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Sorry but I disagree.

Unless you're a cuck, then if you are a white male, then you cannot "enjoy" woke media. Jews use woke media to genocide you and your kin. It doesn't even matter if you think you aren't white, THEY view you as white and they WILL genocide your kind.

If you are not a white male, then you can enjoy woke media without being a cuck. You're just being a shitty human being who deserves nothing but contempt.

Your post comes off as being a cuck who wants to rationalize and justify why it is okay and maybe even preferable to "enjoy woke media" instead of standing up to the system and revolt.

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To each their own. I never had any animosity towards the system. I haven't lived in it. I'm just your typical non-White, outside of Europe cuck.

Well, if that's the term used to identify those who wouldn't join the anti-SJW force then so be it.

I must admit, I have made this post as a means to find answers in media that I personally find good but some of the anti-SJWs or mostly all of them do not.

I feel a bit alienated and very unsure of what I am allowed to like. It gets most confusing.

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But I don't get it? Why would you support something that is clearly anti white? If you do support it, then why would I care about you at all?

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I never said anything about supporting. My main argument is that if something is woke but has elements that made it enjoyable to an individual, then that individual should be allowed to state their opinion about it.

If one of those shows, comics or whatnot does present an anti-white bias then alright but what else is there? One can be against that kind of thing while also enjoying the other aspects of that show, comic or whatnots.

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You are anti white

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I can enjoy overtly pro CCP propoganda movies for their entertainment value while laughing at the rediculousness of the People's Republic bringing all the world's nations together to build giant rocket engines move the world's population underground and fly the planet to a new star to escape the exploding sun all the while a group of rag tag ice trucker delinquents fight on the frozen surface before realizing the ultimate wisdom of the People's Republic. (Yes this is a real movie).

Mainly because it's fun an entertaining. Problem with western woke movies is they're in this kind of cynical I hate everything phase and they're just kinda flat out shit. Uses an ideological position as an excuse to have a sermon at the expense of having an entertaining plot or decent writing.

It's the same problem with Christian movies. You get shit where I'd watch it if it otherwise provided good plot and drama, sometimes you see a sliver of hope but they're beholden to an ideological audience that prefers to hear a prescriptive morality tale and sermon excerpts rather than tell a compelling story that furthers their ideology.

A prime example of this is the Christian movie "Time Changer" where a seminary professor from the 1800's is sent to the 2000's and walks around getting offended at everything. It's great comedy gold and an excellent vehicle for social commentary. Unfortunately the director prefers to spend more time setting up scenes where the characters can drone on for 10 minutes at a time talking about how prayer in schools being banned ultimately led to the downfall of society and beating the viewer over the head with the over message rather than spending time on scenes where he gets offended at movies for saying the D word and goes full Karen on the hapless staff.

Most Christian movies only hope to hit on something as compelling as this concept and instead simply choose to follow lame ass boring as shit plots where "Man marries girl, man has porn addiction, prays, god cures it". Or "there are two women, one has premarital sex gets an abortion and kills herself, the other waits and makes a lot of money". Or other equally boring and laboriously heavy handed overtly monotonous morality tales that make Anglican sermons look like Pentacostslist ravings in comparison.

There's plenty of good examples of "woke" or rather progressive themes in good movies or literature. Star Wars can potentially be seen as a commentary on America's involvement in Vietnam. Huck Finn is basically an entire series of vignettes lambasting the society at the time for their treatment of slaves. Nausicaa Valley of the Wind is essentially an extremely pro feminist pro environmentalist movie. Thing is all these movies are first and foremost trying to be compelling entertainment in their own right. And they aren't sitting there hitting you over the head with lectures on why slavery is wrong, why big empires are evil, why women should be allowed to take positions of leadership, there's none of this crap where you get some twitter stand in character saying dumb shit and getting lectured. I'm honestly on their side for a lot of it but it's this insufferably overtly always on political type I just can't stand. I don't go to a movie or a concert to get lectured to as much or as little as I agree with the message I don't care. If I want to have some bitch tell me her opinions on the Roe V Wade decision and how good or bad it is I'll go on Twitter or go to a political rally. I get enough of that shit IRL I don't want it in my escapist entertainment.

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Oh, you mean "Wandering... something". I know the premise. It was interesting. Just gotta check a recap of it.

Although, if modern identity politics was done as well as X-Men in the 60s or something then will it be despised as much as it is today?

I seem to recall there are good Christian movies. Then again, they were Bible stories so Christian stories, they were not, I would reckon.

I am quite dense to not realized I am being lectured, if I am speaking honestly. I can identify when a character is being obnoxious or something but what the woke message is? Not so much.

I am not the most perceptive motherfucker so yeah. Prolly gonna have a hard time being with the anti-SJWs without truly believing in their cause.

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Well yeah. I can watch a movie and like it while being irked by the shoehorned agendas. It just means it's a tainted piece of art.

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Tainted is a strong word, in my opinion. Stained, perhaps. Yet that is a matter of one's own perspective, yes?

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I guess stained is better, yeah.

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Stained, it is. Still better than started strong then went to shit.