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An alcoholic is someone you don't like who drinks about as much as you.

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my experience is that real alcoholics will somtiimes be given jobs as forum moderators or as software engineers, cuz they just simply cant do nothing else. that alcohol simply rots their brain. they would probably be better off if they just had hamsters crawling around in their skull gnawing at their brain matter.

or sometimes we just train them to work in the treasury department where we print money.

pretty much, they are useless members of society..

one drop of alcohol can make a person go full blown retarded. i should know.

seriously, i studied drug and alcohol issues and counseling.

it is my firm opinion that most alcoholics ought to be just thrown into prison or whatever and pretty much they all should be castrated and the full genitals package should be remove and sealed up.

some people say that my humor is missing somethin g.

good morning.

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Jeebus, you have strong opinions. I'm using a minimal amount of booze to cope because the other stuff is a big no-no here. Over here it is almost 11 PM so time for my beauty sleep.

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my humor is extremely dry and most people dont catch it... but if you were to listen to the audio of my counseling, you would see that the humor evaporates.


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I'm learning to appreciate it. Hey, let me know if there is news about Musky.

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I'm reading "The Body Keeps the Score" at the moment so I'm swinging to sympathetic.

But then I shall probably listen to the Disaffected podcast tomorrow and swing back to cynical.

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truth is, i have never been much of a reader... my hyperactive nature doesnt allow me to just sit and read.. i really wish that i could escape into a book sometimes.. when i was younger, i forced myself to read a couple of scifi paperbacks.. but it was pure torture for me..

i can watch videos all day and all night tho.. and i found that on youtube i can learn about anything.. mathematics, science, biology, history, etc..

video: carl sagan - the fourth dimension

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I found a video by the guy. I haven't watched it myself yet.