barry Loudermilk led a bunch of yahoos around who took photos of the routes through the building.

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    And then they just shot that woman because she accepted the invitation to come in?

    You need to get out of your usual echo chambers.

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    Nothing that happened that day would have stopped Biden. It was all about creating propaganda.

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    They would have stopped Biden's confirmation, if pence had agreed to go along with the treasonous plot cooked up between trump and the republicans in Congress to disregard the electoral college.

    Edit - proof - go to 1hr 10mins 52sec and watch them discuss it in the lead up to Jan 6th

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    That is a lie. They were unarmed. They were literally just protesters who were told to go inside. There was zero possibility of them stopping anything. Especially since it was all planned out by Pelosi and her co-conspirators.

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    To be clear when I said "they" I mean the dirty nexus of Roger stone, ali Alexander, Donald trump, Rudy giuliani, etc. They would have successfully stopped Biden's confirmation as president if pence had gone along with trump's treasonous plan which trump outlined in the Twitter link below.

    This is directly counter to your statement

    Nothing that happened that day would have stopped Biden

    Yes. They tried. And failed

    They were literally just protesters who were told to go insid

    Moron maga fuckheads who attempted to violently stop the count. Insurrectionists

    Especially since it was all planned out by Pelosi and her co-conspirators

    Except nobody in this whole thread has a drop of evidence. Just baby tears. Boohoo, the dems made us look like seditionists because we attempted a sedition

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    Donald Trump told the Secret Service at the ellipse speech before the insurrection to "take a way the magnetometers." The Secret Service was wanding the mob and finding dozens of weapons and body armor. The hearings showed video of rioters with weapons ranging from Glock pistols to AR15s. Get a grip. Denial won't save you or the Republic.

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    No it was not a false flag it was a demonstration by the people. That people who worked in capitol security helped them enter the building does not make it a false flag. It means their sentiment was on the side of the demomstration.

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    The rioting, looting, and burning that took place in Minneapolis was a real insurrection but nothing is being done about it.

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    The simple fact that there were no guns, and that the doors were wide open by some officer, already disqualifies an insurrection. I'm pretty sure if people had the intention to overthrow anything, they would have taken guns at a minimum, and probably would have started a bloody shootout between the military and the insurrectionist.

    I feel people who fall for the lies, are extremely stupid when it comes to violence. They are so coddled and privileged, they literally cannot imagine an actual insurrection, so they fall for the lies that a mildly chaotic protest was "a threat to democracy".

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      if it was an insurrection, it was the lamest insurrection attempt in history, full of incompetent people that didn't think through even the fact that police would be there.

      I don't think we can survey everybody that was there to gauge the true motivations, however people have already been acquitted by court. If this was an insurrection, then shouldn't everyone involved be in jail? The courts ruled against that, with only a few exceptions of crazy people that were doing crazy things on their own.

      Just like people fell for the Russia hoax, which is now admitted to be false, people have fallen for the insurrection hoax. Trump was clearly hated by the establishment, and they were going to do whatever it takes to get him out... but that's not democracy. People voted for him and for four years there was literally nothing other than extreme negative news that was for the most part lies.

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        As far as I know it was judged. People got arrested and let go after a trial. That's the evidence nothing was really planned by most people. Also "their workplace" is paid by the people.

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          I never said nobody was jailed.

          According to the DOJ, approximately 640 defendants have been charged with entering or remaining in a restricted federal building or grounds, which is a misdemeanor.

          More than 225 accused rioters have been charged with the more serious crime of assaulting, resisting

          Additionally, 40 individuals have been charged with conspiracy, according to the DOJ.

          How many people were at the riot/protest? Some sources are saying 30,000, up to 80,000, out of which 40 are actual conspiracy charges. The other several hundred arrests are misdemeanors, resisting arrest, but nothing to do with actually wanting to overthrow the government.

          The question is not whether this was bad or a huge riot. The question is whether the majority of the crowd of 30K+ people showed up to overthrow the government. We're talking about 40 people who actually had conpsiracy charges, or even if we're generous, 300 people with criminal charges. That's a small fraction of those who were there. Not to mention that part of the problem was not enough security for whatever reason. Had there been soldiers securing the perimeter instead of dumb police offers who opened the door, maybe the crowd would have thought twice before going berserk.

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            Seems I gave you facts as well, which are more relevant to whether or not this was such a threat to democracy. Wow, plea deals, community service and home detention for those dangerous people. That will surely deter them from the next insurrection.

            This is weapon of mass destruction in Iraq all over again. Go ahead and believe the government narrative, as if they never lie or deceive people for their own sake.

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              it was the lamest "insurrection" attempt in history

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              I call it a riot. Specifically, it started as a protest (and most of the people gathered there remained protestors because they didn't engage in violence) and then a fragment forced their way into the building at which point it was a riot. Same standard by which I say many of the BLM protests also involved riots.

              It was not an insurrection, or a coup, because there was really no plan to seize power.

              There was however a desire to threaten members of Congress, which makes it a pretty bad riot in terms of its effects.

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              It was not an insurrection, or a coup, because there was really no plan to seize power.

