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Adolf Hitler allied with Joseph Stalin during the Molotov Ribbentrop pact.

Stalin was more right wing than you.

the Nazis performed sex changes


and promoted vegetarian propaganda.

Eat your veggies, they're good for you.

the United States has taken money from Americans and given it to neo-Nazis in Eastern Europe.

The Kike Sector and Gayzov Battalion fight for Jewish Supremacy. Stepan Bandera spent WW2 in a concentration camp with his own Jewish president, Lev Rebet. The Jews are willing to fight to the last Ukrainian.

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What you call “Jewish supremacy“ non-degenerates call “God’s law.”

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I don't have a problem with Jews. But Jewish supremacy is bad. Christians who do their homework know that Jews are not God's chosen people.

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Jews are God’s chosen people and anybody who questions that irrefutable fact is guilty of blasphemy. And if you had “done your homework,“ then you would know that the penalty for blasphemy against the Jewish God is death.

So-called Christians who “do their homework“ pretty much never, ever, ever remain Christians. To reject Judaism is to embrace blasphemy, bigotry, provincialism, and anti-intellectualism.

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HAHAHA! Oh wait- you were serious.


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Jews are guilty for their crime against God and they specifically asked for His blood upon them and their children.

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Not being Jewish is a hate crime against God.

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There's nothing wrong with national socialism. Whether you're scared of the word socialism or not is irrelevant

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Yes, there is. The same thing that is wrong with every other kind of Socialism is wrong with national Socialism. The more the left denies it, the more they are complicit in it.

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you haven't said what is wrong with socialism or national socialism or even defined it

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You haven’t said what’s right with it because there isn’t anything. If Socialism worked there would still be a Berlin wall.

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Define socialism

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I don’t have to define anything to a Nazi degenerate like you. Does the body count of every socialist regime in history not convince you that it is an evil ideology that encourages laziness, moral degeneracy, cultural and financial parasitism, theft, and racism in addition to mass murder?




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You're weird lol Are you off your meds?

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Found the big pharma shill

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ur literally Je**sh

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Anyone who is not Jewish is in violation of God’s law.

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I'm a minarchist who opposes socialism. That being said, Hitler wasn't a communist and I doubt he backed sex changes. He allied with Stalin not because he agreed with Stalin's ideology but because it served Hitler's ambitions to work with Stalin until Hitler stabbed Stalin in the back.

Hitler may have been left wing on fiscal issues. But culturally, Hitler was right wing. Sure, he allowed black men to serve in the military and he had gay friends. But Hitler suppressed LGBT ideology, he wanted women in the home, he believed in law and order, and he believed in the family and the community. Hitler was conservative in a lot of ways.

Not saying that Hitler was good or bad. But he was not a full blown leftist nor a full blown right winger. Frankly, I think that the left-right paradigm is lame. It creates unnecessary division in society.

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Nicely stated.

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Hitler was a leftist and only a communist would disagree. Heterodegeneracy is communism.

Sex changes were part of Dr. Mengele’s experiments. That is not a matter of debate. Operation paperclip continued them further. Don’t forget about all the Nazis the United States brought to work for the CIA after the war. We never lost a war until after that point.

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Lies. Show one shred of proof of these so called experiments from Dr. Mengele?

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Did Hitler work in Mengele's lab?

Actually, the USA fought Canada/UK and lost more than once.

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He authorized the experiments.

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National Socialism had nothing to do with why everything went wrong for Germany. The real reason was the Rothschilds zionist agenda that led to the Haavara agreement signed by them and Hitler in 1933. That agreement was for Hitler to support the transfer of Europe's Jews to Palestine which he did until the British put a stop to it in 1939. The British did that because they were in charge in Palestine and the Jews had been carrying out terrorist operations against the indigenous Palestinians to run them off. The British got tired of being in the middle of it and stopped the immigration. That left Hitler with Haavara camps full of Jews with nowhere to send them. That is the real and very hidden reason why Hitler made the fateful decision to take Germany into war with Britain and her allies that ended up costing them everything. Socialism had nothing to do with it.

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The only problem with Hitler was that he was too kind.

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The only problem with Theodore S Kaufman is that he did not propose doing to all of Europe what he proposed doing to Germany.

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The only problem with Theodore S Kaufman is that his proposal for what to do with Germany wasn’t extended to all of Europe.

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That land is the indigenous homeland of the Jews and we have every right to it and we had every right to use force to defend it from gentile subversion and degeneracy. Do you know who else is against Israel? Communists!

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That land is the indigenous homeland of people who have different religions but jews managed to exterminate all of them through the centuries.

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Stop projecting the war crimes of Christians and Muslims onto Jews.

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I don't have an argument against this so I'm just gonna say "cope" and call it a day

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You don’t have an argument because it’s not true, and I will not “cope” with an ideology that has committed more war crimes than Hitlerism by a wide margin. Mao killed more than Stalin and Hitler put together! Denial of communist war crimes is on a par with Holocaust denial.

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Right-wing American pedos have murdered over 20 million children alone in their child Holocaust and that estimate was given over 20 years ago. They set up Mao, Stalin and Hitler and were behind WWI and WWII.

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That’s enough bullshit to fertilize enough crops to end world hunger permanently.

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Right, I get that, I'm just saying that I'm too stupid to come up with a counter-argument, so instead of responding to you like a civil human being I'm just going to say "cope" because I'm unoriginal.

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No, I will not ”cope” with a degenerate ideology that has killed more people than any ideology in history. You cope with your complicity in the deaths of hundreds of millions of people.

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im agreeing with you man calm down, im calling myself unoriginal

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Freedom for businesses is economic liberalism, that's left wing not right wing.

