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great men shaped the world.

Get out of here.

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I think we have always had the same kinds of scenario where the vast majority are suppressed by fear of the law while a tiny minority form criminal cabals that are essentially above the law and they take control. Sure they present a civilized front for the cameras but everyone knows behind the scenes they are a criminal mafia. That is why people like Julian Assange are falsly imprisoned. He was naive enough to believe the people he was exposing were essentially part of a lawful society. Of course now he surely realises the truth and he probably feels like an idiot for doing what he did.

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History will repeat it self. People think that means its going to be the exact same.

What it really means is, there will always be a power struggle, always an uprising, always a persecution of some sorts.

I fully believe, humanity will never make it to the stars because we will never come to peace. So long as there are governments and laws, nations and tyrants, there will be turmoil. Humanity has far too many evil people born and no way to deal with them all.