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So you still think it's shameful.

You can't take responsibility for choosing to enjoy yourself so you have to larp at being forced to do it.

People just repeat and reinforce trauma through fetish. They don't get over it. They keep it in place.

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Good for her, but who the fuck cares?

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Why can't they understand that I was "born" with a preference for cannibalism and I also like to eat fresh turds in a public toilet and I like to drink the blood of children.

I gotta be me.

Trump 2024

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Good for her, but who the fuck cares?

My point was to illustrate the harms of religious sex shaming. It turns people into sick fetishists and child molesters from repressing their natural healthy urges, which are then expressed as sickness

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Eh, it's not really that sick. Report back if you find some actual disgusting shit.