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I dont really read manga. Anime haven’t been bad. New bleach out.

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Reading is faster but I understand. Bleach is big cause it's Bleach. Like Star Wars 7. It had a big opening cause it's Star Wars.

I'll wait for what Gigguk would say about it.

And I've dropped Bleach after a few arcs cause holy shit that's long. One arc that's just long as fuck.

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Yea. Like I might read One Piece, but there’s no way I’m starting that anime. I have been watching bleach since I was a kid, I don’t expect anyone to just pick it up.

I mean, bleach is good. Really, if you watch it up through his fight with ryoukas brother, like the first arc or jail arc, that’s it.

There’s more growth, and good content. But it’s classic shonen like DBZ style pacing.

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I dropped Bleach cause it had a very lengthy arc that was just buildup. I didn't really feel like breezing through that.