The right only adopted it once the rich worked out how to get richer out of it.

Before that they were against free trade, freedom of movement, etc.

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Freedom is right wing. Period.

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I'd more attribute freedoms to classical liberalism than to the modern left or right.

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Agreed. The left driven by the desire to outlaw the freedom to fail.

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Check out the jew calling people who disagree with him communists.

judaism = communism

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That makes non-Jewish religion fascism in addition to blasphemy.

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Notice how the jew doesn't deny that his shithole religion is communism...

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Notice how the gentile doesn’t deny that his shithole religion is blasphemy and fascism so he projects his sin onto God’s chosen people.

Communism is atheist and atheism is just antisemitism extrapolated onto every other religion, except they have actually done something to deserve it and Jews have not.

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I don't have a religion.

Communism was created by the jewish filth before they committed a REAL HOLOCAUST in Russia. Don't confuse the holdomor in with the holohoax .

Jews deserve every bad thing that happens and will happen to them. You people make the muslims look like saints.

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The National Socialist Holocaust was real. Anybody who denies it is complicit in it. Meanwhile, the Ukraine lied about a so-called famine in order to justify war crimes against Russia. Just like the Armenians lied about their nonexistent “holocaust.” Stop projecting the lies of Gentiles on the Jews and acknowledge the reality that the Holocaust happened and is all justification Jews need for doing to you what you did to us. Leviticus 24:19–21 applies in EVERY case.

Thank you for admitting that atheism is nothing more than a thinly veiled disguise for antisemitism. Every non-Jewish religion is blasphemy and atheists might just as well get fitted for swastikas.

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The Armenians, along with the other Christian populations of the area, suffered a genocide orchestrated by the Jews larping as "Young Turks" and carried out by Jews like von Sanders. On the other hand, the "holohoax" had been announced dozens of times during the previous decades, and each time 6m Jews were supposedly dead. In reality it was the rabbis who were responsible for what happened, as was the case with Corets, who incidentally died of typhus.

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There was no “Armenian genocide.” That was a lie they made up to justify terrorism against the Turkish empire. Hitler used that lie to justify the very real national socialist Holocaust. And yes, national Socialism is Socialism when modern-day socialists have waged a campaign of hatred and terrorism against Israel.

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Your denial of the Armenian Genocide is typical of the disrespect jews show to the victims of their crimes. Rest assured that one day you will be obliged to erect a monument to your victims right where now yad vashem is.

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The ArMEANian holohoax was just that, a hoax made up by terrorists to justify terrorism against the ottoman empire. G-nt-l-s made it up specifically to justify killing Jews, Turks, and homosexuals. Anyone who whines about its nonexistent “victims” is a bigot manufacturing consent for hate crimes against Jews and homosexuals.

There will never be a monument to victims of so-called “Jewish crime” because the very statement is an oxymoron. If it wasn’t for the Jews, you would have no morals at all. If it wasn’t for the Jews, even the word morality would not be in your vocabulary. There will be no mercy shown for those who challenge Jewish control of Jewish indigenous lands. Any nation that challenges the authority of God’s chosen people will cease to exist. When the g-nt-l- death cults no longer exist and Jews control the world as is our birthright, then and only then will peace and social justice even be possible.

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Then why don't you join a kike message board? Then you don't have to mingle with all the as you desert trash refer to us as "goy".

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There is no safe space for blasphemy against the Jewish God.

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You mean Satan?

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Satan has a church.

Beelzebub has a mosque.

God has a synagogue.

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Which is an euphemism for Antichrist.

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Jesus is how Satan tricked the world into believing he was good. When you worship Jesus, you are worshiping Satan.

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Leaving all other inaccuracies aside, you don't seem to know much about the origin of National Socialism.

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You know nothing if you deny the irrefutable fact that national Socialism is Socialism.

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I support him because he was an incel and made circumcision illegal. also took away women's rights

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He is a tranny enabler. There’s a whole book out there on crossdressing Nazis.

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Hitler rose to power on the pledge to clean up Wiemar degeneracy. The book burnings were writings from a Jew run sex change institute. The national socialists were strongly against trannys and degeneracy. Are you trying to reference some of the early members of the party that were social outcasts? You do realize that Germany like the United States was being ravaged by economic depression. Lots of people were broke, depressed and committed suicide or resorted to prostitution.

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“Jewish degeneracy” is a gentile myth. Gentiles project their own degeneracy onto the Jews in order to justify their blasphemy against God. GERMan degeneracy is reality. GERMan degenerates blame the Jews for what they are they and they alone are collectively responsible for in order to incite war with Russia. Stalin beat those lousy GERMan degenerates to The bloody pulp they deserved in BOTH world wars and will win WW3. In fact, not being Jewish makes you a degenerate by definition. Rejection of God‘s law and refusal to accept the fact that Jews are God’s chosen people is the root cause of all degeneracy.

The Nazis were a bunch of tranny loving degenerates. Typical aryan degeneracy.

Goodbye, Europe! The rest of the world has had enough of tolerating Eurodegeneracy.

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What about, "Government is socialism"

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All of it.
It's also all capitalism, and totalitarianism, monopoly on violence, mafia, corporatocracy, kakistocracy, etc etc etc.

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Your brain on von Mises:

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Using narc propaganda in a low-effort boomer-level attempt to discredit libertarianism is the ultimate act of psychological projection.

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I guess I'm a leftist now.

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" You're either with us or you're with the terrorists (there are no other options because I'm so narrow minded). "

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It’s not narrow mindedness to admit that sometimes there are only two choices. It’s accepting reality.

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And sometimes it's bullshit.