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    Insurance just denied me access to the only drug my doctor says can treat my condition (without serious side effects that other options have). Ironically, a month of the drug costs less than the amount I pay my insurance company monthly. If I didn't pay for insurance, I would have enough money saved to afford the drug. But because I do pay them, I can't afford the treatment they decided to deny me. Granted, if my doctor fills out enough forms apparently he can force their hand. Just a matter of suffering in the meantime.

    So yeah, I agree that the free market works for most medical care. Of course catastrophe insurance makes sense, but for normal medical care, it would be better to leave insurance out of it.

    You are of course completely right that the root cause of the problem is administrative bloat enabled by insurance companies that basically exist to separate people from their money regardless of what care they need.

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    No insurance makes sense. It creates a void of responsibility.

    They also wouldn't do it if it was fair, because then they couldn't make money.

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    I don't buy the void of responsibility argument. If I get cancer, was that my responsibility? Should I have tried harder to not get cancer? I do think there needs to be some system that saves people when they are faced with a medical problem they can't pay for. It's just that insurance should be scaled back to deal only with extreme events, and not be the primary way we pay for healthcare.

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    Or the company that doesn't care about what goes into their product. It's not guaranteed to be the person getting cancer that it's their fault.

    If you become ill by self infliction then 100% you should get a bill regardless of insurance.

    Smoke for 50 years and get lung cancer? nope.

    Fall over and smash your face in at 18 because you got blind drunk? nope.

    A better system is just that you get treatment and get a bill that you have to pay before you die. Anyone that has less debt to the system gets higher priority for help.

    I pay 4 figures a month to tax and national insurance and some fat useless cunt on benefits gets to skip infront of me because they are higher risk.

    That is just disgusting.

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    judaism intensifies

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    $85B and they still have to swindle us with BS-19: Greed monkeys.

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    What a shitshow. The whole country. Reboot it or shut it down.

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    Throw the Yankee down the well

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    60 million Americans do abuse alcohol. Don't put it in scare quotes, alcoholism is a real problem that kills people.

    That said, I agree that our society has a drug problem. Drug costs must be lowered, by force. And we need to heal the failing social structures that are leading to depression, rather than just handing out happy pills that barely work.

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    We must stop TEEN VAPING.

    It's like metal, bruh! In ya lungs!