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You know what's worse than not tipping? Deciding you are entitled to one. Nobody gives a shit about your inflated sense of importance for latte art you fart sniffing narcissist. Not sorry to tell you this, but doodling in some shmucks overpriced coffee is about the least important "work" i can think of and people are right to "undervalue" it.

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Nah, you tip for good service, never heard of "you tip for things you wouldn't make yourself"...I think you made that shit up. You aren't owed a tip. If you aren't making enough complain to your employer.

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The general rule for tipping is tip for things you wouldn't want to make yourself.

The rule for tipping is that you always tip people who make tipping wages which are less than minimum wage, and you may choose to tip anyone for exceptional service.

Baristas do not make tipping wages, so there is no obligation to provide a tip. If I ask for something complicated or they remake my drink so I like it more, I'll leave a tip, but if someone makes what I ask for and hands it to me, I'm not tipping.

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What next, they put my burger together correctly.

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I just go to fucking McDonald's for my coffee anyway. Why the fuck pay Starbucks prices for shit coffee when you can pay McDonald's prices for slightly less shit coffee.

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Yea. I agree. I only drink filtered water. So I stay away from anything using tap.

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It's not even tap. Starbucks coffee is this bitter as fuck acid that people only drink because they hide the taste with sugar. It's disgusting. McDonald's coffee is just normal tier shit coffee. Drinkable and not gonna complain for the price.

All these people are like "straight coffee eww" drink a coke if you want something sweet.

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Starbucks try to base their coffee on what is drunk as espresso in Italy.

Unfortunately their employees with an overly romantic view of the old world don't realise the Italians have been in a race to the bottom in terms of price and quality for around 20 years.

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Espresso is nice but usually takes the form of a thimbleful shot of coffee and not the American big gulp size. Might as well drink raw sewage at that point.

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Yea. Starbucks coffee is not great. I agree.

But coffee is delicious. Just black coffeex

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People who have shitty jobs always want tips. I can't blame them, but I also can't care.

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The shittiest jobs don't get tips.

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You're right, but I didn't say it can't get worse. I said I can't care.

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looks like your idea has been properly received OP.

I hope you leave this thread understanding how entitled you think you are. And also how dumb you are saying $6 coffee is low cost. The margins on that coffee are insane to pay your ridiculous wage as it is, your tip is built into the cost. So please spare us.

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When I used to work for a coffee chain our most expensive coffee with all the syrups and sprinkles was 30p at cost. That's maybe 40 cents. Mostly they cost much less through. Often the takeaway cup costs more than the coffee which is in it.

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Australia may be a police state but thank god tipping isn't the norm here. You Americans are so funny! If someone tipped you with hugs instead of money, would you accept that?

I think the root of the problem is the employer not paying enough money. They want to run a business, yet they're too poor to pay their employees properly. They wanna have their cake and eat it too, which in my opinion is kike shit. If someone wants to start a business then they better have a high startup capital. I think the real asshole is your employer. I don't think they respect you very much, but that's just my opinion.

Just become a package delivery driver or something bro. The work is easier and you get paid more. No customer bullshit, just you and the open road. Or become a security guard and nightshiftmaxx.

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Maybe that used to be the root of the problem but now the main issue is people make huge money off of tips in America. They expect 20% of all orders on prices which are already through the roof. They often take home many times their wages in tips. Then like many greedy people they start getting jealous of others who are getting even more than them and start demanding and whining about it.

Mr bean worrier here knows full well a guy in a small restaurant around the corner is getting those hundreds in tips while he is merely getting paid a living wage with training, benefits and paid holidays. He wants it all.

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Tipping isn't as bad as you think. It's basically the only thing that keeps the restaurant industries service standards from becoming as terrible as elsewhere. Now granted, I'm right with you on the basic concept in general being annoying and stupid, but have you dealt with shit customer service in America? My god you practically need to brandish your gun to get people to move off their fat American ass. At least with tipping when I've got a truly rank cunt of a waitress I can choose to tip zero and watch them throw a fit.

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I've had terrible service in America and every other table was still giving them huge tips so it didn't make any difference.

Privilege guilt in America is too damn high.

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Americans are stupid about it. The tipping system stops working if you give out tips for bad service. Restaurants aren't a charity. You should tip what you think the service is worth. It's not supposed to be a charity.

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Coffee just doesn't traditionally get tips. I know baristas desperately want to change that, but I don't want to spend more money on an already pricey cup of coffee.

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It's hot fucking water

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If they strip I'll throw in a tip.

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Not that kind of tip! 😯

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No. Tipping should never be mandatory in any setting, nor pressured on anyone, and anyone who doesn't tip should not be judged or discriminated against.

You attend a commercial establishment and exchange funds for a product or service. The business provides that service by paying staff to deliver the service as per the company terms and customer expectations.

Any further financial transaction is charity, fully voluntary and of no purpose other than to dip your vanity penis into the staff members hole of self-entitlement.

If you want a more financially fulfilling career, progress, educate and work your way up the ladder. If you want free cash, get an OnlyFans, beg on the street or marry a wealthy husband. You make fucking coffee.

This arrogant attitude of demanding a tip will only see me take my ass home and make a hell of a better coffee than you make me when I'm just trying to get about my day. You are not important to me, my coffee is not important to me, going about my day without this nonsense slowing me down is.

