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Increasingly TV content conveys propaganda and indoctrination to pave the way for the New World Order. Even advertising has become propaganda!!!!

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If you take the script of any modern television show or movie, it is peppered with negativity statements, which affects your thinking.. it alters your personal narrative.

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Music is the same way now too. Uplifing music is a rarity.

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What you don't like uplifting songs such as this???

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Yeah that song is stupid, 100% agreed. Like that Beyonce song "Work work work work work work" like wtf kind of dystopia music is that.

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Low fi.

UK to blame for it, sorry.

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Award winning.

I'm not sure sometimes what's worse: - seeing these old codgers unable to let go and touring around at 75 years old - seeing younger bands just do remakes or autotune of these fantastic award winning songs - seeing old bands attempt to hire in new talent and remake themselves ( like journey), or - seeing the brilliant music taking it's place (work work work work....) From the next generation

They're all kinda horrific actually. What worries me is music definitely flows from the attitudes and culture of that moment inspiring the artist, and I find that really disturbing for current music.

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Music is just terrible at the moment.

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if you listen carefully to most television shows, you will hear negative scripts like this:

you are stupid! hahahahha. you know what she is doing when you arent home, right? clap clap clap clap. sometimes i wonder about you, bro! hahahahhaha. you need to keep an eye on them. yeah.

they are programming people, especially children, with negative scripts.

video: nicole theriault - postman

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Much pop music, yes. There's no shortage of not-pop.

Depends what uplifts you. I like bittersweet. And compile playlists:

♫ JoyBox ♫

♫ Fave Choons On Repeat ♫

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1985-2009 was basically the peak of American TV. So many things now are so garbage, or just so blatantly pushing some agenda or product, or just using shock value instead of generating any sincere emotions.

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TV shows 20 years ago: 25+ episodes a season, good writing, delivered new season on time.

TV shows now: 8 episodes a season if you are lucky, bad writing, new season delayed for years (Stranger Things last season).

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No, those are just different types of shows from different types of broadcasters with different schedules. Both kinds still exist.

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No, because I don't watch TV anymore, lol Why should I when internet and video games exists?🤓

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They pander to queers. Unfortunately 98% of the poplulation is straight so ratings drop. It's a death spiral.

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Even gay people don’t want to watch these shows. Because a lot of these "queer" shows depict whinging narcissists and make them the heroes. Just give us a good storyline with interesting and believable characters, regardless of what sex those characters want to fuck.

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You mean you don't want to watch another show where a histeronic queer person acts like an entitled teenager with a "you don't get me mom, you never get me mom gawd you don't understand" and everyone showers them with praise and acceptance and everything they do is right.

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Not at all.

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I attribute most of this to the rise of streaming. In the past you had to make shows that would slot into commerical programming and that decided their profitability and success. If you made something people would tune into when flipping the channels the you got the add revenue from that. If your show was sufficiently crap people would turn it off and watch something else and that would be the end of it.

Now with streaming the goal is to have content, more new content that fills up the service and entices new subscribers, but you needn't worry about the content being good so much as you need to make something that either attracts subscribers or keeps them from unsubscribing to the service in general.

So today we have a situation where the economics of the market embrace a quantity over quality model and that is why you've got a bunch of shows being given out to talentless hack writers to churn out low quality streaming fodder.

Now this isn't entirely bad on the one hand as the occasionally unsuitable for mass market but very good niche show can find itself a good home on streaming that wasn't possible in the broadcast TV market. But it does mean that you no longer need to slot shows into a schedule and can just keep churning out loads of whatever crap you can make as quickly as possible. This is why you see Disney milking their properties to death and doing those uninspired live action remakes. What streaming has essentially done is change the dynamic of television to something akin to the fast food model. Quick cheap and soulless.

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It is go woke go broke and accuse the fans of racism.

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Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks are pretty good. The majority of American TV is bad now because companies have figured out that they can use nostalgia, license loyalty, and diversity as shields for poor quality.

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I don't think it's because people are being lazy. Plenty of good ideas are thrown around, but they're never used anymore.

I think the real problem is overuse of the science of popularity, which involves copying the exact same formula used by every other TV show. Another thing that's happening is EVERYTHING is copying Family Guy for some reason. Even kids' shows these days are just clean Family Guy. There's a place for that type of humor for people who like it, but it doesn't work everywhere and I have no idea why every single producer these days thinks it does. Even YouTube channels are getting hit by this.

But that's only part of the problem. I also think people just have MUCH higher standards today than they did in the past, because we have the media picking apart every single tiny flaw with everything and blow it way out of proportion. People used to consume entertainment for entertainment, not to dissect it like movie critics and complain about everything it didn't do perfectly. A good example of this is Adam Sandler, who everyone used love, now everyone hates him...well the internet would have you think that, less connected folks still like him. These insanely high standards are at a time when TV has been around for a while, so we're mostly out of "original" ideas. Back when television was new everything was novel, now everything has been done before so we're bored of it. Also, the woke culture severely limits what you can do now, so that's another bottleneck.

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A good example of this is Adam Sandler, who everyone used love, now everyone hates him.

I always hated him. I think that what you are remembering is the media's constant promotion of him at a time when no one else had a voice. Now that real people can get heard you are finally hearing people's real opinions.

