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Being liberal is a mental illness.

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I'm pretty sure you've got that backwards

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I copied this post from Reddit

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A retard can only see their own reflection, and its always backwards. Then you have a backwards retard looking at a forward retardard from a mirror, that is reversed, so its now double retard. But then the reflection of the reflection seen from the original.............

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But then the reflection of the reflection seen from the original.

The reflection then lays an egg...

Which came first? The /u/chickenz, or the egg?

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Did you ever pay attention when I describe the typical behaviour of a child that is losing a debate?

The classic responses are to toss a tantrum and sling insults.

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Are you making that up?

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Maybe I'm your mirror.

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I hesitate to dismiss your mirror story.. because I suspect that it just might contain a valuable lesson.

But I don't get it

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The valuable lesson is that every one is retarded and people who think they are not retarded are often the most retarded. This lesson is not related to my post. Nothing is related to my original post. I was being retarded.

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Just as there are different shades of Right, the old-Left segment is no longer represented by anyone, and their common sense voice has been censored by the technocracy that is pushing the Fake Progressive SJW-Woke Corporate Left bullshit.


The old progressive old left has far more in common with the right and alt-right: freedom.

Fuck the authoritarians, communists, national socialists, and totalitarians.

I'm faaaar more Minarchist / /s/Voluntaryist than left.

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Bless your heart.

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I can't speak for anyone else, but I had been a long time left leaning Democrat. Although I still think I am, I don't see the Democrat party as being aligned with this ideology anymore. More so, they seem to abuse populism and progressive bait, to achieve far-right authoritarian ends.

As an Illinois resident, I've long known all to well, that identifying as a left leaning Democrat doesn't mean allegiance to the Democrat Party. Our state's Chicago mobster-like Democrat cabal's long scheme of funneling campaign financing as bribes for favorable tax valuations, has taught me that no political party is inherently good, nor evil.

I also cannot respect those who instantly opposed democracy, the rule of law, and corruptly conspired to subvert both, when a popular opponent cames along to disrupt their establishment foothold.

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Hint: there is really no such thing as a republican nor a democrat.

The elites have divided the nation into two primary teams and they gave you a mixture of reasons to dislike each other and to fight each other.

Neither team ever wins consistently, but the elites always win.

It reminds me of watching fifty children flopping around in a mud pit like pigs.

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Because shit-it hid the righties:

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I'm non-ideological, but I try to follow every political group to work out the truth.

The commie groups are more fact/truth-based than the MAGA/conservative groups and the anti-imperialists/anti-war groups tend to align with the commies.

At the moment, MAGA/conservatives are lining up with the commies and anti-imperialists on the Russia front, which is probably a psyop to swing voters.

Essentially, the libs have a horseshoe theory where the far-right and far-left left resemble each other. But it's probably because both groups recognize mainstream liberal bullshit rather than ideological reasons.

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Horseshoe theory tracks more towards authoritarian ideals I think. The more zealous you are in whatever your politics are the less tolerant you become towards other ideologies so the more likely you are to support authoritarian solutions.

Like censorship. It's all a power thing.

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Moderate Dems/Republicans are pretty authoritarian and have zero tolerance for the far-left or far-right though.

Instead of a horseshoe theory, maybe it should be a dot theory.

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There are very few "moderate" Americans anymore. Most people's political views can be described as anti-oppositional.

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The horseshoe is one dimensional. The political compass is 2D.

Left v Right doesn't factor Freedom v Tyranny.

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In the end, you might find that we are all puppets and that Islam is the puppet master.

Muslims control Twitter, just fyi.. and they want Elon's $44 billion for that piece of shit twenty dollar forum.

Of course everyone here thinks the Jews are behind this mess, but do you know who hates the Jews and wants to kill them with a religious conviction?


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Muslims control Twitter, just fyi.. and they want Elon's $44 billion for that piece of shit twenty dollar forum.

Everyone knows "the Muslims" love usury, and control all of the banks... Right???

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That is your problem... You seem to think that you are just "everyone" and also that you know everything.

How many times have you actually ventured inside of a masjid?

Oh, that is what I thought, never..

Me? Thousands of times..

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Wrong. If commies were honest, they would not be commies.

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based on what?

We've been taught commies = bad since birth. That's called being brainwashed.

If you want to work out the truth, you gotta take your SJW emotions out of politics.

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SJWs shill for communism

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Most commies are naive idealist utopianists. Many of their rank and file honest just so gullible their movements quickly get taken over by opportunists and power hungry autocrats.

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Excuse me but I'm centrist.

I'm neither side.

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Because redditors are trying to keep other redditors from thinking for themselves. Once people start to look into facts and consequences, the left loses them. Want a challenge? Justify your views with sources from both sides, no opinions.

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Justify my views(with sources)?


I am actually able sometimes to formulate a thought without needing a website to confirm the validity of my thoughts.

Thank you.

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Because almost every former right-winger flocked to fascism out of desperation when BLM started burning entire towns to the ground. There were already major problems before then but that was the tipping point. I know for a fact they didn't want to initially, it contradicted everything they believed in, but it was a scary time and the fascists were the only ones who offered them a solution. And it already had streisand appeal from the media branding it as the opposite of progressivism (to cover their own asses, because it's almost the same thing).

Now there's a huge propaganda effort to erase the libertarian roots of the United States and conservatism. It's very successful because not only are they doing it, but their raging SJW opponents and the media are eager to help, because they've been wanting to smear the right as fascists ever since losing their shit.

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I don't feel the majority are left leaning.

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Because Saidit loves jews obviously. Israel has a left wing government at the moment so we follow their lead.