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In Denmark we don't tip. Why? Because we expect the salary to be good and the products to cost enough to pay for the salary.

Tipping is capitalistic and exploitation of the worker.

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I tip in restaurants, but not in a cafe unless I know it's really well made coffee. If it's anything near how starbucks does it, no way I tip for that.

Also, I feel weird tipping, like I'm judging that person. Even if it's a good job, it's like I'm supposed to be pleased like some kind of lord or king. I'd much rather people get paid fairly so they don't need tips, but it is what it is.

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skilled professionals.

A 10 year old can make coffee once you show them how.

It's not the same as making a big Mac.

The hell it's not, the same 10 year old can slap bits of food together. If you want money then get off your ass and become a better oerson.

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If you aren't being paid what you think you are worth, your employer is to blame, not the customers who are paying the market price for services

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If you aren't being paid what you think you are worth you are to blame for not getting off your arse and going to get a job which pays you that.

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Get a real job ya fuckin bum

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In Indonesia, people walk around pushing a cart with a bottle of hot water and packets of instant coffee.

It costs about fifty cents.

No tip is expected.

This is how these snotty baristas will earn a living after the economy melts.

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You are really tripping if you think baristas are skilled professionals. I know how to make good coffee, a cappuccino, a latte, a pour over whatever. It's not rocket science. You are not a surgeon. Anyone with half a brain can learn to do it. I bet you couldn't make a subway sandwich properly without being trained on what to put where and how much to use. Get over it. You don't deserve tips unless you provide exceptional service. Be grateful if you get a tip, not disappointed if you don't. If you don't like the money you're making, ask for a raise or train for a better paying career.

Also "you tip for things you wouldn't want to make yourself". Seriously? Everything you buy is something you would rather buy than make yourself. You could make a wicker basket if you had a mind to, but I bet you don't tip at Bed Bath and Beyond.

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It's not my responsibility to pay your wages, wagie.

What you do requires no skill, which is why the majority of baristas are teenagers and women.

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Baristas are skilled professionals. Making a latte with latte art is something that requires, talent, care, and skill.

Quality shitpost

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Feeling entitled to a tip makes you an asshole.

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Go fuck your self faggot.

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I like tipping fast food workers because it is unexpected, even though those kids work just as hard as you. Fuck your uppity coffee shop.

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The most retarded explanation I have ever heard. Since the baristas voted to fuck everything up, it is only fitting they can ask their constituents to bail them out.

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No the general rule of tipping is that you pay for good service.

When I used to have a coffee van parked up at my work and they used to take an interest in your life, knew your favourites and offered to run your coffee up to your office or send you a text when it was done, I used to tip every time.

I really can't remember when I got anything like good service in a coffee shop.

But then I've been getting mostly free coffees for the last year with various coupons. 20% of zero is zero.

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At Starbucks, they let monkeys shit in the coffee pot.

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This seems like obvious satire to me. That said, while I don't give tips just for taking my order, I will leave a tip when someone makes me a coffee or pours me a beer. You can argue that their employer should pay them more, but I think tipping is a nice incentive for them to be polite and work for it.

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Maybe if you didn't audibly sigh when people walk in the door because you have to put down your phone they would tip you annoying assholes.

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I don't drink coffee.

It's not the same as making a big Mac.

I wouldn't want to make Big Macs either.

At the coffeeshop I work at

Here's the bias.

Maybe I should make a post stating animators should get residual payments too.

To not tip...

...could mean many things. Thoughtlessness, stinginess, thriftiness, poverty, greed, not satisfied, pissed, poor breeding, suicidal, etc.

Your quandary is hardly unique nor surprising.

Consider finding another job.

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Shut up. If you want to get paid more, get a job that pays more. Negotiate for what you think you're really worth. Open your own coffee shop, and pay yourself your full value. Otherwise, shut up and make my coffee. Don't ask me what I'm doing today, just fill the cup. Your coffee shop already charges too much, yet doesn't pass that largesse onto their employees - I'm not about to make up the difference in your charity cup.

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The general rule for tipping is tip for things you wouldn't want to make yourself. If you don't want to make the taco yourself, then you should leave a tip. Taco makers are skilled professionals. Making a taco with just the right amount of ingredients and getting it to fit in the wrap is something that requires, talent, care, and skill. It's not the same as making a latte where you are just pouring various liquids into a cup. To not tip after we work hard to make your taco is one of the worst insults you can give someone. It is essentially saying "your work does not matter". Also, due to the low cost of tacos, it is generally a good idea to tip a little more percentage-wise than you would at a coffee shop. If you pay $6 for a taco, it is generally good practice to tip a full dollar in addition to this.

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I'm an asshole, and that's good; I will never not be an asshole and that's none of your business; there's no one I'd rather be than me. Fuck you.

I am here to condemn you for your sins coffee lovers, as the most fucking self important asshole in the entire world you should care about what I have to say, and if you don't I don't give a fuck about your stupid opinion.


Lo I say unto ye drinkers of impure coffee, it be better if ye cut that shit out right now innit?

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Baristas are skilled professionals.

This one's obviously a professional at being butthurt about the <1% of people who don't tip...

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I prefer to get a latte from a robot or from a cute girl that is grateful for me providing her with a job, even if I don't tip.

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