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8th grade education? You're a motherfucking autodidact genius Edward. Still listening but don't sell yourself short.

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i appreciate that.. i think.. but, i want you to know something... i used to have a fairly serious drinking problem and i have an even more serious life problem.. and, so when i set about making a transformation in my life i sat down and reviewed my entire life i realized that i was a drunk and i was full time criminal and i have literally every conceivable form of corruption and perversion wrapped around my life like it was a tight fitting sweater..

i decided that i dont gain anything by lying or misrepresenting anything to anyone, so i dont do it.

i dropped skool after the eighth grade and that is how it is.

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Best marriage counselor ever. 5 stars on yelp

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Colleges get calls like this all the time. Just call the listed number and tell the operator that you need to confirm a person's degree. Operator will put you through. You may be asked who you are so you have to prepare something like: I work in HR for XYZ corporation. You'll get the answer in minutes.

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ok, i do understand the idea of my "pretending" to be from the motorola corporation and that i need to verify the academic credentials of mr william dunn...

but do i really need to do that? could i not just call, even anonymously, and ask to verify his credentials?

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I suppose you could but just thought you should be prepared in case they ask you. But now I'm thinking about it, you could just say, "I'm not allowed to give out that information." Here is something I've have only heard of. A person with a fairly common name will look through grauate lists or year books until that person finds a graduate of the same name. I only heard that. How are you doing?

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You should be able to find most PhD dissertations online, unless they have a PhD from a scam for-profit school

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when i was in the youtube live chat, i asked "from which universiity did he get his phd?" and they came back at me with the attitude that it was rude of me to ask such a thing and that nigga can sound that way(like street thugs) but they is edumactated.

i would think that if someone asked me from where did i get my degree, i would tell anybody that i got it at the university of waterloo.

i honestly dont think the man has a legit phd.

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In the second audio in my post, at forty minutes into it, you can hear this guy speak.. do you think that he sounds like a PhD level university graduate?

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There are a few Dr William Dunn's who came up when I searched. Only one would fit your description. He went to a for profit school which means the PhD is not accredited (so it's not the same as having a real PhD from like University of Iowa). Those places are diploma mills.

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Mind sharing with me how you searched for this? Did you just use Google? Or is there a searchable database?

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Just Google and LinkedIn. People put everything out there these days.

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the really interesting part of this is that i dont think that anybody listened to the second viideo NOR DID THEY GIVE TO ME THEIR OPINION ABOUT THIS "WILLIAM PHD".

there are a couple of reasons why nobody did this.

one reason that nobody gave to me their opinion about his speaking style is because they WILL NOT step out on a limb for free. but if if i was a paying employer corporation, you would get into your fine automobile and drive to his house personally and tar and feather him and shove a stick in his heart. IF IT IS A PAYING JOB for money, of course.

people simply refuse to do a fuckng thing unless they get paid.

for example, if i were to post an official notiice that we are now hiring for a HUMAN RESOURCES ANALYST, REPORT WRITING SKILLS REQUIRED, SALARY $180K, you mf's would be lined up from here to toledo begging me to give consideration to your resume and you would have written up a proper report that details for me the reasons why you think that mr william dunn is or is not a phd.