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The main problem with boycotting is that mostly I'm not paying for any of these products anyway. These companies know full well their customer base is dumb kids who will buy crap product just because their friends do and so don't care what sensible people think. No one with a brain should be buying coke or oreos in the first place. Frankly a better way to look at it is to make an effort to find good companies with good products and spend your money there. That includes financial services.

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I think what you're missing is the over-arching scheme going on there. Those companies (with the exception of Levi's) are into making addictive stuff that goes into your mouth, stuff with no nutritional value which are at best slowly poisoning you and at worse making you irreparably fat.

Also, they're all jews, Levi's too.

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I can't believe it! Not Levi's. How could you ever guess?

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Levi's were good. I'm more into shorts now. Cargo shorts are a must find for me but don't know much brands for it.

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I was raised in a very pro boycott environment and it always got very tiring with the constant virtue signalling and self-flagellation as everyone was constantly trying to out moralize each other with boycotts that became increasingly unhinged and always went along passive aggressive "well in OUR FAMILY we don't use X brand because we don't support genocide, but I guess that's not important to you" bs.

It's just all propoganda. I've but my own list of companies I've got pet peeves with I try to avoid. And yeah if I'm seeing companies do annoying woke commercials that makes me less likely to want to buy their products, but I can't get behind these boycotts because frankly, I don't give a fuck about the president of some company funding some political thing or whatever. It's just cancel culture repackaged. It's exactly the reason why companies are bending over backwards to accommodate the angry twitter mobs despite the majority of people not giving a fuck.

It's just perverse moralized marketing, company X eats babies don't support them, buy the alternative from company Y.

Drink Blue no matter who, Pepsi cola.

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Pepsi all the way brother. That or Royal Crown.

But less of them sodas as much as I can. I'm 22 and I'm already fat as fuck.

I should go with either soymilk or gelatin drinks. Either one would be my fill.

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Being the stereotypical zoomer I see. I must say I recommend coffee. Black coffee preferred. Jameson being the only acceptable thing to put in your coffee.