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The ArMEANian holohoax was just that, a hoax made up by terrorists to justify terrorism against the ottoman empire. G-nt-l-s made it up specifically to justify killing Jews, Turks, and homosexuals. Anyone who whines about its nonexistent “victims” is a bigot manufacturing consent for hate crimes against Jews and homosexuals.

There will never be a monument to victims of so-called “Jewish crime” because the very statement is an oxymoron. If it wasn’t for the Jews, you would have no morals at all. If it wasn’t for the Jews, even the word morality would not be in your vocabulary. There will be no mercy shown for those who challenge Jewish control of Jewish indigenous lands. Any nation that challenges the authority of God’s chosen people will cease to exist. When the g-nt-l- death cults no longer exist and Jews control the world as is our birthright, then and only then will peace and social justice even be possible.

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Thanks for letting us know what jews think about other people.

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We’re not talking about people here. We’re talking about terrorists.

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Like Maccabees?

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Judah Maccabee was a freedom fighter against Syrian imperialism and terrorism in the name of blasphemy against the Jewish God.