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Thats awesome

Still - The 2nd ammendmemt isnt about hunting, never was. leftist gun-grabbers and kikes have no place to tell me what guns I can and cant have.

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That's right. The second amendment is about the necessity of a well regulated militia for the security of a free state.

How well regulated is the militia that you're a member of?

What are these regulations that apply to it that make it will regulated?

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How well regulated is the militia that you're a member of?

What are these regulations that apply to it that make it will regulated?

Regulators, regulating any stealin of his property, and we're damn good too.

But you can't be any geek off the street. Gotta be be handy with the steel, know what I mean, earn your keep.

Regulators! Mount up!

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I am a self-regulated one-man militia. Kikes can fuck off with their bullshit definitions of what "well-regulated" means, denying citizens right to arms is all just a power grab

Maybe we'd even have a "well-regulated militia" if the Feds didnt go about actively destroying and gayoping these over the past 40 years

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Their actions seem tactically unsound since they couldn't effectively aim in retreat. Not sure I'd do any better with a pack of those mfers charging me though, that's gotta soil the old undies.

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Yeah these guys aren't ready to rock. I can't even tell what they are shooting at.

Fuck this though hahahaha, it would be a test of fortitude that's for sure.

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To paraphrase a very old adage:

we hunt like we train

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Sure, although I don't want to be practicing small unit tactics to hunt wild boar. Hunting them from a vehicle seems a lot safer. I'd feel really bad if an animal managed to kill me. Like I failed being the alpha predator. Really, it's tech that let's us kill these things at all. I have heard that you don't even want to shoot them with a lower caliber gun, it just pisses them off.

I was just watching something with large charging creatures, fictional, but it reminded me of a time when you'd plant your spear at an angle and hope the damn thing impaled itself and stopped. How much can you really trust a stick when a 500lb animal is charging you. The same tactics were applied to cavalry charges of course. That would have to be terrifying each and every time.

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Boar hunting is old hat bro. The spears have a fat barb to stop the pig running up on you, because the 15" blade won't convince them they're dead until they can't go any more. It's so easy even a girl can do it LOL

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I understand that the case for using a spear is to ensure you don't hurt or damage the hearing of your dogs that are holding the pig.

And the reason the pig isn't running up on you, is because there's a dog holding it by the balls.

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I know some pretty capable women. I mean the old timey stuff though, not modern production but when early man was first doing this and literally this is some stick you found and a flint head bound with some questionable materials.

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There are poisons (and venoms). Easier to find than you possibly do believe right now.

My queen is an "expert" with poison, venom and toxic things, so to say. You couldn't believe what "we" are growing, totally legally. :)

The only "real" fear I have is that one day she throws a tantrum and puts something into the public water-supply we live relatively near to.

The good thing, I already know, though, is: When people possibly start dropping like flies around us, I know the culprit already.

Because we got a neighbor pathetically trying to harass us a little bit, right now.

Never underestimate what you can find, if you actually know, what you're looking for.

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The good thing, I already know, though, is: When people possibly start dropping like flies around us, I know the culprit already.

You're wife is... Antonia Faucci?

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She isn't my wife because we don't need any Christian symbolism.

She not only has gifts.

She is is a gift. Mine most possibly.

Bobbleheads and ticks only take mostly.

They loose their abililty to give things voluntarily sooner or later.

TL:DR; In a Christian sense most of them are cursing themselves every fucking minute of their life here. And my queen and me just don't do these kinds of self-betrayal.

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Well, take comfort in the fact that you wouldn't really feel anything if you got killed.

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Not everyone dies quick, not even after horrific injuries.

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They're lucky they didn't shoot each other.

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Poor animals.

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heck with wild boars in particular

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Feral hogs are a dangerous pest, to keep their numbers in check, we don't even have a hunting season for them here, kill as many as you want.

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These guys would not survive the zombie apocalypse.

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These guys would not survive the zombie apocalypse.

Hopefully, the zombies won't be pigs.

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High capacity firearms are very impressive when fired at you.

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They ain't.

