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The general anti-anime sentiment is not because it's transgressive because it a large chunk of it is. I'm pretty much 90% anime watcher now and I all I do is watch amazingly bizzare stuff I wouldn't recommend to anyone normal.

The reason the establishment hates anime is because it disconnects the public from the jewish ran media establishment taking eyeballs and capital away from advertisements and products. Those 1/8 scales can get expensive. There is also the culture of Japan that seeps through the product and has a general slant of nationalism and respect for law and order for the most part.

The Japanese also feel no guilt for WW2 so they ride hard into that untapped sector of morally ambiguous 'germanics' There's also the general appreciation for European culture as well and they depict medieval settings fairly accurately in certain shows.

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All sensible people are anti-woke and it's a very positive label, not sad at all.

You can't appease bullies like that by trying to prove you aren't anti-them. The whole point is to other you and make you easier to attack, they don't actually care what your opinions really are. Nothing you can say will be good enough if they want to take you down and subjugating yourself to their whims will just make everyone else (who might have your back) lose respect for you.

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But Gigguk is neutral on these matters, so if one doesn't discuss politics in their videos and appears neutral then it's safe to assume they're anti-woke?

Did I get that correctly?