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The snooty fall far off their high horse.

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She is an evil bitch who deserves it because she is an unlikable cunt.

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I'm no fan of WNBA celebs myself but that's a horrible standard.

By what measure ye mete.

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She hates the USA but got arrested by Russia for smoking pot, now she wants the USA to bail her out.

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i am pretty sure that she got so high and mighty because she is all LGBT and she is WOKE and she is down with the TRANS crowd and they straight up RUN the internet, blah blah blah..

.. and so she thought that she is gonna prance right thru russian airport security with her little vape pen and shablam she is wearing handcuffs.

i wonder how many hours she was wearing cuffs or in a holding cell before she realized that that WOKE card dont get you out of a russian prison..

mother fuck cnn and msnbc.

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Russia doesn't play the woke card, and LGBT people are not respected in Russia.

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that is precisely what i understand.

i had heard a rumor that mr putin will sometimes drop the charges for possession of weed vape pens, but only for ladies that have extremely large black penises.

my cousins brothers boyfriends mechanic of his towtruck service said that and so the rumor is solid.

usually what he says is somewhat legit, as long as he aint been smoking too much of that dope.

good morning.

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"Hardest prison"

I see they do regular inspections so that prisoners don't have to worry about other prisoners having shivs. I see that even their hardest criminals get to see the sun. I see that they separate their murders from the rest of the prison population instead of letting them mix in with rest, letting them run the show, and everyone getting extra time when they have to survive within the prison politics created by them.

I'd rather be there than most US prisons. That place looks like it weaponizes boredom. American prisons are hell on Earth.

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I have spent only two months in 24 hour lockdown, and I want to promise that if you are even a little bit emotionally fragile that it will break you.

In nine years, she will most likely be full blown batshit crazy.

Both CNN and MSNBC and Twitter will forget about her quickly.

Miss Griner will learn that her woke crowd don't love forty year old crazy lesbians.


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Could you imagine if they put her in a male prison, because you know, gender is just a social construct anyway.

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Personally I can't fk no seven foot tall dyke.