You do not want to be seen in the first place, if situations with these kind of weapons ever arise in the more "civilized" part of our societies.

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11B 101st Airborne. You don't know shit.

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101st Airborne

One-O-One! Screa-ming, Ee-gles!

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they want to disarm you so that when the next world war comes it will be less difficult to take you down.

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Surprise... surprise...

a crossbow and one (adviseably more though) bolt is absolutely enough. Crossbows are fucking silent by nature. From my pov loud weapons are more for butcher-like-simulations.

Silent ones are for "real" predators.

If you do, like i do...

some ninjitsu... and traps...

Free hint nr. two:

Seemingly nobody looks up or above when the terrain is hard enough... Because it seemingly mostly has been forgotten in military schools nowadays.

I just decided i'll post some pictures someday.

One after one. My axes and my sword, e.g. Some of this stuff i gotta dig out first, so you need some patience.

My training set of sais you already can admire, e.g. .

But my knife, my sting, so to say, any being only gets to see one time... if ever even.

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This was you all along, wasn't it

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I know... but a smith is hard to come by these days.

I'm still searching for one. Because i already got cnc-files for a new set of sais.

Steel is the next best thing after iron. And they look like they do, because it is a training set. It is quite heavy for my taste.

Their only drawback besides the chrome.

Their balance is absolutely fine.

And my knife is laser-cnc'ed from a special flavor of steel. So don't judge things you just can't judge.

The same with my crossbow: It is selfmade.

I only ordered a picantinny rail for the scope. Every other part i found or made myself.

And chemistry just is a thing. If you admit it or not.

I suppose you have no idea, how mighty chemistry actually is.

When autumn comes i'll literally drown in meat again.

We'll see who'll walk longer on this planet.

Some idiots with guns lynching each other after looting all the stuff in the cities. After they murdered and raped all the sheeple believers, of course.

Or a guy who actually owns the territory he occupies.

(And knows how to use a fucking shovel.)

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If you pay taxes you don't own your property. Just sayin

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I simulate paying taxes so these fatasses can hallucinate i'm a "normal" member of our respected community. I even pimp myself for the bs parts of the job, i simulate doing "for this".

But regarding territorial questions everything i did and do relies on trust, handshakes and face-to-face agreements.

My name doesn't exist on any paper in these kind of things.

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If you pay taxes you don't own your property.

when i was in indonesia a few years ago, i sat in a fairly nice house and the owner told me that his property taxes are about $20 us dollars per year... he told me that if he doesnt pay the tax, he only cant sell the house, they dont kick him out and auction it off.

in the united states, whether you own or rent, you are paying the property tax, which is a form of rent.

it is my opinion that this property tax that forces rents to go higher and keeps people working desperately like dogs.

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the government printing money out of thin air and debasing the dollar is what makes rents go up actually

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Sure, that makes the value of the dollar go down, which means that the prices of everything goes up, including rents.

I just read that the 2019 tax rate in Houston is $0.56 per $100 of value which is basically approximately 1/2 percent tax rate of the appraised value of your house.

Take the appraised value of your house($500k) multiplied by 0.0056 equals $2,800

This amount will be paid by either the homeowner or by the renter.

If these tax rates increase, rents increase, which causes the prices of everything to increase.

People need to earn more so they can afford to pay their taxes.

Eventually the entire mechanism will implode

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My training set of sais you already can admire, e.g. .

I like em dude. I always liked sais, great for blocking swords, although I don't imagine having any sword fights.

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I was taught you don't "fight" with a sword.

You kill with a sword, if ever necessary.

My sword is literally the only thing i bought, weapon-wise. Because these kind of babies you just can't manufacture on your own.

You need the expertise of a smith.

The bs-propaganda of hollywood is (that sheeple seem to believe): You "swing" a sword.

You actually don't.

You stab or you cut something off that endangers you, if you're able to without exposing yourself.

Distance is control. The ability to soundly judge distance is a key to every fight.

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I always liked sais, great for blocking swords

Originally for planting seeds in the fields.

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Yeah, the peasants weren't allowed to own weapons, so a lot of their weapons were from farm implements.