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He was taken out.

Muskrats have many predators, including minks, raccoons, owls, hawks, red foxes and bald eagles.

Pick one.

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Tequila is my lady

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He was taken out.

Because of Covid.

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Done it before. Give him a minute.

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for real, looking back i thnk he may have taken this fairly hard.

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Taken what fairly hard?

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he has had some personal family issues and if it is not clear from what was already written, i am going to suggest that you ask him directly.

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Thanks. I wasn't paying close attention to chat recently. Funny, I just PMed you with a question. I'll be off to the store but back in a few minutes.

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He's literally there a couple of posts down from this one on s/all.

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yeah, but i think he may be gone. but, maybe not.

but, you know what they say, right? most people die eventually. so maybe he is gone.

and the world keeps spinning round and round.

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Fuck you musky. Clean up your damn dirty mouth.

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Who called him a paedo this time?

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I know what happened. He deleted his account because of this long exchange

AmericanMuskrat really thought hate speaker Alex Jones was legit, but Muskrat lost the debate when I listed the facts that prove AJ had successfully tricked Muskrat.

Muskrat couldn't accept that he was wrong about conspiracies and deleted his account rather than acknowledge he was wrong. Do better, other saiditors, don't be like muskrat or nuclearBadger or raven9 - admit when you're proven wrong and you won't have to delete your accounts

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    He absolutely is a liar, trickster and a conman and I list many reasons here

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      His broad general conspiracies are correct thought. He knows a lot about corruption

      No, he riffs and invents stuff based on what he heard on tucker, his parents' Bircher groups and Q chats.

      Seriously, name a single time he was correct about general conspiracy or corruption? We can talk about what kind of decision-making led him to that conclusion and I think you'll see, he's a totally unreliable source of information. Even in deposition and the witness box, when that question was put to Alex - what were you right about? - he says only the gulf of Tonkin and Jussie Smollet.

      Well, the gulf of Tonkin event happened probably before Alex was born and certainly before he picked up a mic. And because Alex takes the racist position on literally every opportunity, he happened to be correct about Smollet. But his racism has caused him to be wrong far more times.

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        Epestine island

        Alex didn't break this, he didn't know anything about this before it was covered in other media. And he has never acknowledged that Trump rode the lolita express so many times. For example, try this search, there are zero results.

        frogs are gay.

        Alex doesn't know about which species of frog or whatever is in his story. He doesn't care about laws and bills or attempts to ban that chemical or where those bills got to in committee - and he'd have no explanation if the senators and reps he supports, are the ones blocking progress in banning those chemicals. Because he does not care about the topic.

        He does not care about wildlife. He cares about convincing his audience that the elites are attacking their dicks, as a means to sell boner pills. He cares about concern trolling and signalling transphobic "virtue" to his listeners. The frogs story is only a vehicle for his hate.


        Alex doesn't cover UFOs and I agree he's right not to.

        Pedofilia in the ruling class

        He says he wouldn't let Brian Stelter babysit his kids, but Alex has never talked about trump on the lolita express or this world leader touching kids. I don't know what you're referring to here. Alex apologised profusely to James Alefantis for his comet ping pong coverage. So I don't know of any real coverage which Alex has provided here, can you point me to some?

        Bohemian grove

        Which Alex attended with Jon Ronson. Heres what Jon had to say

        Jon talks about why Alex lied so heavily about what they saw there. On Alex -

        You know, narcissists, the rules don’t apply to them. So, it kind of, it kind of doesn’t matter whether it was true or not…

        I could see straightaway that he was exaggerating what we saw and refused to believe that the owls were there for more innocent reasons then his Moloch theory

        You asked me

        Do you even know what you are talking about? Calling Alex Jones out, and not even knowing his content.

        Yes, believe me I can talk all day about this. Sounds like, if you don't like his voice, maybe I'm more familiar with this topic than you are.

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          Nevertheless, you can’t deny that he bring mass attention to valid conspiracies.

          I absolutely deny it. When I think of valid conspiracies like

          These real conspiracies are not touched by infowars with a ten foot pole. The conspiracies which alex does cover, are mostly totally fake and stewed in the racism and bigotry which his Bircher parents instilled in him.

