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Meanwhile, they are ensuring the next generation of gay men won’t have anything to put in them.

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is this actually for real? i like the part where they suggest that heavy breathiing during sex is dangerous.

yeah, i will try to breath slowly.

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I know it is just unbelievable but, yes, the story is evidently true. I hope you don't stick anything in those stall holes.

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maybe i push a cucumber thru the hole and he cuts it up and makes a fresh salad?

so you can redirect the situation from a bad one into a situation where he becomes a vegan?

then squirt some salad dressing thru the hole!!!!!!!!!

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I would never do it anyway but just the idea of who/what might be on the other side freaks me enough so any possibility of an erection is gone. Dressing? How 'bout oil and vinegar with a touch of mayo?

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come on, lets you and me get in the golf cart and lets get drunk and really really high and lets go get wild at the glory hole.

just you and me, like old times.

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I like all that stuff but my golf is rusty, like ten years rusty. Drinking and the other, I'm ready. Is that you with the tattoo? It means "PAIN." You're an MMA fighter? I was a gym rat twenty years ago but a high-speed bicycle crash later and I can't do upper-body workouts. Back is all twisted. Life goes on but those items you mentioned make it a lot better. I'm half in the bag now on just booze unfortunately. What am I saying? Let's get drunk, stoned and ride around in the golf cart. I don't need no stinkin' glory holes. I see usehername or d3rr cut off chat, maybe because of something I said. This photo is from the glory hole article that is legit, but the thumb should be down: I'm going to try to get over and see my buddy in Houston in about a year so book that gold cart.

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Is that you with the tattoo?

oh helll no.. when i need some image for some purpose, i just go to

you can search for and find pics related to anything..

wanna know about a weird feature that allows?

do you see the camera near the submit button? cliick that and then "upload" an image..

if you "upload" an image of yourself, for example, will return images that look similar to what you uploaded.

if you were to upload a pic of biden, for example, it will give you a bunch of images that look similar to him.


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I will have to try that but for sure NOT with my photo. I have a strip of black tape over the camera on my monitor and when I put my cell on the desk, I cover it with something: two cameras for your convenience. Later Tater

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upload a pic of a donkey and you will get back pics of other donkeys.

romance scammers use it to find pics to catfish other people, for example.

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I never knew that and I'll try it but not with a donkey. I have already been to the gym and am now wetting my whistle for the first time today. You?

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Is it a joke? Maybe it is and maybe it isn't. 😬😮 Try not to get too excited.