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Fuck off spammer. Everybody report this user for spamming a fake suicide hotline.

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there is nothing fake about this.. nothing at all.

i studied counseling, and i enjoy what i do.

your post has been reported for dragging down the conversation/pyramid of debate violations.

kind regards.

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Your post has been reported as spam and I notice one of them was already removed. Fuck off to reddit or something.

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Man these reddit fags are getting serious here. Imagine being proud of reporting a comment? What a sooper speshal little twinkie they must be.

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Spot on I'd say.

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    It wasn't my pic, you fags can't even read huh?

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    Ok, thanks

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    So this is, in fact, a picture of the user who made this post?

    Edit: AHAHAHAHAHA there was a picture posted of an obese theythem enbyfag looking androgynous Pat person, and it was OP. My only regret is not saving it because xe deleted it. Imagine being a theythem and trying to pass yourself off as a legitimate counselor LMAO . . . AND it was a different username because xe's trying to boost xir fake internet points on saidit!

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    technically, the pic that you are referring to is this one:

    the one that you call a "pat" person, lol, is simply another deranged twitter muslim influencer.

    miss fahmida is quite simply just another fine muslim girl that hates everybody that hates her.

    edit: i am assuming she is female, lol.. she does kinda have a boyish plain look... but i think she is female and just plain.. no worries, either way.

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    You've been reported for habitually 'dragging down the discussion'

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    Your post has been reported as spam and I notice one of them was already removed.

    well, you noticed wrong.. I removed it and reposted it.. lol.. i wanted to watch what would happen if i reposted a fresh copy and to see what your behaviour would be.. thank you.

    just fyi.. i am a fairly skilled counselor... and so if you think for even two nanoseconds that your purely childish attacks are going to affect me at all, omg man, you are a dreamer.

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    For a skilled counselor you sure do seem like you need to talk to somebody. Maybe go see an ACTUAL doctor.

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    thank you for your unsolicited advice.

    just fyi, i am almost at the end of this train ride.. in a few weeks, i plan to end my life.. i am going to do one of a couple of things.. at a minimum, it is very easy to find a tall parking garage and to step off of the top floor. the end.

    am i a skilled counselor? yup. can a skilled counselor commit suicide? yup.

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    Like I said

    Maybe don't be such a dumbass and check yourself into a mental hospital with the actual doctors.

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    when people call me a dumbass and then they advise me to do something, nah, i am gonna pass on that.

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    thereby proving me correct. This is is now your third easily-detected alternate account by the way. Get a better hobby. Oh wait I forgot you'r pointlessly contrarian. Don't get a better hobby then LOL

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    consider yourself teabagged.

    your post has been reported as "pyramid violation"

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    Your comment has been reported for sexual assault.

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    when i suggested that you had been teabagged, did you visualize my sack going into your mouth?

    how did you feel about that?

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    I felt sorry for you and your mental capacity

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    spammers should be dealt with.


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    so SUICIDE-GET-HELP-NOW, Poopmonster, Jingles and dweebs. How many more alts do you need to get your rocks off?

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    i am pretty good with what i have now.


    but hey, i have heard little comments that saidit is running out of usernames?

    is that true?

    what are the details behind this limitation?

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    In much the same way the universe is running out of heat, I suppose

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    L is for Lies

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    M is for kiss My ass.

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      Who is it? I'm not calling that number and my web search turns up nothing.

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        Debt collector?

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        but when someone talks about drug dealers, for example, i dont see anyone badgering them and calling them parasites that "make money off of other people pain".. now do we?

        let me ask you, zapped, do you honestly think that any counselor would legit market himself to a group of perverted and corrupted fucktards like this forum's users?

        /u/fuckyourmom thinks like a child.. he doesnt understand that pretty much every single business in this world earns money by relieving another person's pain.. attorneys do it. massage therapists do it. auto mechanics do it. plumbers. omg. babysitters.

        every last business in this world is designed to make my world a little less painful.

        if i wanted to spend my time as a counselor, i would never ever ever waste two minutes of my time marketing myself to a forum like saidit or any other online forum.

        i would probably spend a small amount of money to advertise or put my name out there and the return would be ten or twenty times my advertising investment.

        in closing, i did manage to harvest a short listing of the most hostile users on this site and i did do a test that allowed me to track the ip addresses and browser details of every visitor to this page... i did throw away those details, but ii did see a trucking company and a russian based user and someone from england and someone from some .LV user and one person was coming here via a TOR exit node.

        thank you,

        i am an unlicensed amateur internet doctor.

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        I thought he was saying that they are making money by giving people pain. So where does this number go?

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        hello zapped..

        he was saying that it is my intent to make money from people's pain... but i dont think so..

        if you go to the google/android playstore, there is an app called "TEXTNOW"... you can easily select a phone number that can be used to send and receive sms texts and voice phone calls.. here is the cool thing.. you can use this app on a phone that doesnt even have service... you can roll up to mcdonalds and connect the phone to their wifi and shazam you are sending texts and making calls.

        if i were going to do this counseling thing, i would setup a cheap $35.00 phone so that i would have a dedicated phone number just for my counseling business.

        i might do it.. but i have to be fairly committed, because i would need to invest about five hundred dollars to get it setup properly.

        because of my experience as a criminal from my past, i know how to create a virtual company that looks like i have offices in four countriies and with dozens of offices.. just for effect.. and all within a five hundred dollar budget.

        i am wondering how i would easily receive payments for this... i have never used cashapp.. i think that i should get setup with cashapp and maybe a patreon... can patreon be used for somethng like this?

        i am an internet doctor.

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        you are really encouraging me to step out there and do the counseling thing.. i really do appreciate you. but if i were going to do such a thing, i would probably setup a $35.00 per month phone with it's own "real" phone number(not some google voice or textnow bullshit fake number) and then i would actually pay maybe a $75.00 to $150 to run a "one time" advertising that would simply say the name of my company and a basic ten word description of my services and my telephone number.

        i would make sure that my telephone voice mail had a very pleasant and professional outbound greeting on it, most likely i would pay a female with a pleasant voice to make that recording.

        and then i would be in a position to screen my callers and i would charge a sliding scale fee... some clients would pay nothing.. some would pay to me tens of thousands of dollars or more.

        i do appreciate your encouraging words.

        I am an internet doctor.

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        A real doctor that posts links to chaturbate. I'm not surprised, given the current level of the medical industry as a whole, is completely degenerate.

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          no, sorry, a diagnosis of bipolar is way the fuck off base.. you aint even close my nigga.

          Don’t let your emotions control you.

          it is you and not me that has demonstrated a lack of control of one's emotions.

          your move.

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            i hate it when POOPMONSTER does that shit. hey, lets all report POOPMONSTER for being a fucking weirdo POOPMONSTER.


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            FUCK THAT SHIT.


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              it looks like a "fucking great idea", to a beginner... but werent you the one that said that counselors just want to make money off of other people's pain?

              but now, now that i laid down the basics of how to setup such an operation... you are down like a clown.. thats embarassing.. that is shameful.. but you, my friend, you are a typical example of what humans are at the core... you are thieves and liars..

              go ahead.. setup a counseling operation.. but here is the problem.. you dont know how to counsel... hmmm..

              i do know how to counsel.

              and i am actually a very very good counselor.


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              BBB is basically a sham, you can pay to have bad reviews removed.

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              Not this shit again

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                no serious counselor would ever entertain such an inquiry, even as a joke.

                i have reported your comment as "advocating violence".

                best wishes.

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                No serious counselor would spam their phone number to a site like this.