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They will blow up your emails with headlines if you let them. Digital access comes with the printed subscription. I am old school and like to read a physical, printed copy. I would classify it as "alternative" as it runs stories that the MSM won't, but they do have a slight bias against the progressive movement, mainly because they were founded by people fleeing communist Chinese oppression. I have never read anything from them that was not factual, though. They have really good non-political content, too. Definitely worth the read and subscription cost, in my opinion. I use it as one of my sources for information you can't get from the MSM for a more informed outlook on what's going on the U.S. and the world. I, also, give my copies away after I read them.

The founders are from the religious group Falun Gong, which is a banned religion/organization in China.

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I get the paper delivered weekly and am able to read all the digital content. My spouse and I really enjoy and i give my old newspapers to my neighbor who also loves it. Many of my friends get the paper or are aware of it. Not sure who owns but they are pro Free Taiwan and anti-communist. I find their reporting to be very even handed and what used to be called middle of the road which today makes the more conservative leaning. I find the paper very enjoyable to read and usually read the whole thing while I'm sitting outside in my Adirondack chair. There are generally 4 sections; headline news, opinion, lifestyle and health related. I've been getting it for 2 or 3 years now and I always renew.

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Oh, look at Mr Fancy Pants with his Adirondack chair!

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      My spouse and I

      You didn't tell me you had a wife.

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      I have subscribed to the online content for a year, and the news comes out fast and accurate. It definitely leans conservative but is not click-bait like some other sources. It is actual news. Another comment mentioned the non-political stuff is good and I agree, especially the health section, lots of good content on health and mind in particular.

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      not if you pay for it. Zerohedge posts all their good stories plus decent commentary sometimes so i stick with zerohedge and ignore all the precious-metal shilling there Also put Citizens Free Press in your daily check list

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      It's a very conservative leaning newspaper run by what some deem a religious cult. Keep that in mind and I suppose it can still be a part of a balanced media diet.

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      Epoch Times = Falun Gong.

      Yes, really.

      So is that Chinese dance troupe, Shen Yun.

      Doesn't mean you can't trust them, hell I trust them more than NBC and CBS put together. But it does explain their big China emphasis.

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      No better or worse than any other garbage source (AP, WaPo, NYT, CNN, Fox). You'll never find a singular source, alternative, or otherwise, unfortunately. The times of easy and reliable news aggregation are over, where one could follow main stream news, then alternative news, then find a personal happy middle objective opinion. The modern easiness of flooding of alt news and the merging of all main stream news together into one voice, makes excessive work required to a find anything close objective point of view.