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You are using that weird American definition of liberal, aren't you.

The word means pro-liberty. I'm not sure what you guys think it means.

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You are using that weird American definition of liberal, aren't you.

Yes, somehow the word liberal no longer has anything to with liberalism in the US, I'm a liberal, but am horrified by what I see these people doing. Does the UK not have this issue too? I had assumed that the movement towards wokeness and illiberalism by the left was shared by pretty much all the western nations

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liberal and then you can call me when you get nothing to do with me

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Liberal is not the opposite of right wing. People need to learn the political ideology compass. Right wing inherently means you support traditions and established laws, the opposite of anarchists, with the opposite being left wing, which more-so wants to change the systems and laws.

Liberal, not to be confused with libertarian, does not mean pro-liberty. Instead, its focus is the opposite of conservative, which is to be restrictive, frugal, and small government. Liberal is focused on being broad, loose, and expanding, like you spread the jelly liberally on your sandwich. Its generally the ideology that leans towards bigger government, with more agencies, and more collective spending on more social programs.