              Well they had 14 days remaining in power, so there was no need to seize anything. They just had to prevent the peaceful transfer of power to Biden. Which is what the Jan 6th defendants have admitted was the plan, when they acknowledged in court their seditious conspiracy

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              Wanting to cause public disturbance is definitely not an insurrection.

              That's basically the definition of a protest.

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              ...admitted under extreme duress.

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              But planned documented and discussed as free men under ZERO duress


              While certain Oath Keepers members and affiliates breached the Capitol grounds and building, others remained stationed just outside of the city in quick reaction force (QRF) teams. According to the indictment, the QRF teams were prepared to rapidly transport firearms and other weapons into Washington, D.C., in support of operations aimed at using force to stop the lawful transfer of presidential power.

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              I call it a riot [...] because there was really no plan to seize power.


              Even if they did manage to seize power of the entire District Of Columbia, do you think the rest of the USofA would just roll over and acquiesce? The whole concept is daft and a scam.

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              A fragment forced their way in or they were let in?

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              If I refer to it as an "insurrection," it's with the same eyeroll and tone of voice that I use when I refer to BLM gatherings as "peaceful protests."

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              Huh maybe you should tell this to the traitors who agreed with the justice department that they were engaged in a sedition then. Because they were engaged in sedition and agreed that they were engaged in a sedition.

              "Did you do that sir, agree with Mr. Rhodes and develop a plan to stop the lawful transfer of presidential power by Jan. 20, 2021?" Judge Amit Mehta asked at Friday's hearing.

              "Yes, your honor," Ulrich replied.

              I'm sure the seditious conspirators who agreed that they were engaged in a seditious conspiracy would love to hear from you that they intact weren't. It might be news to them, that you think they weren't engaged in a seditious conspiracy when they were under the impression that they had

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                Ok but when you wrote

                none of the people protesting had any intent to over throw the government.

                Calling it an insurrection is a lie

                Actually you're now accepting that some of the protestors did intend to overthrow the government and so it's not a lie to say a sedition was attempted.

                That’s like saying the US is in civil war because of the black clad pussies burning shit down.

                No, you're not going to strawman your way out of this, you originally said there was no sedition and now you're trying to shift the goalposts away from your initial strong proclamation. Do you or do you not now agree that there were seditionists among the protestors?

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                  There was no insurrection on January 6th.

                  Except for the people who you acknowledged were doing an insurrection right?

                  You are a bad person if you perpetuate a lie.

                  Stop being a bad person. You acknowledged that they were doing an insurrection and now you're lying that it didn't happen. That makes you a bad person. Be better

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                    Oath keepers had arms cached and believed trump would call them up as militia. Multiple members have plead guilty to seditious conspiracy.

                    Either you deny that the us justice system exists, and the cases and guilty pleas with it, or you acknowledge that sedition DID take place and then be shunned by society. Looks like you've got yourself in a tricky pickle

                    "Did you do that sir, agree with Mr. Rhodes and develop a plan to stop the lawful transfer of presidential power by Jan. 20, 2021?" Judge Amit Mehta asked at Friday's hearing.

                    "Yes, your honor," Ulrich replied.

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                      Point to a single paid agitator, let alone 50. You can't. Because they don't exist. Yet we have 1000s of sweaty old pasty maga fuckheads who very much exist, very much invaded the capital and very much were engaged in a plot to prevent the peaceful transfer of power in America - namely treason

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                              Yeah just like trans women are absolutely women.

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                                You're a special one.

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                                It was not an insurrection but we should all be considering how to form an insurrection at this point. America is falling, how much more pain do you want? When China rules us? When bread is $100 or you've lost your job? When lawlessness is at your doorstep like we've seen over and over in left cities?

                                When will you take up arms against this tyrannical government?

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                                Doesn't even need to be an insurrection of violence if you can cut through the mind (ment) control (govern) to change folks' minds and offer alternatives and solutions that actually work for us.

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                                If it was an insurrection the people would have been armed. The bottom line on this is congress are the bunch of criminal liars everyone should have already known they are. The people who demonstrated against them exercised their constitutional right to do so.

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                                  Don't try to be so retarded, socks. Just be.

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                                  I like this site is just a budget 4chan now. Luckily, this site isn't at all popular.

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                                  I'm pretty sure being a liar doesn't make you immortal.

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                                    I accept my mortality.

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                                    They were hoping for an insurrection. UN troops or stationed at a US military base not too far away. They were hoping to trigger our treaty with the United Nations that the UN can come in as a peacekeeping force. They've been trying everything to trigger that... Maybe their efforts to make us fat lazy and complacent worked at too well...

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                                          I'm hoping to be a millionaire. Doesn't mean there's a chance in hell.

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                                          Oh I don't know.... You can be a billionaire... It only cost you your soul. As long as you're willing to do whatever your part is when the puppet Master's call On You... Hell you can be president of the United States.

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                                          I can't help but think of that poor, poor female actress that got shot to death after charging through a door... Didn't the capitol police realize they were just playing around with improv?

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                                          It was a bipartisan "Civil Uprising" due to the public's perception that election concerns were ignored.

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                                          Too bad there are reams of hard evidence, almost all of it from Republicans, to contradict your claim. Deniers are becoming an ever-bigger laughing stock.