          Then there are the real conspiracies which Alex didn't just ignore, but had some weird part of. I do believe that infowars had some weird possibly coincidental advance knowledge of Erdogan's fake "coup".

          Go to 2:15:00 to hear Alex in his own words explain how he believes his site was hacked to post a story about Gulemists overthrowing Erdogan....the fake/coup attempt happened the next year, in 2016

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          Dude Muskrat isn't going to delete his account because you "won" an internet argument, as if he even thinks you "won." He stuck around through all sorts of bullshit with all sorts of members. You don't have powers, and I'm quite sure you didn't rattle him enough to make him leave. It's been said by people here who seem to know him pretty well that it's personal, which actually makes sense. You driving him from the internet when nobody else can, is laughable, and reeks of self-importance. Wow pal. Just wow.

          For the record, most people can't admit they are wrong. Even you. Sadly, it's subjective, as silly as that sounds. Go through any of your post histories and find a time you conceded a point. I'll wait, and if I'm wrong, I'll eat my shoe. Oh wait, you're never wrong, I forgot. What was I thinking?

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          I am only joking about this Muskrat user, I don't really think his account deletion was related to me.

          Which shoe are you thinking of eating? Are you going to stream a mukbang?

          I will conceed that I didn't believe it would say that and you showed me it did. You were right and I was wrong about that.

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          Oh it's a joke now, got it.

          I don't know what streaming a mukbang is, so I'll just eat a normal shoe. Maybe a sandal? It wasn't a great example of you being wrong, and it seems to be the only one, so it's only worth a sandal to me, maybe half of one. But credit where it is due of course.

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          Don't move the goalposts please, you said, "find a time when you conceded a point" and that's me conceding a point.

          No, not a sandal, you were quite clear above that it would be a shoe, not any other footwear.

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          Do I have to stream it?

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          You're gonna need to satisfy me that it actually happened

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          Well that's pretty easy. I'll do it, have CNN and Salon write a story about it, and have some blue haired faggot make a Wikipedia article about it, and you should be all set.

          Can I use a green screen for effect? Maybe some bombs going off? Maybe some fake weather and turn the fans on? Help me out.

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          Whatever you think would be helpful

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          He deleted his account because of


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          his lady is leaving him and it is entirely possible that he might suicide.

          muskrat, you can pm me if you want someone to talk to and if you want to meet and hangout for a minute i can do that also.

          i think he might have been pretty tore up over her leaving him.

          peace and love bro.

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          If this is true, maybe he was too kind to her, cooking food and leaving loving messages.

          If that is true what does this say about women today?

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          if worsse comes to worse, muskrat could shack up with weegs and he could probably sleep in the back of his car.

          did you know that there are actually government studies that show that fauci says that penis tastes much better than a vagina, even if it is all dirty and nasty and skanky like mine sometimes is.

          follow the science, that is what my mama always said when she wasnt drinking to o much...

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          Heh, I just posted a song 'Stolen Moments' by Jody Watley, and she says 'I don't wanna live im the back seat'. But that is where my garbage collects. I don't even go back there...

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          i apprecate you that.

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          Yeah right

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          hey, listen up pal... i am not your fucking kid.. go back to your silly prayers and get your nasty face out of my grill.

          fuck off.

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          I have drain cleaners

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          his lady is leaving him

          Because of Covid

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          that literally isnt the reason... truth is, i have read his posts comments where he talks of wanting to cheat with other females and i think he gets drunk and tells her he is going to do these kinds of things.

          some women will tolerate this for a minute, but when they finally draw the line, it is over and done.

          once a female loses her "chemistry" for her man, he is screwed like a duck.

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          I wouldn't be so sure.

          Covid was the leading cause of everything about a year ago.

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          If you want to keep getting your dick out your pants keep your tongue in your mouth.

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          You have our support Musky

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          Musky? Noooooo

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            Yeah he deleted his alt as well

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            Ah, that's a shame.

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            This sucks to hear. I hope he is just doing the same as d3rr and will eventually be back with alts just to be edgy (?) But anyway, I hope he is doing ok. He was a good user despite his fights with others and I honestly found a lot of those fights to be rather pointless. The last thing we need is turning on each other right now.

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            What's d3rr's alt account?

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            I don’t even know at this point. He keeps deleting them, but I'm sure he is still around.

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            Hint: he's posted ITT.

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