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Typical NIGGER BEHAVIOR. The mainstream JEW CONTROLLED MEDIA run by BARACK OBAMA and HILLARY CLINTON have allowed this country to put NIGGERS like this CRIMINAL above ORDINARY AMERICANS when the ANTICHRIST returns in the year of our lord 2069 HE WILL SMITE the EVILDOERS into HELL where they will BURN for ETERNITY TRUMP 2024 NIGGA

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i always was a trump supporter, but i am very sure that he will not win the 2024 election.

no chance.

come on, the election was clearly stolen in 2020, and the perpetrators have had a few years inside of the whitehouse to refine their game... and, they control the courts... he has no chance.

and, he has literally not acted in a presidential manner.. he pissed so many major groups...

no fakking way he will win.