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Really? This is so like an old school 1988 usenet flame war but neither of you is old school cool.

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she gets her tampon crammed up her butt crooked and just bans me from chat... she does it all the time.. thats fuckn stupid.

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He is a genetic dude. Get my LBGTQ+ drift?

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It's hardly worth a response but I'm a regular guy, not transgender/transsexual lol. And for the record, I haven't banned Eddy in ages. Only when he spams. We haven't talked in ages either and he's just trolling me by mentioning my name over and over because I told him not to ping me for anything retarded. My advice is just to ignore him.

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great... when i come into the chat and you are joking that "oh, maybe i should just ban everybody" crap like that..

fuck you bitch.

fuck you and your chat.

i dont need it.

for anyone watching, do you know why i specify that my name is "edward" and NOT EDDIE?

because then when they iinsist on calling me eddie, it means that they intend to intentionally disrespect me.

truth is, my friends call me eddie and they can call me ed and they call me ray and they can call me jay.

i tell people that my name is edward and that eddie rides a tricycle and that i dont ride a tricycle.

so i call her a she.

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No one is watching this retarded exchange. And a time I made that joke does not come to mind. Anyways, I'm busy. Enjoy your gubby dime, Eddy. Duces

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ummm... i dont give a fuck... do you get my drift?

i dont play pronouns merry go round with anyone.. and consdering that i have no fucking clue what the fuck /u/usehername is for real, i call her what she acts like... she acts like a little girl, so i call her "she"..

check this out.. even if i video chatted /u/usehername or even if i met her in public and we performed a medical examination of her sex... SHE STILL MIGHT NOT BE HAPPY WTH MY CHOICE OF PRONOUNS FOR HER...

no. is. my. problem.

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Maybe stop bitching and blow a gasket already

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Hey, be careful here. I see a lot of spammy all caps text and pointless insults. That could be considered dragging down the pyramid of debate, which is against the sitewide rules. I am unsure about whether to remove this one so I'm letting magnora make the call when he gets around to it.

I also want to note, I did approve this post by accident because of reddit's tricky UI design. So in case you see that in the mod log, it's not actually being approved.

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He doesn't care because he is a troublemaker.

I know him from a sado masochism website.

He has pictures of him wearing garter belts and ladies undergarment.

He is a weird one.

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