Just like rotten tomatoes often has raving reviews from critics and rancorous reviews from the public.

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No it's the opposite. Rotten tomatoes always gives everything a -1000% when the public likes it. And no one I know hates Adam Sandler, except on the internet. Though there has been this sense recently that comedy is bad and a waste of time, so maybe that's driving it.

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No it's the opposite. Rotten tomatoes always gives everything a -1000% when the public likes it.

How is that the opposite? That is still the (((controlled))) opinion differing from the public opinion. It used to be that only the controlled opinion had a voice.

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You still watch TV? I rarely watch that shit anymore.

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Hilda is pretty good. The cartoon is relatively new. But yeah, a lot of kids shows are getting pozzed by the woke nowadays.

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Cartoons we like: Disenchanted, Ricky & Morty, Ghost in the Shell (new one on Netflix wasn't bad but the ending sucked).

TV shows: Umbrella Academy (they didn't troon out too bad), Witcher, ... Uh.. I do personally like Rings of Power, ...

I guess that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

I honestly think this is probably more a normal part of you growing up. I'm pretty sure I've said something like "they don't make cartoons like Darkwing Duck, Rescue Rangers, Tailspin or Animaniacs anymore, or even Looney Tunes, it's just bullshit like SpongeBob." And there's bullshit now I'm sure kids will remember fondly in 10-20 years and they'll think the same thing.

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Thanks for the recommendation, we'll check it out.

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You are welcome.

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There's always been propaganda in the media. But yeah, not just TV shows but a lot of art is lacking in creativity nowadays. It's not surprising considering a show can't touch deep philosophical themes without it being censored.

There's still good stuff however. Marianne is a good horror show that's relatively recent, the "Guardian Invisible" movies, there's JoJo. And you can always go back to watching the timeless classics like "La Mujer de Judas." (Mystery and Horror Soap Opera I recommend it to everyone)

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It’s now basically make a show about a queer or minority character and put little effort into the writing then when it inevitably bombs you blame white men.

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We lived through a golden age of TV and now we are past the peak.

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Whatever show you watch, season 3 is always the cancer subplot

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Part of it will be you getting older, but yes things have gone downhill because of woke.

The only thing I was still watching until a few years ago was Dr Who (mainly nostalgia) but look what they've done to that. The next incarnation is a glack gay guy with a trans assistant.

I only watch Youtube now, but even they inflict me with nigverts every five minutes

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I stopped watching TV 20 years ago, but I thought TV was going to shit back then, too.

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i imagine that people who are way too smart to be watching television (but do so anyway) notice that television is getting progressively worse.

i wonder how that makes them feel.

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Everything is blatant propaganda these days. And they basically don’t make comedies anymore. Everything is about a hitman, cia agent, serial killer or demon.

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Can't say I have. But then I haven't really watched TV in at least a decade.

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The big ones often suck but we get more quality small time stuff. I'm allergic to agendas too and it's so easy to notice when it's being inserted. Anyway, books are free at the library and are usually more interesting and strange than whatever focus-grouped shit you get on TV.

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I have literally not been able to watch tv for like 10 years

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I noticed this despite being young. After looking into the matter over the years I figured out that the common denominator of all these bad changes to TV is Family Guy. Once it became popular, everything started copying it. I don't know why. So you get even children's shows where all the characters ever do is scream and yell stupid things. I guess it's supposed to be funny, but that doesn't work for every show so it ends up being annoying. Its own style gets replaced with the one from Family Guy, which every other show on television is copying right now. On top of that everything else is banned because it upsets SJW fragilities, so they have to resort to this or get canceled. It's not about the show anymore, it's about how many minority characters they can cram into the cast and brag about how progressive and woke they are.

It's unbelievable just how much Family Guy's brand of humor spread across and infected the entire entertainment industry. It's even affecting YouTube channels. Regardless of your opinion on Family Guy, obviously that type of writing doesn't work for every show, and there's a reason why Family Guy was made in the first place.

Also, somehow I knew I was going to be talking about this about an hour ago. More "coincidences", even though there are no coincidences in the matrix.

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I've also been noticing the systemic degradation of our entertainment. You just have to dig deep for the gems. I've been watching this 2016 show called 'Travelers', highly recommend it. I think that show is actually disclosing some truths about our reality.

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And s/metv

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The US is on the decline. Other countries are making much more quality shows.

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You know what else is such a scam??

Take for instance, a show like blue bloods, where on average you get 20-25 episodes a season.

Then, look at most shows produced by the "content providers" like Netflix Amazon Hulu or HBO, a season is generally 10-15 episodes.

On top of that, most of them refuse to release the entire season at once, even though between 8 and 15 episodes is really just a short movie, and really should be released in it's entirety.

It's all such a scam. Netflix Amazon Hulu peacock, all of them are generally just the toll roads of entertainment. It's decadence, and the signs of a failing society

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While it is generally declining as Huxley predicted in "A Brave New World", we do have a few outliers that show it's not categorically bad. My examples don't seem to hit mainstream media as hard as the garbage though.

  • Cobra Kai

  • Better Call Saul

  • Silicon Valley

  • The Expanse

  • Young Sheldon

  • Spartacus (starting with Blood and Sand, of course)