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Does iOS beat Android at anything?

Apple is the first to have battery issues when the newest OS version is pushed through.

They're still #1.

Edit: IIRC they are also the first to brick your device if it's modified. They pwned it first.

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Cost, it wins on cost every time!

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I think we have a winner!

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Texting. Girls hate green bubbles. iPhones legit get you laid more.

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It's a status symbol.

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Well said. I got a sister -in-law on government assistance. Needed a new laptop and wouldn't even consider a pc. Ended up with at $1200 mac book...God bless Canada!

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iOS has years and years of programming people to think it's still good.

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I'm not a fan of many things about iOS, but in terms of performance, it is faster, smoother and more stable than android. Native android apps use the Java runtime, with garbage collection, which causes all sorts of performance issues that don't exist on iOS, which uses reference counting and no GC. In terms of performance, I'm not sure there is a single objective measure where android isn't clearly inferior, and much of this is due to the GC. Camera quality is more of a hardware issue than an OS issue

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I never have performance problems on Android. iOS always freezes and crashes. When Android apps do crash, it's always the same ones, which makes me think the problem is with the app and not Android itself.

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seriously, instead of using apple or a Google based phone, look at a pine phone . It runs Linux and has no Google anything.

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The Pine Phone has always been recommended for developers and people who are more interested in a project rather than in a phone that they can use for their daily driver. I'm a big fan of Pine64 and have several of their products (but not a Pine phone) but they are for hobbists and people who want to put work back into the community. Do not buy a Pine phone thinking "Oh Boy Linux on my phone, the future is finally here!!!"

To be clear there are people that have made the Pine phone their daily driver. But for every one of those there are a dozen who have tossed theirs at a wall in frustration.

If you really want to be free of Google get Pixel and install GrapheneOS. The irony of course being that Google makes the Pixel.

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If I could make phone calls and send/receive texts on a Linux netbook, I would be so happy.

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Apple's hardware has a slight edge right now. I don't think there's much of a difference between the operating systems. They are extremely similar.

If you switch to comparing computers, Apple is head-and-shoulders above Windows, and that's true of both the OS and the hardware it runs on.

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I don't think there's much of a difference between the operating systems. They are extremely similar.

android is garbage collected, iOS is not. iOS is objectively faster, smoother, and more stable

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Android doesn't run on Java. That's nearly impossible for an operating system. Plus, it's a fork of Linux, which is definitely not Java.

What Android does do is encourage developers to write apps in Java for some weird reason. iOS does the same thing with Swift. But neither are really an option for cross-platform compatibility.

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The android runtime is Java, it just doesnt use the JVM. But like I said its the GC that makes it slower than iOS regardless of whether you want to call it Java or not. Android is garbage collected, iOS is not, and the performance of the OS's reflects that. Garbage collection is much slower and has worse memory usage than reference counting

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Android apps don't have to be Java. There are more development tools available for Java but it can run native code too.

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No, they don't have to be Java, I develop cross-platform apps with Flutter in Dart, but the android OS itself is garbage collected, and iOS is not. There is a significant performance penalty associated with this,objects%20are%20in%20each%20generation.,other%20sort%20of%20memory%20management.

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That's not even possible. Even if you could somehow get an OS working in Java, it couldn't be a fork of Linux.

Android seems to have built-in garbage collection for Java, as opposed to using the JVM. If your app uses C with malloc() and free(), there can't be garbage collection. Garbage collection only happens when the app doesn't handle memory allocation itself.

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Even if you could somehow get an OS working in Java, it couldn't be a fork of Linux.

It isn't a fork of linux, it uses a linux kernel. Android has an entire garbage collected runtime sitting on top of the kernel that translates everything to bytecode. An OS is more than just a kernel. The enitire Android UI is running in Java on top of that garbage collected android runtime

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Yes Ed, lack of garbage collection is part of what makes C so fast too

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c is fast because it runs on Atari.

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Apple uses outdated hardware. The only way they manage to make it work semi-smoothly is by restricting you to the Apple ecosystem.

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That was once true, but it has changed since 2015 or so (for phones). Apple processors are faster now.

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If you really want some insight into the depths of Apple's true regard for their users watch some of Louis Rossman's older videos on You Tube. If you think you have an idea of just how crappy Apple products can be you haven't seen anything until you watch Louis repair a Macbook that Apple quoted an an exorbitant amount of money to fix.

The fucktard sheep who mindlessly bleat about how their Apple devices are the pinnacle of engineering and design are the reason why Apple can get away with their crap. Fucking idiots each and everyone, but oh man trying to convince them otherwise is just a waste of your breath. And besides, frankly they deserve each other.

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I only use Android because it is cheap.

If I could afford apple, I would use apple.

There are two things that apple does very well, and android does a SHIT job at, but I am not going to tell you what those two things are because you are a schizophreniac cunt.

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I dunno. I don't particularly like ios nor the way you have to do it apple's way or not at all. There's a lot of cool gimmicks, bells and whistles that I'd like on Android. Buuut I like the versatility of Android, the price and the variety. Plus having a notchless screen and headphone jack is nice.

Ipads are the best though- but they're seriously gimped in functionality. They could be a superior laptop replacement, but end up being kind of a semi-professional toy.

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Imagine caring about an OS

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Jews invented the telephone.

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Jews invented the toilet

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Most likely privacy. That's about it, but it's a big one.

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Apple protecting privacy? That'll be the day.

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Stability, performance, UI design coherency, scrolling behavior, OS update/support window, development tools

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iOS used to be eyecandy, back in like 2013. Then "the flattening" came, and now it's hard to look at.

I LOL'd at development tools. Apple doesn't even let you use those at all.

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