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I hope China sends really good pilots and AOC and Hillary go with her.

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I bet my last dollar that pelosi choreographed the insurrection scam so she could lock down the white house and then the Chinese officials were welcomed into the white house via underground tunnels.

I bet the cunt speaks fluent Chinese.

It's a smoke screen, she is on the phone laughing with president xi.

The war is coming.

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If the Dem pedos and Chinese are on the same side, why are the Dem pedos mass funding fake news and coups against the CCP? And why are the Dem pedos working with the Republican pedos in their mass propaganda and coup attempts?

One example, here's Mike Pillsbury on Fox News:

  • China blames the US for the HK protests

  • Pillsbury's response: "It's not all our fault, but we're partially involved, we have a large consulate there that's in charge of taking care of the HK policy act passed by Congress to ensure the democracy in HK. We also have funded millions of dollars of programs through the NED to help democracy in HK. So in that sense, the Chinese accusation is not totally false."

If you're a real American, your tax payer dollars being spread out all over the world to run pedo rings and interfere with other countries is a bad thing.

Pillsbury's a big time deep state shill:

Proof of NED funding:

NED's well known as a CIA front responsible for installing coups and regime changes in foreign countries.

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Nice post. I will take the time to read your links later.


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...or maybe she is being set up to be a false flag. Anyone can shoot her plane down now and China will be blamed regardless.