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Just fyi for the non uk people in here: doctors are not allowed to say people have problems because they're fat fucks anymore. Not even allowed to say lose weight to help with a problem.

600 pounds? Nothing to do with your diabetes or your crushed spine. Take these pills and move along.

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Well that's not happening on the ground in the UK at all.

I had a Canadian boss of mine complaining that not a single doctor she'd ever visited in USA or Canada had ever mentioned her weight in regards to her multiple health problems but in the UK it was the first thing every doctor went to.

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We obviously live in different sections of the uk then.

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I recall lots of reports that NHS Guidence was going in the direction of avoiding reference to a persons morbid obesity as the underlying cause of the patients health problems. GP's are probably unlikely to follow the guidence if they think telling the patient would be better for them. But there are still rules for certain things such as surgery, where a patient may be required to lose weight or quit smoking prior to surgery as a condition of the operation.

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Exactly, for a lot of treatments you straight up can't get them on the NHS if you are over a certain weight.

There's no pussyfooting around that.

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Energy in minus energy out.

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It really is that simple.

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Id bet it has something to do with baby formula.

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Everything is processed these days. I swear we were raised to avoid processed food, and now that's all they push. Aspartame, palm oil, meat-free, soya. All shit. Whatever happened to milk, eggs, butter, good meat and veg?

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In the past people had bread as their main source of calories which is very much a processed food.

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Bread is a terrible food source, health wise, it's merely convenient and delicious in it's end product form.

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Wholemeal bread has quite a lot of nutrients and also contains some protein unlike many sources of starch. Great if you are doing physical work for 14 hours a day.

But do people who sit at their computers all day need to be eating large amounts of carbs? No.

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That does lead to obesity but the numbers are much higher than the numbers who were given formula.

The biggest risk factor for childhood diabetes is actually disturbed sleep.

It's a lifestyle problem but not just the obvious stuff like food and exercise. Noise and light pollution, screens in bedrooms, stress and chaotic families are also causing people to get fat.