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Stop trying to tell me that airplanes can fly, I'm no aeronautic so that's an argument from authority.

Stop lying to yourself that your phone is connected to the internet. You didn't invent the internet so that's an argument from authority.

Stop putting things in your fridge to make them colder. You didn't design the fridge, someone else did, so that's an argument from authority.

Stop pretending that Indonesia is a real country. You haven't been there, you're relying on statements from others who have. That's an argument from authority.

Stop pretending that the world existed before 2004 when you were born. You weren't there to see it so that's an argument from authority.

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You're just mad I can back up what I say without saying "take my word on it". You were expecting me to have nothing backing up what I say.

Back to the topic of scientific consensus:

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Ok sorry you can back up what, without saying "take your word"? Whose word am I taking instead - hopefully not a so-called expert?

Why the fuck would it enter your head to give me some quotes from fiction writer Michael Crichton. That's such a blatant appeal to authority that I think you may be trolling. You will have to give me your developed opinion only without using other people as sources

Anyway, please close your internet browser because you didn't create it, so it's an appeal to authority. Please disconnect from the internet now, because the TCP protocols were made by experts, so that's an appeal to authority. And put away your phone, because you don't understand how all the components work so that's a fallacy too.

For my part, I know that I don't know how to make a browser app, and that many experts at Google and Mozilla do, so I trust their knowledge over my own. This is not something which you accept as logical, so the option isn't available to you, so you'll have to put the phone away please, or else acknowledge your logical inconsistency